LG - 4.1-Channel Hi-Res Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Chromecast Built-In - Black

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Surround yourself with robust audio performance in a slim package with this LG ultra-slim soundbar. Compatible with the latest LG televisions, the compact soundbar pairs seamlessly to deliver an immersive audio-visual experience. The 4K high resolution audio on this LG ultra-slim soundbar lets you hear the action in every scene.
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  • LG 4.1-Channel Hi-Res Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Chromecast Built-In

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Overall Customer Rating:
85% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (125 out of 148)


High Resolution audio

Supports 192kHz/24 bit PCM audio file formats for clear, detailed sound.

4K supported

4K video pass-through with HDCP2.2 support.

300W total system power

Provides quality sound for your favorite movies, shows, games and music.

Wireless subwoofer

For deep, powerful bass.

Dolby Digital decoder

Reproduces multichannel audio to deliver a cinematic audio experience.

Chromecast Built-In

Stream tunes wirelessly to the sound bar from popular apps like Pandora and Google Play Music. Chromecast works seamlessly with a smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook.

Bluetooth music streaming

Makes it easy to enjoy tracks stored on a compatible Bluetooth-enabled device (not included).

24-bit Upsampling

Converts lower-resolution audio to a high-resolution 24-bit format for a more premium listening experience.

Adaptive sound control

Automatically detects what is playing and then enhance the clarity and impact of the audio.

1.5 Inch ultra-thin design

Coordinates beautifully with a wide range of TVs while complementing the most refined living room décor.


Includes 1 HDMI and 1 optical digital audio.


Includes 1 HDMI.


Enables simple operation from a distance.

Supports a variety of file formats

Including WAV, WMA, AAC, AIFF, MP3, FLAC, LPCM and more, so you can enjoy your favorite media.

Overall customer rating

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful... Just Beautiful!

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    LG SJ8 Quick Features on the Product High Resolution Audio (Digital music has gone audiophile, with higher sampling rates and bit depth which can contribute to a more accurate, more enjoyable listening experience. This CTA-certified sound bar can play back lossless stereo audio at up to 24-bit/192kHz quality.) Chromecast Built-in (Stream tunes wirelessly to the sound bar from popular apps like Pandora and Google Play Music. Chromecast works seamlessly with a smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows laptop or Chromebook.) 4K Pass-Through (HDCP 2.2) (4K resolution is the new video quality standard for streaming, disc and beyond. This sound bar supports HDCP 2.2 so it can deliver the full home cinema experience with no loss of 4k image quality.) 1.5” Ultra-Slim Design (This 1.5 inch, ultra-thin LG sound bar coordinates beautifully with a wide range of premium TVs while complementing the most refined living room decor.) Perfect Fit with LG TVs 24-bit Upsampling (24-bit sound contains more data than lower-quality audio, and is the standard for high-resolution music. This feature converts lower-resolution audio to a high-resolution 24-bit format for a more premium listening experience.) Adaptive Sound Control (For maximum enjoyment of various types of programming *movies, sports, games, etc.*, LG-exclusive Adaptive Sound Control can automatically detect what’s playing and then enhance the clarity and impact of the audio.) Wireless Connectivity (Wirelessly stream music directly from your Smartphone or other compatible device for a seamless listening experience.) LG Sound Sync (Enhance the home cinema experience without the clutter of unnecessary cables. LG Sound Sync technology links compatible LG televisions to the sound bar wirelessly, using Bluetooth.) Connectivity Options Ethernet HDMI Out HDMI Input Optical Input USB (Service Only) What's in the box? Bar Speaker Subwoofer Remote Control with x2 AAA Batteries Optical Digital Cable AC Adapter AC Power Cord x2 Simple Manual LGE open Source Software Notice Safety Information Wall Mounting Guide Warranty Card Wall Mounting Bracket Setup/Testing/Conclusion The packaging is all black and has some nice work put on the outside to attract consumers with its sleek look. LG has done a fantastic job with making sure everything is well packaged within to ensure no shipping/transit damage. Setup of the LG SJ8 was extremely simple. I literally plugged in the power for the bar, utilized the optical digital cable and plugged in the power cord for the sub. After setting everything up, it was all ready to go (plug & play). I own a Samsung 55” TV and it even automatically synced up to it so that when I powered on the TV the sound bar powered on as well. I tested by turning off the TV only and the sound bar would automatically power off soon after as well. I owned an LG sound bar previously and it did the same thing which is awesome. I only state this because prior to the LG SJ8, I owned a Sony sound bar and it definitely did not sync… What this means is I have to make sure I separately turn on the sound bar after powering on my TV which can be a little tedious sometimes. I must say, the power and clarity that the SJ8 sound bar pushes out is wonderful. Tired of not being able to hear what is going on when people are talking? Well, the SJ8 takes care of that problem. The sub packs a nice oomph when action sequences are happening. Even if you’re not watching movies, the sound bar and sub provide a very pleasant music listening experience as well. I really enjoy that LG put a digital screen in front of the sound bar. I’ve seen some people post that they’re not too happy about it but I thoroughly enjoy it. As I mentioned above, I had a Sony sound bar prior to the LG SJ8. With the Sony, I couldn’t/didn’t know what I was changing. Because there was no digital display on the Sony, I couldn’t really tell how loud my sound was, how loud my bass was or even what setting I “set” my sound to. With the LG SJ8, you know exactly what you’re changing thanks to the digital display on the sound bar. With the remote control, it is very easy to use and straightforward. You can tune the sound effect between cinema, ASC, BASS Blast and standard. I typically like the cinema option out of the other ones. With the remote control, you can also turn on/off the “night” feature, change input source, toggle sleep, auto volume, auto power, etc. This is where I write the only one CON I found. Because I have to write this con and the significance it is for me; I have to take off a star. With my previous sound bar setups, I always liked putting the sub on the other side of the room away from TV and right next to the couch instead. This way, my guest and I can thoroughly enjoy the oomph from the sub. The problem I had is that when the sub was across the room (when I say across I literally mean less than 10 feet); the sub ended up having distorted sound. When I say distorted, I mean it was literally crackling. I tested it with music on YouTube and movies and experienced the same problem. It didn’t happen throughout the whole movie or song, but it definitely came up enough to notice. As soon as I moved the sub back to my sound bar location which is right next to the TV, that problem went away. I did some research and it seems like interference with a router or microwave or something can cause this issue. The weird thing is my previous setup of sound bars never had this problem. Because of this “limitation” I ran across, I took off 1 star. I just feel like for the MSRP you would pay for the LG SJ8, you should be able to not have a problem putting the sub less than 10 feet away from the sound bar. This was the only problem I had. Besides that, LG has done a wonderful job with the build quality, sound quality and look with the SJ8. I would not hesitate to recommend the LG SJ8 to a friend or co-worker.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Big sound from a small package

