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Geek Squad® Protect & Support Plus.

24/7 complete protection. Plus coverage for accidental damage.

Drink spilled over a laptop

What do you get with Protect & Support Plus?

Hardware protection.

Geek Squad Disclaimer *: See Geek Squad Disclaimer Section

If something breaks, we'll repair it. It's that simple.

  • You're covered from accidental drops, spills or cracks.
  • Geek Squad Disclaimer *: See Geek Squad Disclaimer Section

  • 100% of parts and labor costs are covered. No hidden fees.
  • If your original battery fails, we'll replace it.
  • Free internet security software for the length of your plan.

24/7 support.

If you need help, we're standing by.

  • Have trouble setting up your device? We'll help.
  • Have a virus? Device running slow? We'll fix it.
  • When you have questions, we're ready with answers.
See complete features of Protect & Support Plus

Complete features:

You get hardware protection.

  • Accidental Damage from Handling.

    Disclaimer 1: See Disclaimer Section

    If you drop or spill on your device during normal use, we'll cover the cost of your repair.

  • 100% parts and labor are covered, no hidden fees.

    Disclaimer 2: See Disclaimer Section

  • One-time battery replacement.

    If the original rechargeable battery fails to hold a charge, we'll replace it.

  • Repair of normal wear and tear and defects.

    We'll fix failures from dust, internal heat and humidity, as well as defects in materials and workmanship.

  • Free internet security software.

    Available for the length of your plan.

  • Hard drive failure coverage.

    Disclaimer 3: See Disclaimer Section

    We'll cover the cost of repair if the hard drive fails through normal use.

  • Repair of power surge damage.
  • Repair of bad pixels and screen burn-in.

    Disclaimer 4: See Disclaimer Section

You get 24/7 support.

  • Agents available around the clock.

    Your questions and tech problems are in great hands. This plan gives you unlimited access to online, phone and in-store service from expertly trained Agents.

  • Unlimited virus removals.
  • Unlimited computer tune-ups.
  • Device setup and connection to existing home network.
  • Operating system, software and hardware installation.

See complete terms and conditions.

Disclaimer 1 Accidental Damage from Handling covers damage as a result of unexpected and unintentional drops and spills that arise from normal usage of the product as the manufacturer intended.

Disclaimer 2 Parts and labor covered under manufacturer warranty are excluded from this Plan.

Disclaimer 3 Data recovery is not included. Data recovery is available as a separate service.

Disclaimer 4 Minimum of three malfunctioning pixels required for repair.

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What our clients have to say.

"Excellent staff and awesome protection plan. A company that stands behind its products and service plans. No-hassle exchanges!"

— Jason A., TX

"For peace of mind. I rest a little easier knowing the guys at Geek Squad have my back when it comes to my computer accidentally getting broken."

— Caleb P., NY

Geek Squad Disclaimer *Please refer to the terms and conditions for a complete description of coverage and exclusions. Coverage for Drops, Spills and Cracks is also referred to as Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) in the terms and conditions. AIG WarrantyGuard, Inc. is the Obligor and Administrator of the hardware under this plan.

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