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Best Buy License Information

The following licenses are held by or on behalf of Best Buy Stores, L.P. and/or its affiliates.

State Geek Squad License #
Arizona 296023
Arkansas CMPY.0002703
California LCO_6933
Connecticut ELC.0187859-E1
Florida EC13007427 CFC1429742 EF20000452
Georgia F2376
Louisiana LVU406172
Maryland 10657
Massachusetts SS-002202
Michigan 3601207309
Minnesota TS001493
Nevada 60957, 60956, 54333
New Mexico 93153
North Carolina 28274-U
Oregon 187026, LMS316,CLE194
Rhode Island TSC-6686, A-004991
Tennessee 67466
Texas 989, B07339901
Virginia 2710016712
Washington EC BESTBBS933JF, BESTBBS882M4
Washington DC EMS903806
West Virginia M5106JP1116
Wyoming LV-G-40786, TLV-G-40671
State Magnolia License #
Arizona 299049
California 970985
Connecticut ELC.0202207-C5
Florida Electrical EC13006562, # EF2000692
Georgia LVU405832
Minnesota TS661122
New Jersey 34TC00258900
North Carolina 31433-SP-FA/LV
Rhode Island 4206
Tennessee 69375
Washington EP2658917, MAGNOHL870J6

Services may not be available in all areas. Some services may be performed by authorized third party providers.

License number(s) and certifications may be subject to change in accordance with local or state government processes.

Additional Best Buy license information available upon request.

As of December 31, 2018.