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    Pros Doesn’t distort even at max volume Automatic on/off Automatic input control Built in Chromecast Can be extended with extra speakers wirelessly Responds to TV remote for volume controls Sleek design Dialog is very good even with heavy bass Sound range is very good compared to most soundbars Cons Sound is almost completely heard from front more like 2.1 Max volume could be higher Bass is so carefully controlled that hard hits from things like explosions are muffled EQ settings limited to only bass and treble Bottom speaker mounts limits use of third party mounts hanging from TV Manual soundbar controls are on the back and potentially blocked Midrange depends too much on subwoofer Soundbars are becoming increasingly popular as a solution for the typically anemic sound from TV speakers for those who want better sound but don’t want a full surround system. They offer a sleek and easy to install solution that is simple and out of the way while vastly improving sound. The problem is that many soundbars create more low frequencies and allow a heavier punch for more realistic TV viewing while losing the higher or midrange frequencies that make dialog understandable. LG markets the SJ8 as 4.1 channel a high-res 4K. That’s a lot of tech speak to make it sound very sophisticated but the term 4K sound is just marketing. The question is beyond all this technical jargon if the soundbar sounds good. The short answer to this question is yes. When you first see the box for the SJ8 you will notice the box is very large. Upon opening you will be surprised that most of the space is filled by styrofoam. That’s because the box needs to accommodate the long soundbar plus a boxy subwoofer. Don’t let the thin size of the soundbar fool you. The combination is able to put out more sound than much larger, cheaper soundbars with more dynamic range. In plain English, it just sounds better and clearer. Installation is a bit different than other soundbars though. Most others mount to the wall from the back. This one mounts from the bottom. Unfortunately, if you wanted to use one of those nice universal soundbar mounts that hangs off your TV bracket you are out of luck. For everyone else, wall mount brackets are included. Inputs are limited to one HDMI for more modern flat screens or optical and that’s it. For most people looking for a soundbar that should be just fine. If you have a modern LG TV, you also have a wireless option which allow pairing it with your TV very cleanly. Oddly though, in the pursuit for a sleek look the buttons are on the back of the soundbar likely hard to reach or see. A nice touch in this clean appearance is a very straightforward LED text display hidden in the speaker grill showing what input you are using in plain English. That’s a welcomed change from many other sound bars which you often need to memorize a combination of lights to figure out what input you are on. As helpful as the display is, you likely won’t need it much because this sound bar is smart enough to switch inputs for you making things even simpler. In fact, when you turn on your TV the soundbar will automatically turn on for you. Just the same, when you turn it off it will turn off shortly afterwards even using the optical input. It’s a novel idea that makes things so much better. Even if you have an older TV it can take care of itself. If that isn’t simple enough the soundbar also knows the volume controls for other TVs meaning regardless of what TV you have or how it is connected you can use your original TV remote to control the volume. After using for a short time you will begin to wonder why all soundbars don’t do this. It seems that everything about the LG SJ8 is about simplicity. This includes adjusting the sound. EQ adjustments are limited to Subwoofer and Treble. You get four modes called Cinema, Standard, Bass, and ASC. In most cases, the best mode is ASC because it automatically figures out the best settings based on what you are listening to. Often automatic modes are best avoided even with on high end stereo equipment. ASC is one of the best tested so far and allows you to set it and forget it. A common problem with soundbars is that while increasing the amount of bass in your TV viewing experiencing they often leave something out. Many times, other soundbars can achieve floor shaking bass while you can barely understand dialog. What is nice about the SJ8 is it has enough range that you can still clearly understand people speaking while still enjoying the bigger sound. The system was carefully calibrated to where even at max volume the system still outputs clean sound with no distortion. You won’t get the extremely hard hitting bass from an explosion but you also won’t hear that odd subwoofer pop or flutter from it being pushed beyond the limits. If there was anything to complain about, it would be that the system relies too heavily on the subwoofer for midrange sounds. What this means is the subwoofer needs to go in front or things sound odd. In a living room this could be ok but in a bedroom with the subwoofer sitting on the floor it will be likely blocked partially by your bed. This can lead certain dialog to have an odd placement that you know is in front of you but oddly somewhere on the floor instead of matched with the dialog up near the screen. Considering the overall sound though, most people would easily stop noticing this after a short time and just enjoy the great sound range. The other aspect that falls a little short of claims is the 4.1 sound. The sound in most cases is distinctly 2.1. You can sort of fake some sounds coming from the back in Cinema mode but overall the sound is very much right in front of you. This doesn’t really take away from the experience so much as point out that marketing doesn’t always live up to hype. A bonus though is if you really want full surround sound you can buy extra wireless speaker and pair then to the soundbar and upgrade your listening experience. If you love listening to music, the SJ8 comes with a bonus. It has Chromecast Audio built right in. No odd, third party solutions but real Chromecast. This is great because you can easily include it as part of a whole home audio system just by purchasing Chromecast audio adapters instead of needing to buy LG speakers for your whole house. You can also pair it with other brand speakers with Chromecast built in leaving the choice completely up to you. It’s another nice touch to what overall seems to be a very thoughtfully designed system. It’s refreshing to see a company design a product more for the customer than profit and locking a customer into buying only more of their products. In fact, this openness could potentially encourage one to purchase more LG products just to reward them for giving the customer the choice. Only a few small flaws keep this unit the SJ8 from getting 5 stars. If possible, it would be rated 4.5. If you are in the market for upgrading your TV sound and want a sleek solution that has good dynamic range, dialog that is actually understandable, a small footprint, simple operation, and operates seamlessly with little fuss the LG SJ8 is a great solution.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Top of Class Surround Sound with Looks That Kill

