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  1. Dexcom G7 sensor 30 day supply – Prescription/Telehealth required. - Grey/White

    Model: 08627007701
    SKU: 6562410
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Buying a glucose monitor.

Finding the best glucose meter for you. 

Glucometers—aka glucose monitors—are essential tools for checking blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes or other related health conditions, glucometers can help you with condition management. Most glucose testers come with small medical tools called lancets that contain a tiny blade for finger pricking and blood collection. The glucose monitor uses blood glucose testing strips to evaluate your sample and determine your blood sugar level. But you can also find devices for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) that allow you to check blood sugar consistently and automatically through a sensor inserted under your skin. Check out our discover and learn center for more information on how tracking your glucose can help your health.

Glucose testers come in a variety of sizes and price points. You can find compact blood sugar monitors and even models that attach to the back of your cell phone. If you’re an active or outdoorsy person, you may want to find a blood sugar tester that fits inside a first aid kit so that you can stay safe in an emergency. You can also choose several additions and features for your glucometer, including storage cases, Bluetooth capabilities, and corresponding smartphone apps.

Manage your blood sugar with glucose testers and other helpful tools.

Glucose monitors can provide you with valuable information about your health and the impacts of your lifestyle. Diet, exercise, stress and other activities can all affect your blood sugar levels, and it can be helpful to monitor your changes. Fitness trackers are useful tools to help you record the frequency and intensity of your physical activity. Dehydration can also trigger changes in blood sugar levels, so you might want to keep a water bottle on hand throughout the day. If diet and weight fluctuation affect your condition, a scale can help you evaluate your progress. And to combat harmful symptoms of stress, you can also invest in items and devices for relaxation. Keeping track of your lifestyle habits can give you and your physician more information for any medical decisions you may have to make. Your blood sugar levels can change frequently, so you might want to stock up on extra lancets or blood glucose testing strips for your glucometer so you can test whenever you need to.

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