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Home Office Setup

Orange chair and white desk in office

Choosing the best office furniture for your space.

To create an office experience that meets all your standards, examine the amount of space you’ll need as well as furniture you may want. Usually, low-traffic areas away from noise and distraction are a great place to start.


Make your home office more ergonomic.

Working at a desk ― either in an office space or at home ― may not seem to pose health concerns. However, an inefficient work area poses risks beyond the effects of a sedentary routine.
Ergonomic furniture is designed specifically with your health in mind, offering innovative solutions and adjustments for your body as you work. Ergonomics focuses on the way people’s bodies interact with objects, accommodating the user to improve both comfort and efficiency.

Benefits of an ergonomic workspace.

Furniture and accessories designed to support your body as you work may ease several threats to your health. Some problems ergonomic home office furniture and electronics may help to ease include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Muscular-skeletal disorders
  • Neck pain and backaches
  • Arthritis

An ergonomically designed space can relieve these issues and boost your productivity.

Before you buy.

For a more ergonomic work environment, consider the following:

  • Leg clearance. Choose a desk height that feels comfortable and lets your hands rest flat on the surface when your elbows are at your sides and bent at a 90° angle
  • Monitor position. A computer monitor should be 20"–30" from your face, with the top of the monitor level with your eyeline
  • Keyboard height. Your forearms should be straight and relaxed while typing for greater comfort
  • Work surface. Important items or accessories like filing trays or pen cups should be within arm’s reach
  • Posture. Height of your chair easily adjustable, with lumbar and headrest support


Which desk is right for you?

Your office desk should have enough space to fit essential work tools like your laptop, computer, keyboard, mouse and more.

Before you buy:

When looking for a desk, consider these factors:

  • Budget and style needs
  • Surface area needed in your space for essential items
  • Storage capacity needs, available drawers
  • Cable needs and electrical outlet position
  • Ideal height for good posture

  • Finding the right desk.

    Balance the needs of your upper body, lower body and arms with a proper work desk. The desktop height should keep your wrists lower than your elbows. Find a model that lets you keep your most used desk accessories within easy reach. This helps reduce stretching repeatedly to pick up a phone or use a scanner. Try to position your desk near a natural light source like a window, if possible.

    A standing desk is an ergonomically smart choice to break up the sedentary lifestyle that sitting in front of a computer can create. Standing while you work can limit back strain and help you feel more alert. Consider a hybrid desk that can switch between standard and standing mode.

    Shop desks by type

    Computer desks
    Capable of housing your monitor, laptop, printer and all the essentials in one place.
    Executive desks
    More decorative in style with plenty of drawer space for storing and organizing files, documents and more.
    Standing desks
    Never compromise comfort or health with easily adjustable standing desks.
    L-shaped/corner desks
    Complete your next project on a more sizeable desk, perfect for any corner of the room.
    Straight desks
    Traditional design that fits anywhere in your office space.
    Gaming desks
    Built for extra hardware, multiple screens, and stands for headsets and controllers.


    Which chair is right for you?

    With a comfortable ergonomic office chair, not only can you make your workday more pleasant, but you may also avoid serious health problems like back or joint pain.

    Before you buy:

    When looking for a chair, consider these factors:

    • Budget and style needs
    • Ideal height for good posture
    • Support for upper and lower back
    • Personal mobility and stability in your workspace
    • Adjustability of height and depth, and materials for comfort and support

    Finding the right chair.

    Accommodate the needs of your upper and lower back as well as rear and legs with a proper chair. You should be able to freely adjust the seat height, so your lap is parallel to the ground when you’re sitting up straight. Other features to look for include adjustable seat pan depth, armrest height and depth, level of lumbar support and headrest position.

    Shop office chairs by type

    Ergonomic chairs
    Built to improve your posture and overall productivity while working.
    Executive chairs
    More formal in look and shape with high-quality materials for a professional feel.
    Task chairs
    More portable and found in a variety of materials like mesh, fabric and plastic.
    Gaming chairs
    Designed for both comfort and style during long hours of work and play.
    Drafting chairs and stools
    A taller, more flexible sitting experience for completing any creative project.
    Guest and reception chairs
    More options for entertainment seating, no matter the occasion.

    Complete your office space.

    Having the right work environment makes all the difference in productivity, mood and overall health. One element of an office space to consider is the decor. From little knickknacks to furniture pieces, you can drastically change your surroundings into an area curated for success.

    Shop by room
    No matter the space, curate your ideal office with three unique solutions.
    Home workspace solutions
    Create your ideal space to work with the latest furniture, tech and more.
    How to upgrade your home office
    Learn about upgrades for your office space to improve your productivity and overall health.
    Desk lamps
    Keep your workspace bright and productive with desk lamps.
    Keep everything stored, organized and at the ready in your office space.
    File cabinets
    Store important documents safely and securely with the right file cabinet.
    Desk accessories
    Keep your office space neat and tidy with a variety of accessories.
    Office chair accessories
    Upgrade the comfort and function of your chair and sitting space.