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  • QuestionWill this work with ps4?

    Asked by Helpme.

    • Answer Yes. For the PlayStation 4, you can just use a regular set of 3.5mm headphones to hear game audio through the port on the DualShock 4. To do so, from the PS menu, go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > output to Headphones > With your headphones plugged in select "All Audio" as opposed to "Chat Audio."

      Answered by iHome

  • QuestionCan you hear with the aux cable, even when the headphones are not charged?

    Asked by Tucsonishot.

    • Answer Yes. The benefit to these headphones is the ability to use charged via Bluetooth or uncharged via aux cord.

      Answered by iHome

  • QuestionWill wireless headphones work for watching TV?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes only if your tv has Bluetooth.

      Answered by Superman1432001

  • QuestionHow do you get the Bluetooth to work?

    Asked by Momsdoo.

    • Answer If your smartphone or music player is Bluetooth compatible (supports the A2DP Bluetooth Profile) you may pair these iHome headphones with your phone or music player to listen to music and make or receive calls as long as the two devices are within the Bluetooth operating range of approximately 33-feet of each other. Note: Your iHome headphones must be in the Power “Off” mode to begin the manual pairing process. 1. Make sure that your headphones are switched “Off”. Make sure that your smartphone or music player is “On”. 2. Press and hold the Multi-function button on your headphones for about 6 seconds until you hear the “Power On” and “Pairing” voice prompts. The LED indicator begins alternately flashing blue and red to indicate it is trying to pair with a compatible device. 3. If necessary, turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone or music player so that it begins searching for a compatible device. 4. “iHome_B96” should appear on your phone or music player’s compatible devices list. You may also see a message such as “Not Paired”. Tap on that message to complete the pairing process. If your phone or music player asks for a “password” to complete the pairing process, enter ‘0000’ on the keypad of your phone or music player. 5. When pairing is successful the screen on your phone should show “iHome_B96 Connected” or similar message and you will hear the voice prompt say “Your device is connected”. The LED indicator on the headphones will begin flashing blue two times per 5 seconds. Your headphones are now ready for use. NOTE: If your headphones are not able to find a Bluetooth device that is in range and “discoverable” within 3 minutes, the headphones will automatically power “Off” to preserve the battery.

      Answered by iHome

  • QuestionCan these be used to protect the ears from a concert or loud event?

    Asked by tomgirl21.

    • Answer These are not designed for that purpose .

      Answered by Archer0915

  • QuestionCan you turn off the flashing lights?

    Asked by Gypsy.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Tacolover1234

  • Questioncan these headphones work in a vehicle. are they IR. Infared? are these Bluetooth?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer These are Bluetooth headphones which connect to mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

      Answered by iHome

  • Questioncan these be used on airplans

    Asked by fuzzie.

    • Answer Yes they’re Bluetooth but they come with the aux cable.

      Answered by KCLA

  • QuestionCan be used wired too?

    Asked by celia.

    • Answer Yes it can. If you go in store sometimes you can get it even cheaper. Online it states the price as $49 in store I bought for $34.99.

      Answered by Superman1432001

  • QuestionIs there voice command volume also charging cable

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes. Pump your own heroic soundtrack through these eKids Captain America headphones. Voice control and Bluetooth capability let you stream and manage music from a compatible device, and a tangle-free cable is included for wired playback. These eKids Captain America headphones are adjustable and padded for comfort, and the shield on each ear glows during use.

      Answered by iHome

  • QuestionHi. Do these have a built in mic for online interaction?

    Asked by pmbarber.

    • Answer No.

      Answered by CJdaDJ

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