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    Last week I set up our LG 65" 65J8500 LED TV with built-in Harmon Kardon sound. While the internal speaker system is the best I have ever heard built-in a TV, I wanted more punch & bass for action movies & concerts. I selected the LG SJ8 Soundbar because it is so low profile, it literally fits under the TV, on top of the silver LG TV feet & looks as though it is part of the TV. See photos showing the Soundbar sitting below the LG TV. LIKES: 1- Ultra low profile design fits below a LG 65" or similar TV, providing an integrated look 2- Digital display on the front makes set-up, input changes & sound adjustments a breeze 3- Surround Sound options are extremely effective. The surround sound effect available for 2-channel programming is top of the class! I was completely stunned when I selected surround sound on this Soundbar & chose Cable News, expecting standard 2-channel playback. LG has designed phase conversion to spread the soundstage, yet maintain pristine quality & crystal clear vocals. I turned around to see where the sound originated tonight - and it all originated from this Soundbar! 4- Rounded, high gloss black edges with a curved grill on the subwoofer convert a normally boring rectangular box to an attractive essential ingredient. 5- The striking Soundbar front grill sets it apart from mundane speakers & makes it clear this is a premium quality speaker system. 6- Flexible connectivity: optical in / HDMI In / HDMI Out / ARC. Music Flow (Free LG App) enables streaming from your desktop or laptop (works great sourcing music from iTunes). Bluetooth enables streaming from your tablet or phone. 7- Right angle, low profile power plugs for both the subwoofer & the Soundbar disappear on the electrical outlet. 8- Auto On feature make using any TV as a driver effortless. The Soundbar automatically energizes with signal from any brand TV. 9- Widely adjustable sound: bass / treble / sub woofer all independently adjustable. The sound quality is very accurate. 10- Beautiful shape - all edges curved on the Soundbar. DISLIKES: 1- I would prefer stronger bass at lower frequencies from the subwoofer. Unfortunately that would require a physically larger subwoofer enclosure, possibly more power to drive it & would likely double the cost of this Soundbar. CONCLUSION: The LG SJ8 is a premium quality Soundbar with a striking design that compliments the attractive LG TV's. It will work with all makes & model TV's that have either HDMI or optical out. It measures 48" wide, so it looks great with a 55", a 65" or a 77" diagonal TV. The surround sound is amazing & even has a built-in display to show sound options! If you want a "wall shaking" bass-heavy Soundbar, look elsewhere. The bass output of the SJ8 is head and shoulders above the speakers built in any TV, and offers balanced frequencies across the sound spectrum - but do not expect your walls to shake. I am proud to own one that is paired to my LG 65J8500 65" LED TV & highly recommend it.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Sound in a Small Package

