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  • QuestionDoes it come in slipcover?

    Asked by BuDawood.

    • Answer No.

      Answered by Movieking

  • QuestionDoes it come with digital copy?

    Asked by sbi.

    • Answer Yes it does. However looking at the digital movie offer included with the Blu Ray it states the redemption code must be entered by 3/31/2019. I have found the dates do not always hold true and you can sometimes get them to work after the expiration date. I hope it does not stop you from buying the movie. It is a very good watch. Enjoy!

      Answered by OneOfour

  • QuestionDoes this have dolby atmos

    Asked by Marlon.

    • Answer Yes, according to the info on the back of the box, it does have Dolby Atmos. I uploaded a photo of the back. You can see the Dolby Atmos logo on the bottom right of the box.

      Answered by Remy

  • QuestionIs this version in IMAX format?

    Asked by Rob.

    • Answer No, there is no IMAX logo on the back of the box.

      Answered by Remy

  • QuestionIs this a plain dvd .. in english with english subtitles?

    Asked by doug.

    • Answer Blu ray, dvd and digital. Yes with subtitles

      Answered by globalkaos

  • QuestionIs a dvd included with the Blu Ray?

    Asked by Decker2049.

    • Answer A "Blu-Ray" disc is included. A normal dvd player will not play'll need a "Blu-Ray" player.

      Answered by Remy