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  1. Hunter - Matheston 52" Ceiling Fan - Cottage White - Front_Standard
    Model: 54091
    SKU: 4755548
  2. Hunter - Universal 3-Speed Handheld Ceiling Fan Remote - Desert Platinum - Front_Standard
    Model: 99121
    SKU: 4755536
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Buying a ceiling fan.

Modern ceiling fans: How they benefit you.

There are multiple reasons to consider adding ceiling fans to your home. They can be a stylish way to enhance air circulation, which makes any room more comfortable to be in during cold and warm months. A ceiling fan can make rooms more comfortable year-round by forcing warm air downward in the winter and providing cool air movement during warmer months. An additional benefit the best ceiling fans offer is that they can promote year-round energy savings and reduce energy bills by allowing you to keep your window air conditioner set several degrees higher in the summer and your space heater set at a lower temperature during colder months without sacrificing personal comfort. You can also use an air purifier in conjunction with your ceiling fan to circulate air that’s cleaner, healthier, and keeps odors at bay.

You'll have the option of buying a ceiling fan with a light fixture and one without lights. You can also add smart ceiling fans to your home, which can be controlled using your voice or through an app on your smartphone.

The best ceiling fans: Styles.

You’ll find a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes available to complement how you've designed any room in your house. This includes a modern or contemporary style, traditional or Victorian style, and many stylish designs. You could also choose a rustic ceiling fan, which would go well with modern farmhouse decor. Plus, you can determine the number of fan blades, which generally range from two to six.

The best seiling fans: Sizes and finishes.

For each room where you're adding a ceiling fan, you want to make sure you choose the right size, as this helps ensure maximum airflow. For large rooms and ones with high ceilings, you'll want a large ceiling fan. If the square footage is smaller, a small ceiling fan should be a great fit. Kitchen ceiling fans are also an option worth considering. They help circulate air to provide relief while you’re working over a hot stove or washing dishes. Plus, they can add strategic lighting where you need it.

Additionally, ceiling fans come in a large selection of colors, so you won't have trouble finding the right option to fit your decor. This includes white ceiling fans and black ceiling fans. There are also options that come in silver and brown as well as fans that are multicolored.

Ceiling fans: Not just for indoors.

During the summer months, modern ceiling fans are a great way to provide an airy breeze and cool down outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces like screened-in porches or covered patio areas. If you're using a ceiling fan in this type of space, look for one that's wet-rated and designed with features such as protective, moisture-resistant motor coverings, and rust-resistant stainless-steel hardware. Something to consider is combining your fan with a bug zapper so you can focus on having fun and not swatting away bugs. If you're looking to create a relaxing summertime oasis that you can enjoy with family and friends, you could also add music, an outdoor TV, and a grill.

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