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    I've always used separate receivers and speakers for my TV watching audio systems. I have 7.1 surround in my media room using a Pioneer Elite receiver with Klipsch speakers. In my living room, I have another Pioneer Elite 5.1 system with Yamaha speakers. Both set ups sound fantastic. So when I picked up this LG - 4.1-Channel Hi-Res Soundbar System for my study/den, it had a lot to live up to. Set up was very easy. The soundbar is underneath my 40" Sony Bravia, it is a little large compared to the TV, but that isn't a concern to me at all. The thing that took me the longest to set up was not only to get the Sony TV to go to external speakers, which was simple enough, but my source was NETFLIX for the sound, and the Sony TV did not want to allow access to the soundbar. After looking on an AV forum, I got it sorted out. The audio signal comes from an included optical cable. The thing that impressed me most off the bat, was the wireless subwoofer. That is a such a versatile option! I have the subwoofer plugged in about 15ft away from the soundbar and it makes all the difference in the world having the subwoofer behind you like that. It makes the whole room feel like it's sitting in a pool of bass. Playing with the settings, the PCM ASC setting is the one that seems to pack the most variance in sound as far as 'throwing' the sound around the room. Watching Rogue One using this soundbar, it certainly feels dynamic, the sound has a wide reach side to side. However, I didn't get an overall 'surround sound' feel from anything but the bass. I haven't had that 'over the shoulder' feeling from the sound. Typically systems like this project the sounds that you would hear in surround, behind you by bouncing them off the wall. I didn't get that feeling with this soundbar. With that said tho, this set up does give a nice, solid, full sounding bass track when watching a movie or listening to music. Hooking my phone up to the soundbar was easy when in BT mode. Music started playing right away, strong, crisp and bassy. Can't complain with that. My son will love it later on when he gets into music! The LCD display on the front of it, doesn't bother me, but it would be nice if it did fade to black after 10 seconds or so, and 'woke up' when you pressed a button. That would make that feature stand out, but knowing what input you are using, and what sound mode you are in are very helpful. The profile of the soundbar is sleek and unobtrusive, with a nice high quality feel. The subwoofer is a little more 'MDF' in appearance, but then most of them are, but they tend to be hidden away anyways. Overall, I would recommend this soundbar system, as it does give a nice roomful of sound, and nice strong bass when watching a movie or playing music. I played everything from Mozart to Sabaton and it sounded great!

