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Dead or Alive 6 Standard Edition - PlayStation 4

Publisher:Koei Tecmo
Release Date:03/01/2019
ESRB Rating:
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The Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee and hosts of Dead or Alive 6, DOATEC, already released the names of the first set of fighters involved in this instalment – including the owner of DOATEC, Helena Douglas. Other notable fighters include the eighteenth master of the Mugen Tenshin clan, Hayate, and past Dead or Alive (DOA) tournament winners: Kasumi of the Mugen Tenshin clan; the ultimate ninja, Ryu Hayabusa; the ever-entertaining host, Zack; and the most recent tournament winner, the scorching soul Jann Lee.


Fights in Dead or Alive are based on a triangle system: strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes

When you land an attack of one type that beats another type, like landing a strike when an opponent tries to throw, that attack becomes a Hi Counter attack and does even more damage

A special attack meter new to the series - use the Break Gauge to execute new tactics, such as a Break Blow or a Break Hold

Fatal Rush is a powerful combo attack of up to four neatly animated punches and kicks making a first-time player look like an expert

There are special regions found in most stages that cause heavy damage when a fighter gets knocked into them

Danger Zones can range from basic walls to blockbuster explosions and careening cars. Some stages also have Danger Zones within the floors as well

What's Included

  • Dead or Alive 6
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