JBL - Everest 710 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones - Mountain Silver

Enjoy a more profound audio experience with these wireless JBL Everest V710 earphones. Equipped with Bluetooth, these headphones connect to a variety of devices and have a generous range, so you can listen to music while walking around. Charge these JBL Everest V710 earphones for up to 25 hours of playing time and fold them flat for storage.

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What's Included

  • JBL Everest 710
  • Carrying case, charging cable

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
87% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (58 out of 67)


Over-the-ear design

For a secure fit.

Bluetooth interface

Enables simple wireless pairing with your Bluetooth-enabled device.

Rechargeable battery

Offers up to 25 hours of use on a charge.

3.5mm connector

Enables flexible connection options.

Built-in microphone

Enables simple hands-free chatting via a compatible device.

40mm drivers

Deliver powerful sound.

10Hz - 22kHz frequency response

For faithful sound reproduction.

Dynamic transducer design

For reference-grade audio.

Stereo design

Delivers crisp tones.

Folding design

Along with an included carrying case enables easy portability.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Ear Candy - Crisp and Sweet Listening Enjoyment

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    For the past 50 years I have considered myself an audiophile. When 'stereo' first came out in the early fifties I was fascinated and 'hooked'. Over time I find out how to build the latest, greatest stereo record players for family and friends using the best quality parts available at the time. Vivid music reproduction and two-channel sound separation over multiple speakers was my passion. So, needlessly to say, over the past 50 years I have spent a small fortune on sound equipment and engineering. Fortunately today, modern music enthusiasts have so many fantastic and versatile choices to select from. Since the early sixties I have used over-the-ear-headphones to thoroughly enjoy crisp, clear, harmonic stereo sound playing all kinds of music entertainment genres. Over-the-ear-headphones are still my personal means of enjoying the exhilaration and sheer pleasure of music without disturbing anyone else. So, when I had an opportunity to evaluate a complimentary set of JBL Everest 710 Over-The-Ear Wireless Headphones, I was excited. They are not only Bluetooth, but accept audio outside sources through a 3.5mm jack, can be 'paired' for shared audio with other brands of headphones using ShareMe 2.0 technology, and allow me to receive calls while I am wearing them. Big Plus! But, most important to me is that I can now listen to my entire 'retro' vinyl collection using the 3.5mm cable to my amp and equalizer since my record player is already connected to my amplifier. WooHoo! After enjoying these JBL 710 Headphones for almost two weeks. I am convinced they are the most versatile headphones for their quality and price available. They are lightweight at nine ounces, yet ruggedly built, featuring a softly padded, adjustable head band, which is very comfortable to wear. The headphones fit so well over the contour of my ears, I find them actually soothing while enjoying my music for several hours at a time. In fact I have dozed-off wearing them twice this past week alone. The earphones swivel inwardly approximately ninety degrees, which allows for optimized, over-the-ear fit, and easy packing into the included hard case. These headphones are the passive, sound isolating, kind. They are not active, electronic noise canceling. Because noise canceling utilizes 'electronic clutter noises' to block out ambient sounds I prefer the more passive sound isolation technology for clearer and crisper sounds as long as my ear pads fit well. The JBL Everest 710 Headphones are an excellent passive fit. Because the inner earphone pads are made of soft, synthetic leather material they conform well to the shape of my ears. They may not be what you should wear in 'wet' environments like in heavy workouts, or, weather outside. They can only be replaced by a JBL Service Technician. Additionally, cleaning the pads with clear water only, and, or, diluted, very mild soap seems like the only viable choices. The JBL folks wanted us to protect these headphones for