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  • Q: I was wondering if you guys still have bayonetta for nintendo switch  (14 Answers)

    By Lor 

    • Best answerBayonetta 1 for Switch is only available digitally via Nintendo eShop. However, purchasing the physical copy of Bayonetta 2 gives you a download code for the first one as well, so you get two games for the price of one.

      By FreedanZero 

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    • Best answerThere is competitive-cooperative play in Bayonetta 2, although it is more a side mode, so the meat of the game is single-player. Unlocking stages in co-op require playing the main story. I wouldn't feel comfortable with a young kid playing these games, as there is a pretty high level of violence (albeit more fantasy rather than realistic) and sexual innuendo (Bayonetta's clothes are removed more as better combos are done. The naughty bits are always covered, but it's not exactly something I'd let a 10 year old play.) At the same time, it's not like something like GTA V where I'd only feel comfy with adults playing it; watching some gameplay footage will give a good idea for those on the fence about whether it's appropriate for a kid/teenager or not. The game is organized in a linear fashion; there are levels that you play in a set order, and in those levels are a number of acts (basically fights) that you do. When in levels, there are opportunities to go explore a little bit to do special challenge missions, find secret items, and find weapons that you can use to kill enemies with in addition to your original arsenal. Bayonetta is similar to character action games like Devil May Cry, God of War 1-3 on PS2/3, and Ninja Gaiden. Defining these games is a little tough, but the best way for me to describe them is as a single-player fighting game with some exploration added in. So, players fight enemies by punching and kicking and using combos like in fighting games, and further hone their skills by playing through and learning more about how the game works. It is a lot of fun, and Bayonetta actually does a good job of appealing to people who are not very good at games to those who have a great deal of experience in games, not only with low and high difficulty levels, but also by rewarding those who wish to get better across multiple playthroughs of the game with additional weapons and powers. There are even touch screen controls if people would like to play the game without using buttons (although my preferred way of playing is with buttons).

      By Moomoo14 

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    • Best answerAs long as it is a new copy and it features the includes Bayonetta 1 info graphic in the top corner, then you're good. You never know how long Nintendo will continue to publish something like this, though.

      By theasp00 

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  • Q: Hi, if i buy this game, does bayonetta 1 dlc code will work on my switch if i live in canada?  (0 Answers)

    By Joecanada 

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