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  • QuestionMy model Brother shows - MFC-747ODW - is this the right cartrdige for replacement? this model is not listed on your website.

    Asked by Carole.

    • Answer The fastest way to get an answer to this kind of question is to visit the site of your printer's manufacturer presumably Brother. Check the model number of your printer and then look up the appropriate cartridge or cartridges listed as replacement compatible. You need the TONER number to locate it on Best Buy's website. You will likely need customer service assistance as BB has for some reason removed all of the "look up" information which is why you need to go to Brother first. ABSOLUTELY to not take the word of a customer service agent that a "strange" cartridge "will work". They won't!! I was initially advised that an HP cartridge would fit into my Brother HL-2040 Laser Printer. It didn't. Wasted a fair amount of time until the store closest to me worked out the problem. When you KNOW what you need, you are in a far better position to get what you want from a customer service agent who most likely does NOT know every product in the Best Buy inventory!

      Answered by Gerry

  • Questionwhat is the manufacture date and shelf life of the tn350?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Realistically there isn't one. Not necessary as far as I know! Toner is super-micro fine plastic. The printer fuses it to the paper to get the "print". For me anyhow, the whole REASON for getting a laser printer that uses toner instead of ink, was to avoid the concept of a shelf-life in the first place. Inkjets dry out! The emitters clog, and you can waste great galloping gobs of ink, attempting to clean them so that they work again! Never happens with a toner cartridge! There is a caveat though you should be aware of: DO NOT OPEN THE PLASTIC mylar bag, until you are ready to use the cartridge! As long as that bag is intact, protecting the cartridge from the "air" it will not age! IF your cartridge in the box has been on the shelf for some time, merely shake it to redistribute the toner for more even black print. A related tip for you: if you are intending to replace the cartridge as soon as the indicator light flashes to tell you that you are either low or out of toner in your old cartridge, simply remove the old cartridge, shake it back and forth lengthwise vigorously. That will shake loose any toner that remains and redistribute it evenly inside. I do this and get around another hundred or so printed sheets, ample to get the replacement cartridge from Best Buy online.

      Answered by Gerry