storage and travel so they included a hard-backed carrying case in the box. Now for the 'Nitty-Gritty', sound quality. This is the area for which the JBL Everest 710 Headphones excel. First, they feature 40mm dynamic drivers, actually like tiny speakers in the headphone, which have larger diaphragms for more powerful bass delivery. The audible pitch of the sound is from low,10Hz, to high, 22,000Hz. The limits of our hearing range is 20Hz to 20,000Hz. So, this JBL 710 is at lower,10Hz, and higher, 22,000Hz for greater resolution sound for impact. The sound loudness, or sensitivity level is at 96db maximum – a lot of volume. Overall, the JBL engineers did a super-job of creating a mid-range unit that delivers crystal clear treble highs and balanced, rich lows that do not punish your ears. They play like ear candy – crisp and sweet listening enjoyment. Background nuance sounds like falling rain, far away thunder, or the distant chirping of birds is reproduced so you hear it as three dimensional, moving from ear to ear and as if it was in motion moving about your ear from top to bottom. Wow! I can't get enough of this dynamic studio quality sound reproduction. It is funny, but realistic too. Younger folks who have listened to music on my JBL 710 claim the bass isn't loud enough. I think they have been indoctrinated into heavy, reverberating bass kind of music genres. They don't appreciate, nor hear the subtle background refinement of less prevalent, complicated, dynamics. If you prefer loud, pulsating, ear-ringing bass, these headphones may not be for you. JBL utilizes the latest version of Bluetooth, V4.1, which delivers great sound quality. Pairing my devices (phone & other headphone unit) with the JBL 710 was extremely simple. But, Bluetooth is Bluetooth and still a 'work-in-progress'. I use Bluetooth for these headphones about eighty per cent of the time. And the ShareMe 2.0 technology is a plus, plus for connecting two sets of headphones. However, I have noticed a slight degradation in the sound quality when two headphones are connected. But, I am an old-fashioned audiophile, who loves the wired connections for reliability and non-interference. When I connected the 3.5mm cable to my amp to play my vinyl records – it was unbelievable. In fairness my record player is not Bluetooth capable so I really had no way to compare wired and wireless. But, the orchestra sounds and music was 'live' and had more depth then just over my living room speakers. Thank You, JBL. Be aware when you plug-in the 3.5mm jack to an another audio source that your internal battery power of your headphones is disconnected automatically, and the auxiliary audio device then controls the sound volume. Other Features – The JBL Everest 710 includes a hard-backed carrying case; a USB charging cable; a four foot long 3.5mm wired cable with jacks; a Quick Start Guide; a Warning Card; a Warranty Card, which encourages you to register this product for 'updates' and establish the purchasing date for your one year warranty period. It only takes two hours to charge the battery using the included USB charging cable, which gives you up to twenty-five hours of use. Wow! The 'controls' are all on the bottom of the 'R', right hand ear pad and include a sliding, 'ON', 'OFF' switch; a (+) speaker and (–) speaker volume switches; a combination play / pause, receive call and stop call switch; Bluetooth pairing switch; and the ShareMe 2.0 technology pairing device switch. Audible features talk to you as you are using the controls. A word about the controls. After two weeks of groping for the controls I now let my fingers to the 'walking'. It is only a short learning curve to get a 'feel' for the controls on the right ear pad. The more you use these headphones the quicker you learn the controls. I highly recommend these JBL Everest 710 Over-The-Ear Headphones. I love them and use them daily. The only kind of 'workout' activity I take them on is my early morning walk. They are studio quality and not really built for heavy perspiration-kind of workouts. JBL has packed a lot of quality, high-end sound in these headphones and versatile features. And, twenty-five hours of battery life on a two hour charge? For yourself, family member, or friend, this makes a great gift, which will be appreciated for many years.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Familiar JBL Sound in a Comfortable Headphone

