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Appliance, TV and Fitness Equipment Tips for Setup

Man opening refrigerator

Committed to helping you with your appliance, TV and fitness equipment purchase.

We’re here to help you through these challenging times. While continuing to deliver large items like appliances, TVs and fitness equipment, we remain committed to keeping you and our employees safe. Following social-distancing guidelines, we will deliver products to your doorstep or open garage.

We’ve also compiled tips to help move your appliance, TV or fitness equipment inside and get it up and working.

We can help you get your appliances up and running.

Once your appliances have arrived at your doorstep, here are some tips for taking them out of the box, moving them into place and getting them working for you.


Installing major appliances, particularly high voltage appliances such as electric dryers or any gas-powered appliance, is an inherently dangerous activity.  Should you decide to install an appliance yourself rather than hiring a licensed contractor, we recommend that you pay close attention to the product owner’s manual especially any safety warnings relating to installation.

Also note that before attempting any appliance installation, you must have existing electrical/plumbing/gas connections, and these must comply with any applicable codes and be in good condition to minimize the risk of serious harm.

Please contact your local utility company, local building inspector, or a trusted, licensed tradesperson with any questions or concerns prior to connecting.

Setting up your new TV safely. We’re here to help.

From showing you how to properly unbox your new TV to helping you get it mounted and working, we’ve got your back.

Safely unbox TVs

We’ll help you get your new fitness equipment workout-ready.

We’ll work with you to make sure that the equipment you’ve ordered will safely fit through your doorways and within your workout space. Then, we’ll deliver your new fitness equipment to your front door or open garage. Assembly and installation available in select locations.