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Intel RealSense camera mimics human eyes by capturing depth and perspective of everything you put in front of it. With a suite of user-friendly editing, collaborating and scanning tools, your imagination has free reign to create and share. The technology redefines how you interact with your devices for a more natural, intuitive and immersive experience, supported by the powerful performance of Intel processors.

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Control your device with simple hand and finger movements, using gesture control. Scan real-life things to create a digital 3D version, as well as customize backgrounds when video-chatting with friends, family or colleagues online. And with forward-facing RealSense cameras, it's easy to get started with facial recognition. Paired with Windows Hello, your face can be your password.

Intel RealSense F200

Front- Facing Camera

Accessing your device just became easier now that you can log in with just your face — and it has rock-solid security. Let your Intel RealSense camera with Windows Hello log you in. You can also display all participants while gaming online, video blogging and more. Plus, create a social media image that really stands out.

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Intel RealSense R200

Rear-Facing Camera

3D scan an object or person using the RealSense R200 camera in your device and share the 3D replica with friends and family on your favorite social media site, or print a 3D version of it. Change perspective at how you look at the world by altering or completely swapping out the background in a video in real time while recording.

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See what else is possible with apps created for the Intel RealSense camera.

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