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    I grew up around Hi-Fi enthusiasts and musicians so I’m very acquainted with the JBL name. Which brings me right to the heart of the matter. The sound of the JBL Everest 710 is so reminiscent of the JBL classic speakers such as the 100s. It’s a sound favored by rock musicians and jazz artists, from studio to home. Cueing up Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s “Anything Goes” brings out an energized jazz orchestra, rich with drums, horns and those easily recognized, accurately rendered voices. The JBL 710 delivers clearly defined voices and more than sufficient bass. Female vocalist LP, especially from her video cover of “Halo”, is nicely presented and the talented musicians accompanying her are easy to visualize across the sound stage. The small audience at her live recording set can’t help but whoop to her vocal stretches, and they are placed properly. The voice of LP is natural, and forceful, with the bass player dominating the mix as he is supposed to in the right places. Nice. On John Legend’s “Save Room”, the driving bass doesn’t hide the entrance of the lead guitar, and Legend’s voice is warm and natural. On songs with John’s piano, it sounds like it’s right there in the room, with great resonance. Fun headphones. And, they are comfortable and light despite being loaded with l-o-n-g battery life (JBL says 25 hours, an advanced Bluetooth feature set, an available direct cable connect and phone control on the headphone cup. Plugging in the cable in lieu of Bluetooth resulted in little difference in sound quality. A lot going on here. Bluetooth connection to my phone and my laptop was easy and reliable. I got 30ft from my source before the BT signal broke up. Sound quality using the phone for calls was at least as good as directly from my phone (and maybe better). JBL adds another feature that should be useful: ShareMe extends your music to ANY other headphone. The headphone talks you through the process when you hit the share button. Seriously great feature which I got to work with my other wireless phone without drama. No Y adapter needed . . yay. These headphones click open into operating position or fold flat to fit into a nice case. Complaints: The instructions require a serious magnifying glass and good lighting. Diagrams could be labeled better. The headphone control layout is busy. Once you establish tactile guideposts and learn the purposes and placement of the 6 buttons, you’ll stop groaning. I wouldn’t mind if the verbal guidance was repeated. I’m often pulling the headphone away from my ears to see what I’m doing and I get the tail end of the guidance. Arrrgh. Most of these issues are left behind at the hump of the learning curve. I’m turning up Tom Odell popular songs, so I’m happily distracted. Summary. I like them, and can imagine using them for extended periods. Unlike earbuds, placement is not as critical with over-the-ear headphones . . . most everyone can easily achieve a comfortable and effective fit. Don’t underestimate the importance of fit. It would be easy to take them on a trip even though they aren’t noise cancelling. The fit does a nice job of rejecting outside noise but those JBL750NRs would surely be better at a modest premium, if reducing outside noise is the primary need. These headphones will appeal to a lot of people.

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Tight Bass, Good features, Mediocre Design