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Perfect substitute for full home theater

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    Wow! Great soundbar, with flexible connectivity. Nice slim design, can mesh into any setup without looking like an eyesore. Packed with features. Set up is a breeze. Clear, crisp sound with balanced bass. Pros: Clear, high quality Surround sound quality is noticeable Slim, sleek design Multiple mounting/placement options Universal compatibility Many connection options Many functional options Smart programming Cons: Very cheap optical cable Requires app to set up WiFi Bass not consistent Bright display Right out the box, it is easy to tell this speaker came packed with options. You can choose to attach to an LG TV, wall mount, put in on a shelf/stand. And includes feet if you need to raise it a little higher off the resting surface. LG paid attention to detail in many ways. They include a template for wall mounting! Very helpful for quick and easy mounting. Setup is a breeze and I had everything setup (no mounting) and running in 10 minutes. Should be no problem for most buyers. I did not choose to wall mount since my TV is not mounted. They include wire ties to help you organize the cables, nice touch. They only include an optical cable made from the thinnest gauge wire ever created. It does not cost much to provide a quality cable, not very impressed here. There was also no HDMI cable included. You can only set up using HDMI if your TV has ARC support. If not, you must use the optical cable. Subwoofer is wireless and has good range (at least 15ft). I was able to test it quickly on an older LG tv, but its going to be used with my Samsung regularly. I was very impressed at the universal compatibility. I plugged the optical cable into the Samsung and the LG soundbar, and was able to use my Samsung remote to control volume! It even powers on and off with the TV. I literally did zero remote setup. Very nice to see. I was able to connect Bluetooth devices quickly. I also enjoyed that it disconnects from the device when not in Bluetooth mode. It reconnects quickly when switched back. It was good to see flexible LAN and WiFi connectivity. I was disappointed to see that I had to download the app in order to set up the WiFi. I don’t need to have dozens of useless apps on my phone. In addition, this may limit use for some users. Built in chrome-cast support is a nice feature. As far as I could tell, this feature only works when the app is in use, or something weird like that. I could not get it to work easily. Hopefully a future update with make this more intuitive. I am very impressed with the sound quality. I am an avid home theater buff and have installed and designed many set ups. I never expected to see this level of quality from a sound bar. It will never fully be the same as a true surround setup, but this is a great option if you cannot have a real home theater sound set up. You can really pick out the detail of sounds and sound effects. It really does a good job giving you some sense of true surround sound. Much better than many other soundbars I’ve listened. The bass can get loud and is generally balanced. However, it is not as crisp and consistent as it should be. This was easily discernable at times. I’ve used it for TV, movies, and gaming. I did feel solid immersion experience. More than I could get with a cheap soundbar and definitely more than my regular TV speakers. Overall, I highly recommend this to someone who does not have the ability to install a surround sound system. This is a good substitute and will save you a lot of money in the short run. Very good soundbar.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great sound, great flexibility

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    As a person who has enjoyed 7.1 and 7.2 surround in his home for a couple of decades, I was very skeptical when it came to the LG SJ8 Sound Bar. Would it be enough in the sound and volume department? What flexibility does it offer? The packaging for the SJ8 was pretty basic and straight forward. It is a rather large box (the bar itself is over 4 feet long), and its packaging is very straightforward. Sound bar, subwoofer, power cables, mounting brackets, stands, and remote with batteries. Setup is very simple. The installation guide is only about 3 pages long and is very focused and to the point. The sound bar itself is very well made. It has the weight of something substantial, but not heavy. The build quality is very solid and tight, and the connections and buttons are nicely arranged on the rear of the device. The subwoofer is very well built also. It has solid construction, and weighs about as expected. Once connected, I powered up the sound bar and was greeted by a very short wait – 3-5 seconds. There is a nice, clear display in the middle of the sound bar, indicating current state and operation of the device. It didn’t take any configuring to play sound through the device using a wired connection. It easily detected which connection is active and began playing the sound. Nice and easy. Anyone could set this thing up for simple TV audio. The included remote allows you to set sound EQ, sound mode, volume, input, etc. So, how does it sound. It’s actually fantastic. I was very surprised by the clarity, and EQ balance I experienced playing the TV through the SJ8. It was very easy to make slight adjustments to achieve optimum sound, and the clarity was outstanding. My only concern was volume. Could this thing get swallowed by a larger room? It does rate at 300 watts, but I did have concerns about room size. I don’t know if this handles the open family room floor plan, but it has decent volume for the average room size. There is also the LG Music Flow Player. This is one of the better features of this device. It allows you to stream music to the SJ8 from multiple sources over your network. But that’s not all… You can add LG connect speakers to your home network to build an incredibly flexible sound system for your home. Streaming sound was excellent by the way. Overall, the LG SJ8 Sound Bar is really a great buy. It sounds excellent and is very functional and flexible. Great option for someone who may want to expand their system in the future.

