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Google - Nest Cam with Floodlight - Snow

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  • Rated 3 out of 5 stars

    Not impressed with this Google Home Camera

    Cliff Notes: - Mediocre Camera - Downgrade from the original Nest Outdoor Camera - Good Spotlights - Lights up my backyard and I love being able to use Google Assistant to turn it on and off. - Poor Night Vision - It's a good thing the spotlights turn on when it detects something otherwise the camera would be useless at night. We purchased this Google Home Camera Spotlight to replace a single camera (TP-Link Kasa) and have better lighting in the backyard. As you can see from the pictures I added, we're having our entire backyard done. Since we're adding a pool, we wanted a much better camera¹ than what we currently had for the backyard. We also wanted to have more lighting² than our single bulb back porch light provided. Failed for first point and and succeeded for the second. Having read about the New "Nest" Outdoor Camera, I already knew about a couple of the shortcomings. The main one being that it is not compatible with the Nest App. That's why I am referring to it as the Google Home Spotlight Camera. For those wondering, how this camera differs from the new outdoor battery camera, it doesn't. It's the same camera but with a spotlight attachment. It's even listed in the set up as the Battery Camera. So any shortcomings that camera has, this one likely does as well. Installing the spotlight camera is not complicated but don't count on any real instructions. I mean it is just installing white wire to white wire, black wire to black wire and the ground to an attached screw. Unfortunately, due to my old hands, I had difficulty installing the mounting brackets to where my porch light was at. I ended up buying a junction box that made things much easier (for me). As you can see in picture of it mounted on the wall, the junction box makes it stick out a lot more than it already did. However, I won't count this against the camera since I chose to add the box for my ease. This isn't our first Nest Camera but it is our first of the new Google Home cameras. We have a Nest Hello (doorbell), two original indoor Nest Cameras, two original outdoor Nest Cameras, and two outdoor IQ cameras. Let me say this right off the bat, this spotlight camera doesn't even come close to being comparable to the IQ camera. That's to be expected though. Unfortunately, it's not even as good as the original outdoor camera. The image quality seems to be worse and so is the night vision. As you can see in picture #2, without the spotlights turned on, you can't see much. Picture #3 is of the Kasa Cam without any lights. The "light" that you see is from the Google Home Camera's IR lights. I don't know why the Kasa Cam benefits from the Google Home IR lights while the Google Home Camera itself does not. Picture #4 is of the Google Home camera with the spotlights turned on. As for the actual spotlight's themselves, they are fairly bright. I would have preferred a daylight white over the warmish white but they get the job done. It's actually because of the spotlights that I am likely to keep the Google Home Spotlight. While a smart bulb in the porch light sconce would have allowed us to use Google Assistant to light up the backyard, it would only illuminate the area close to the door. The spot light allows us to spread out the light to the entire backyard. That and there aren't too many options out there for a 24/7 recording spotlight camera. Overall, if you are okay with average video quality, good lighting and want a 24/7 recording spotlight, then this camera might suffice.

    Posted by Sammy

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Like it but do not love it