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    I've always been intrigued by JBL's Everest series of wireless headphones, but this is my first time actually getting to spend some extended time with a pair. I own several sets of high-end headphones as well as a couple DACs and headphone amplifiers, but when I'm on the go or at the office, I definitely like the convenience of wireless so I can stand up and stretch without having to interrupt my music. BUILD QUALITY: The unboxing experience is pretty minimalistic. Inside the box is the included case with the headphones and accessories inside. The included is of great quality, even rivaling the cases of competitors. Off to a great start! Unzip the case, and lying in the flap pocket is a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable for you to use the headphones wired, as well as a MicroUSB cable to charge the unit. The headphones fold such that the earcups are rotated inward and are lying flat in the case. This seems to be very common, nowadays, as this is the third wireless bluetooth headphone to have this exact same mechanism. Glad they didn't change a design that's not broken! Pulling the headphones out of the case, the plastic build immediately feels cheaper than the plastic I am accustomed to on the other Bluetooth headphones I own. I've put on substantially cheaper knock-off brand Bluetooth headphones that used a better plastic build compared to the Everest 710. As I tap on certain areas of the plastic, I can hear that the build is fairly hollow, and I'm certain that's not all for acoustic reasons. This is a bit of a letdown for a headphone at this price. I'd expect more from JBL. COMFORT: Here's a good note. The ear pads and padding on the headband are very plush and comfortable. Using the Everest 710 at the office and at home for extensive listening sessions, I did not start to feel fatigue any sooner than I would have with my other Bluetooth headphones (which is impressive, because my other headphones are incredibly comfortable). The earcups are large enough to fit my ears without causing pressure, and the padding on the headband was ample enough to prevent fatigue at the apex of my head—which has been an issue with other headphones I've owned. Weight-wise, it's pretty light due to the plastic build being more hollow in comparison to other headphones, but they're certainly not the lightest ones I own. PAIRING: The pairing process is pretty simple. Press and hold the dedicated pairing button on the unit, then select the Everest 710 from your Bluetooth device. From my testing, the Everest 710 can remember 2 devices and switch between them without having to restart the pairing process. When you start playing audio on one device, the other will be paused until you resume playback on that device. However, you cannot play audio from two devices simultaneously, which is largely unheard of, anyway. SOUND: Okay, so how do they sound? Listening to various genres of music, they lean on the bassier side, as I expected. Treble is recessed so that you won't experience harsh vocal sibilance, but vocal clarity is good, making this headphone great for rap, hip-hop, edm, etc. Of these genres, I primarily listen to Rap and EDM. This is really where these headphones shine. On the other spectrum, rock/metal/prog genres area also enjoyable when the mix is balanced, but they will still have a bit more bass emphasis and less sparkle in the highs (which isn't necessarily bad). However, instrumental music may not be as enjoyable of an experience because instrumental productions tend to allow more emphasis in the bass, which could really take away from the clarity, shimmer and sparkle of other instruments. However, if you're listening to instrumental music where the bass is a prominent instrument, then this could work out in your favor. While I haven't performed any extensive testing, if you're interested in the sound signature while on a wired connection, I felt that it remained largely similar. Keep in mind, all electronics are disabled during wired mode, so any digital signal processing will be disabled. JBL has publicly shared on their website's FAQ for the Everest 710 that it does not support AAC or aptX codecs, so we are likely left to simple A2DP profiles, which is a shame for those looking for higher resolution, but I honestly wouldn't expect it for a product marketed towards bassheads rather than audiophiles. Even then, with an average 10Khz - 22Khz frequency range, I wouldn't expect that those codecs would make a difference CONTROLS/FEATURES: The controls on the Everest 710 aren't particularly tactile, nor well-distinguished. The play button has some extra leverage, but it almost feels as though the volume-up/play/volume-down buttons are all one button. I can understand grouping them all together, but having different button heights or something would help make them easier to distinguish. I find myself struggling to get used to the controls, as I do own other headphones with more tactile buttons. But if this is your primary Bluetooth headphone, perhaps you won't struggle as I do. Regardless, they simply aren't as intuitive as other pairs I own. Holding the volume buttons for 3 seconds will go forward/back a track. While that works fine for skipping forward, that 3 second delay doesn't work as well for going back to a previous track. JBL should have opted for using the play button and using double/triple button presses for changing tracks. Altneratively, just don't have a 3 second delay. 1-1.5 seconds is probably enough for most people. The ShareMe 2.0 feature is where things actually get interesting. You can actually pair other Bluetooth headphones to the JBL Everest 710 and share the audio from the device paired to the Everest 710.This feature exists on some other headphones, but it is generally limited to headphones by the same manufacturer, or even the exact same model headphone. I'm glad to say that such is not the case with the Everest 710. Simply enable ShareMe 2.0 by pressing the dedicated button on the headphone, then put your other headphone in its pairing mode. The Everest 710 will then automatically search for other Bluetooth devices in pairing mode, and will connect to the first one it finds. During this process, you can only have one audio source connected to the Everest 710. I did not notice any degradation of audio quality with ShareMe 2.0 enabled on either of the headphones. Impressive! Although I don't know if this will have an impact on battery life. BATTERY: The Everest 710 boasts a 25 hour battery life, which I believe. I haven't gotten to fully test that claim, but I haven't had to charge the headphone after a couple days of extended usage. If you use them lightly or moderately and not extensively like I may, then you will likely make these cans last you the entire week or more. Additionally, they charge in a quick 2 hours, so you never have to wait very long to enjoy your tunes. OVERALL: The JBL Everest 710 has decent sound tuned towards bassheads and skips out on features geared towards audiophiles. The ShareMe 2.0 feature is excellent for sharing your tunes wirelessly with another listener. While the plastic quality is mediocre when compared to other cans, the synthetic protein leather and lightweight build keeps the cans comfortable for long listening sessions. Controls are not tactile nor easy to distinguish, resulting in a bit of a finicky experience. With the price and competing products considered, it becomes a bit difficult to forgive the corners being cut—at which point, the only distinguishing feature of this headphone is ShareMe 2.0, and the battery life (which is not substantially more than other headphones in this price range). While I don't think the headphone is bad, there are simply other options with a better design and higher resolution audio for around the same price or even less. Whether or not you'll get the same sound signature is certainly debatable. These headphones are marketed towards a basshead who likes the style of these cans, doesn't take interest in higher resolution audio, and doesn't mind the price tag. But for someone who is conscious of the price and features being offered, this just isn't a great value.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Long battery life, great sound

