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LG Watch
Urbane Smartwatch

Elegant style with stunning image clarity and the latest technology.

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Classic Design
with Smart Features

Timeless Aesthetics

Crafted in stainless steel with a gold- or silver-tone finish and screwless back cover.

Durable Design

Created with a dust- and water-resistant case so you can wear the watch almost anywhere.

Brilliant Display

Designed from durable Gorilla Glass, the round 1.3" P-OLED display delivers stunning image clarity all day, even in bright light. Simply slide your finger across the watch dial to change the display.


All Your Favorites
in One Spot


Pair with a compatible smartphone and you'll be able to dial numbers, access contacts and view recent calls on your watch.


Continuously check your heartrate through the embedded monitor and display average heartrate for a specific time period. The accelerometer allows you to track your steps, the distance you've traveled, and how fast you're going.


Download your favorite albums and playlists to your watch and listen to them offline without your phone via Bluetooth headphones.*

*Sony, Google Music and LG Music are the only apps able to send music files. Requires updated Play Music app on companion device.

Powered by
Android Wear

Say "OK Google"

Simply say this simple command to start sending text messages, see halftime scores and check the weather.

Alerts at a Glance

You'll receive alerts for phone calls, text messages, flight updates and boarding pass information. You can also get real-time feeds from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Set up smart notifications to receive info according to priority.

Integrated Fitness

Receive real-time health and fitness data through an integrated platform that syncs with your watch sensors.

Some features require a connection via Bluetooth to a compatible device with a data network connection. Some voice actions are not available in all languages. Do not operate smartwatch while driving.