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  • QuestionDoes THIS come with the Bowl or is that a separate purchase? If so, how can I buy It? If not, what suggestion(s) are most ideal?

    Asked by SUPREME.

    • Answer yes..comes with bowl but it's darn hard to find other accessories for 10qt

      Answered by link3

  • QuestionWhat are the inside dimensions of this 10qt Instant Pot Duo Nova. Height ?. Width or diameter ?.

    Asked by Grizzly.

    • Answer The Dimensions of the 10qt inner pot are 12″ wide by 6.75″ high Source: https://instantpot3.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/instant-pot-accessories/ I don’t have one so I can’t 100% verify but also was looking for this answer too and I finally found it and it sounds about right

      Answered by AsocPro

  • QuestionCan you use it for canning?

    Asked by Trucker.

    • Answer The only way I would use my beautiful pot for canning is by quickly cooking up batches of whatever I plan to put into my mason jars. I would then seal my jars in my presto pressure canner. Or a hot water bath canner. I would never use my pot as a canner. It is my intention to use it for cooking up applause that I will then pour into mason jars and seal in a real canner.

      Answered by Lovemykitchengadgets

  • Questiondoes it do small canning projects ?

    Asked by Shorty.

    • Answer Hello Shorty! You can use the Duo Nova for what's known as "water boil canning". However, please ensure that you do not pressure can in this model. Pressure canning requires a minimum 15psi, whereas the Duo Nova is only rated up to 12 psi. This means that it does not reach pressures for safe canning. We currently have two Instant Pots that are capable of pressure canning. The 6 quart Max model and the 6 quart Pro Plus. We hope this helps!

      Answered by Instant Brands Support

  • QuestionIs insert stainless steel

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes it is Stainless Steel

      Answered by PuppyMom

  • QuestionDose the 10 qt. come with a cookbook?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Thanks for your question! We keep all our reference materials on our website for easy access. Check it out and you'll be able to download or print a copy. We have over a thousand great recipes on our website as well as our cooking timetables. Happy Cooking!

      Answered by Instant Brands Support

  • Questionis this nsf aproved or comercial aproved

    Asked by mike.

    • Answer Thank you for this great question! The Instant Pot is for personal home use only, so it has not been NSF approved for commercial use. The Duo Nova 10 quart model is great for large families and large batch cooking!

      Answered by Instant Brands Support

  • QuestionIs this an air fryer and pressure cooker

    Asked by Q.

    • Answer no it is not...keep hoping they'll add a frying lid but probably not unless alot more are sold

      Answered by link3

  • QuestionDoes it have a removable crock for easy cleaning?

    Asked by Honey1.

    • Answer Yes, it does! Just remove and clean. I hand wash mine. not sure if its dishwasher safe.

      Answered by tdhennessy

  • QuestionDoes it come with a glass lid

    Asked by Ladybug.

    • Answer A glass lid is available for purchase on Amazon.com for this model/size

      Answered by Lburbs

  • QuestionIs this the one that is a pressure cooker

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer how many quart jar will in this cooker for canning ? 10 quart cooker

      Answered by popcorn

  • Questiondo you have in stock

    Asked by Anonymous.

  • QuestionCan I cook a ham or turkey in this pot for holidays?

    Asked by Girtie.

    • Answer go to instant pot videos...they'll tell you everything

      Answered by link3

  • QuestionI don't see anything about canning. Where can I find canning information ? Mostly interested in putting up venison.

    Asked by clint.

    • Answer on search engine go to instant pot for beginners...lots of video and answers

      Answered by link3