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    The JBL Everest 710 is part of the 2.0 Wireless Headphones Series by Harmon. I really like these headphones. The sound is great and they are very comfortable. They do not over amplify the base so if you are looking for that go else ware. If you want high quality wireless headphones with long battery life, easy connectivity and ability to share to other Bluetooth devices these are the headphones for you. If you need advanced noise canceling and equalization with audio calibration the Everest 750nc is the headphone for you, these are a little more expensive but worth it if you need those features. The features are: Bluetooth: Connect to any smart device using Bluetooth for amazing sound quality without the hassle of wires. With ShareMe 2.0 / Connect & share you can connect with any brand of Bluetooth headphone or speaker and share music, videos and games with friends—easily and wirelessly. The Bluetooth range is incredible, I am routinely able to listen to audio over 30 feet away or more with no breakup or loss of signal or fidelity. I verified this with various sources and seems to be independent of the device sending the audio! JBL Pro Audio Sound: These are designed by Harmon which is a Samsung company adding to the quality and experience with sound and wireless function. Echo Cancelling Microphone: Built in microphone with echo cancellation technology for crystal clear, hands-free calls. I tested this and it is the best I have ever used. My hearing impaired father could easily hear our conversation, the mic even picks up voices of others in the room well without the ambient noise. Comfort Fit: The cushions incorporate memory foam, which increase the comfort allowing a longer, more enjoyable experience. I was able to wear these headphones for several hours comfortably, none of that ear canal discomfort like the in the ear devices. Fold & Carry: A hard carrying case included. The case is high quality and the headphones fold flat, just pay attention to the diagram so that you get it right! App enabled: Personalize how you listen with the free My JBL Headphones App including easy OTA software updates, battery indicator, button customization, Voice prompt control, Auto off control with custom EQ settings. Long Battery life: 25 hours of wireless freedom with 2 hour quick recharge. I had been using these about a month before recharging, so at normal volume levels I would say JBL has conservatively estimated What's in the box: 1 x Headphones 1 x Detachable remote cable 1 x Charging cable 1 x Carrying case 1 x Warning card 1 x Warranty card 1 x Safety sheet 1 x QSG Technical Specifications: Driver size: 40mm Dynamic frequency response range: 10Hz-22kHz Sensitivity: 96dB Maximum SPL: 111dB Microphone sensitivity @1kHz dB v/pa: -42 Impedance: 32ohm Bluetooth Max Output Power: 4dBm Bluetooth transmitted modulation: GFSK,π/4DQPSK, 8DPSK Bluetooth frequency: 2.402GHz-2.48GHz Bluetooth profiles: HFP v1.6, HSP v1.2, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.5 Bluetooth version: V4.1 Battery type: Polymer Li-ion Battery (3.7V, 850mAh) Charging time: 2 hours Music play time with BT on: Up to 25 hours Talk time with BT on: Up to 25 hours Weight (g): 258g I highly recommend these if you want a high quality headphone at a reasonable price.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Very Good Headphones For The Right Player/Genre

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    I have owned more than my fair share of headphones over the years and spent a few too many years (and dollars) in the rarified air of the audiophile world. I have owned everything from a cheap earbuds to almost $1000 cans that were plugged into high end DACs & amps. I know what phenomenal sounds like and I know what junk sounds like. I made the conscious decision to settle for great because the constant search for aural nirvana just got too tiring and expensive. With that said, the JBL Everest 710s, would be a great addition to most people's collection. Outstanding battery life and comfort, paired with some kinda cool features like Bluetooth sharing with another set of headphones make these a really nice set of headphones for most music listeners. I say most because if you are into bass heavy music, you should probably not look at these, unless you also have a portable DAC/Amp or your player has a good equalizer. From a tone standpoint these are a very neutral 'voiced' set of 'phones. This is great if you like music that does well with that like jazz or country. Now that doesn't mean that these headphones don't do bass, they just didn't do it as much as I would expect from a closed-back set, especially ones that can achieve as good of a seal around your ears as these can get (at least around mine). I have a playlist of different songs and tone gradients to check out various headsets and like I said, this did very well with jazz, country, older pop music, and classical (especially strings). More modern rock and Rap/R&B came off as a little underwhelming. That is coming from an iPhone 7 using the Music app. Things improved considerably with the use of CanOpener, a popular app that adds in a nice equalizer and crossfade options. Bumping up the equalizer in the lower Hz range as some nice thump to the bass notes without getting too 'flabby' and sounding fake. At the other end of the spectrum you can also brighten up some of the highs. Your other option would be to have a nice Amp/DAC combo (either a portable set from Fiio or a desk set like from Shiit), but with these you would be using the cord which kind of defeats the purpose of BT headphones and the associate price bump. Corded and used with these sources, the Everest 710s deliver across the board and can handle pretty much any genre. These are a great portable set of over-ear headphones (which I prefer to on-ear) and also come with a nice compact case that hold the headphones neatly along with both sets of supplied cables (USB charging cable and regular headphone cord with mic). The controls on the right ear cup are intuitive and easy to use without looking at them. If you are looking for a nice traveling set of Bluetooth headphones and tend to lean towards jazz/vocal/classic rock, you will be well served by the JBL Everest 710s. If you have the right equipment, you can really make these sing, though if you have that equipment, you probably also have a drawer full of headphones for all kinds of situation (perhaps that was just me).