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Basic Sound and Annoying LED light

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    I wanted to like this sound bar, based on looks, the reviews it had, and of course the LG brand which is known for having good products. I would think with the 300 Watts capability it would be louder, but it isn't. You really have to mess with the bass (and the sub woofer bass) to get some decent bass for music and cinema. I have a Sony 4k 55' inch TV (2015 Model). I didn't use the HDMI option to connect, i used the optical cable. I later change the settings on my TV to "sound system" - My TV controller controls the volume on the sound bar, but it says on my tv, "volume is fixed" every time i increase volume, so if i go from 10 at volume to 30, the volume is fixed" sign will show up 20x. So i'll have to use the sound bar controller for volume now. This sound bar can be used for Bluetooth streaming as well. I sync up my cellphone (galaxy s7), it worked well for a couple of songs then it would kick me out. It would do this very often. I later downloaded the "music flow" app from LG (LG manual states it works well with app) thinking it would be the better option for streaming music from my phone to the sound bar and guess what? It did the same thing. Kicked me out after a couple of songs, it was really annoying. I couldn't listen to my playlist without reconnecting every 10 mins. After, it kicks me out it would go back to "optical" mode on the sound bar. Even after i turn off the sound bar, i would wake up to the "optical" mode still on. As others reviewers of this product, i would say that the LED light is really annoying. It's always on. I tried to remove it with the "music flow" app under settings but it didn't work. The sound bar itself is very light, doesn't weight much at all. The sub woofer itself its medium sized, like the size of a shoes box I didn't feel a lot of bass coming from the sub woofer. It's disappointing that this sound bar sounds so basic but looks very stylish and modern. I just can't get around the Bluetooth disconnecting and the basic sound. The nice thing is that it came with a sound bar wall mount (i bought one from amazon thinking i would need it). I wouldn't recommend.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Good low profile soundbar

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    To start off the sound quality is average and is comparable to other soundbars. If you have an LG TV this is a logical choice as it'll link up with the TV to streamline operation. For other Brands of TV's, and like an Xbox One or DirecTV box with a 4K Sony TV for example you'll have to rely on the device being controlled through the HDMI connection and ARC or through programming the remote (which also worked on the Xbox and the DirecTV and TV remote). Fortunately for my setup ARC works and the devices all communicate to one another. As a fall back or if your TV doesn't support ARC you can simply use the included optical cable to capture the audio out from your TV and still not have to worry about controlling the volume with a separate remote. Of course there is an included remote so you can control the input, adjust the volume, mute, and sound effect profile (ASC, Standard, Bass Blast, Cinema). You also have very basic control over bass, treble and subwoofer levels but there is no advanced tweaking beyond those settings. You can also set it to a night mode so the bass is cut down. The Chromecast functionality works for music and you'll need the LG app on a Tablet/Phone to set it up. I thought it would work with the Google Home app right out of the Box but it doesn't appear it works like that so I'd say it's not a full replacement for an official Google Chromecast device. Once setup though it lets you cast music to it. I gave it three stars due to the sound quality not being as good as anticipated for it having a sub-woofer (was expecting loud deeper bass when you want it for movies, and better mid range sound from the bar itself). In testing sound from one movie the soundbar housing buzzed from the sound thus affecting the quality of the sound. Also, there was no identified way to control on the LED's in the front of the sound bar (to turn them off completely) which are super annoying when in a darker room watching a movie. That said, for casual movie and TV watching it's decent overall, and has some good features to make it easy to operate and features like the WiFi/Bluetooth which are cool to have for listening to music. Pros: Low profile/slim Plug and Play Installation/Easy Setup Crisp sound Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connection Multi-room support Wall-mount supported Supports multiple configurations so you can setup to work the way you want it to run with your equipment Cons: Sound is sometimes not as rich and full as I'd like for all media types Deep bass and a good mid range is lacking in some movies/shows Geared to link up with LG TV's but is universal Does not have a dimming option for the LED's in the soundbar (they're not bright but are annoying in a dark room with a movie playing)

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