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Share Music without sharing headphones

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    JBL really brings it big with their over the ear wireless headphones. Lets dive in and talk about the pros and cons (if any) about this set up. First if you have never heard of JBL let me start by saying they are one of the biggest leader in the audio industry. I remember when i was younger i had spent more money in my car audio then the actual vehicle was probably worth and JBL was definitely the way to go for show quality audio sound. Basically know that you are buying a product from a company that has a proven track record of putting out show quality sound. First off out of the box you will receive a carrying case, 3.5 mm cord for direct connection, and a micro usb cable to charge the headphones. The headphones collapse for easy storage into its carrying case. JBL claims a fast 2 hour charge with up to 25 hours of non stop audio playback. It took me about an hour to fully charge the headset and i have to say i have been using the headphones for 10 hours and i am not even half way through my battery life. This is honestly very impressive seeing as how most of my wireless headphones carry a battery life of only 10 hours. This is truly the longest battery life i have seen with the shortest recharge downtime. The headphones are synced via standard bluetooth set up which is no different then any other device you may of used. They come with a built in mic which provides high quality call sound and a noise cancelling mic. This is kinda nice because one thing i have noticed about built in mics is they tend to either bring in alot of feedback or background noise making it annoying for the caller on the other end to hear you clearly. These headphones gave me a call quality that was just as good as if i was talking on a LAN line and never once dropped out through the bluetooth. I want to talk about something that this headset does that i have personally never seen on another headset device that really makes it stand out and that is the SHAREME 2.0. The SHAREME 2.0 is a built in bluetooth software that allows other wireless bluetooth headphones to connect to the JBL headphones. This means that my wife can connect her headphones to my JBL headphones and she can listen to the same music that i am listening to. The day of having to share earbuds to listen to the same track is now gone. I found this part actually really awesome considering that we have similar taste in music and when we go to the gym to workout together we can share the same tracks through two separate headphones. Now understand something the second headset is basically piggybacking off the main headphones so is there a little bit of reduction in sound quality? Yes of course but not by much, i noticed the sound quality wasn't as good as my JBL but it wasn't horrible by any means. In all reality i don't think most people will even truly notice the difference too much unless you have an ear for music quality. Speaking of which lets talk sound quality. This is a JBL, whats to really say? The sound quality is awesome giving out a perfect amount of balance between your mids and lows without taking away from your highs and vocals. You basically get everything you want without one particular area overshadowing another. Now i am a very big bass fan, as far as the headphones go they are not the biggest sounding or producer of bass that i have seen but that's fine because the base quality was perfect and enough to keep me satisfied. One of the biggest problems i have with bass is that i like it loud but then it gets to the point to where it takes away from all my other sound quality. The JBL 710 produce just the right amount of bass to keep me happy while still providing equal quality sound which i would expect no less from JBL. The headphones do a very good job out keeping outside noise out due to there tight fit and well rounded job at sealing around the ear. Speaking of which these are hands down the most comfortable headphones i own to date. Most of my headphones start hurting my head after about 2 hours of music streaming, however i have had these on for 3 hours straight at one point with no discomfort whatsoever. There are alot of technical specs that i can get into discussing why this is a good set up and why you should buy it, but without making things too confusing all you need to truly know is that this a great sounding headset which is brought to you by a provider who in my opinion is a big leader in the audio industry bringing you awesome sound quality with some pretty cool features i haven't seen yet on any other audio devices out there. Usually most products i buy or review i have a few features that i don't like, however for me personally i could not find one thing wrong with this headset that would lead me to a negative review. I'm sure if you search hard enough you can find fault with any product but nothing stood out big enough for me to mention. Pros: -fast charge time -25 hour of battery life!!! -SHARME 2.0 -Superb sound quality -Crystal clear call quality. -Collapsible design -Comfortable fit Cons: -none that i could find

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great looking, sounding, and comfortable cans.

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    To start the packaging and protection on this was done well. The inner box that slides out was a little hard to get out, but when when it does its a nice presentation of the headphones's case. In the box is the headphones, a nice carrying case, the USB and 3.5mm cables, and some papers. The case itself is very nice and has a diagram/ picture of how the headphones fold up if you happen to forget which is a nice touch. The case also has a separate area to hold the cables, or any other small accessory you might want to carry. The headphones themselves look awesome. They are a very nice silver, with nice and soft over the ear design that is very comfortable. And as mentioned before they fold up easily to fit into the included case. After unboxing it I connected the headphones to charge. The initial charge took about 3 hours to fully charge, although this might have taken this long because I didnt have it connected to a very strong USB port. And they are rated at 25 hours. So there should be plenty of battery to get through a day. When powering it on you get an audible voice telling you its powered on, and giving you the current connection status. The first pairing to my Samsung Galaxy S8+ was simple. All I had to do was look for the headphones in my Bluetooth settings, and with one click I was paired. The sound is excellent. Very clear, with just the right amount of bass and no distortion. I then tested them out on my TV and again I was easily able to pair them to my Samsung TV. The music from the headphones sounded good, but regular TV audio sounded a bit tinny. Although they arent really designed for that. I then tested the functionality and sound when connected via the included 3.5mm cable. I was able to control the play and pause via the inline connectors button, as well as connect to Google assistant with a long press. The music sounded pretty good this was as well, although I preferred the sound when connected via Bluetooth. The fit and comfort of these is also very good. I was blessed with lets just say a large head, so some headphones can feel tight, or not fit at all even when adjusted to max. But these fit fine, and are very comfortable with the nice plush ear foams. Overall I can say this is a very nice set of headphones. Great sound, simple connectivity, and very comfortable. Highly recommended. Great job JBL.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Super comfortable!

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    The moment I've put Everest 710 on - I realized these are the most comfortable over the ear headphones I ever tried! Super lightweight, and yet gripping my head securely. These are the first over the ear headphones that would fit my wife as well, typically she complains that over the ear headphones are too big for her, but not Everest 710 - we finally found something that fits perfectly. Headphones are made of plastic, very nicely put together with no rattles or loose fits, adjustable to fit easily and would fold to be stored in the included pouch. Sound quality is very impressive, I've compared Everest 710 to the pair of headphones that are much more expensive and could not find any difference in sound quality - crystal clear highs, deep and precise lows, overall sound is very balanced and well tuned. Headphones come with the 3.5mm cable so they could be used as wired or wireless, wireless connectivity works flawless, there is no degradation in audio signal quality over Bluetooth. Controls are typical and easy: volume up/down buttons work as next/previous track if held for 3 seconds, there is an additional ShareMe button that allows you to pair another set of headphones to yours and stream the same music to the second pair. It's a great feature not only for music, but for watching movies too (kind of a wireless alternative to the 3.5mm Y-cable splitter). Couple points I was not so happy about: if bluetooth connection is lost (let's say you walk away from the phone or computer) - headphones would not reconnect to the source automatically once you are close again, manual connection is required. There is also almost impossible to tell how much of a battery you have left, if can kinda estimate by looking at the bluetooth icon of your phone and if battery is about to die - you'll have a red light on the headphones as well, but it's not possible to tell - is it 70% or 50%. Overall: excellent choice if you don't want active noise cancelling and prefer lightweight model with longer battery life. If you want active noise cancelling and willing to sacrifice battery life (Everest 710 provides 25 hours of listening as opposed to just 15 hours with the "Everest Elite" noise cancelling model) and have no problem with couple of ounces of extra weight - consider "Everest Elite" model.

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