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  • QuestionWhat version of Windows comes with Surface Pro 6?

    Asked by SurfaceCustomerCare.

    • Answer Home. Why? To charge you another $100 more for Pro which the Surface has always came with. Same idea as the stylus, that's now extra also. Before long, $100 extra for the power button. That's a LOT of extra income for MS from the working world. If it doesn't come with Pro Windows it should be called Surface Home or Surface Play, not Surface Pro. Pro should also have a dGPU (discrete graphics processing unit) for "pro"fessional work such as 3ds max, maya, fusion 360, solidworks, Adobe illustrator, photoshop etc. You'll have to deal with non pro integrated 620 gpu or get a different device. Pro should be 14" 15" display max... but not with the bulky keyboard as the Surface Book 2, but the ultra thin detachable keyboard like the current just sized up accordingly with numpad and keep the kickstand also and include the stylus as before... but longer and works better than the Apple Pencil. And last and not least.... drumroll.... usb-c!!!!! My goodness? Now that's a Surface "Pro"... with Windows 10 "Pro" (no cloud OS!) of course! : /

      Answered by Tim4

  • Questionwhats the warranty on the surface pro 6?

    Asked by SamsungMonitor.

    • Answer There is a one year Manufacturer's Warranty on this product. Best Buy provides a Geek Squad Protection plan that you can purchase for additional coverage:

      Answered by MicrosoftOutreachTeam

  • QuestionWhat is the processor in the Surface Pro 6?

    Asked by SurfaceCustomerCare.

    • Answer Also, there is supposedly a BUSINESS option with Windows 10 "PRO" with Core i5-8350U quad-core. The 8350U would be the MUCH better choice than the the 8250U as it benchmarks are on par almost with the i7 8650U. So if your looking for better CPU performance and possibly better battery life and a lot less money than a i7, then the i5-8350 may be for you. But might as well get a i7 8650U if you need a bit more cpu power than the typical Office suite only user. I.e. graphics such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. The integrated 620 gpu won't get you blazing fast update rates with 3d software such as 3dsmax, maya, fusion 360, solidworks, etc, but it may get you by in a pinch or for simpler work since no discrete gpu such as gtx 1050, 1060, 1070 etc. You'd need Surface Book 2 for that. (Or wait for newer models). Overall, the better the cpu, the better off you'll be even with substandard 620 iGPU if not your daily driver.

      Answered by Tim6

  • Questiondo you have to buy the keyboard or does it come with one??

    Asked by jkza.

    • Answer No. it does not come with a keyboard.

      Answered by CommunityAnswer

  • Questiondoes it come with LTE or is it a option

    Asked by Tony.

    • Answer Surface Pro 6 does not offer LTE, however you might be interested in the fifth generation of Surface Pro with LTE at Best Buy:

      Answered by MicrosoftOutreachTeam

  • QuestionIs the Windows 10 32 or 64 bit?

    Asked by Question.

    • Answer Surface Pro 6 comes equipped with the 64 bit version of Windows 10.

      Answered by MicrosoftOutreachTeam

  • QuestionIs Surface Pro 6 compatible with Surface Dock?

    Asked by SurfaceCustomerCare.

    • Answer Yes. It works with the same connector as all other surface devices, and is compatible with the dock.

      Answered by NateA

  • QuestionHow should users care for the Alcantara fabric on Type Cover?

    Asked by SurfaceCustomerCare.

    • Answer We know caring for your Surface is important. By design, the Alcantara material used on the Surface Signature Type Cover resists spills and absorption. We recommend cleaning with a soft lint brush to restore luster of the fabric.

      Answered by MicrosoftOutreachTeam

  • QuestionWhat video card capacity does this have?

    Asked by Naniko.

  • QuestionDoes this have an international warranty

    Asked by Vijay.

  • QuestionIs this tablet capable of being connected to data through a carrier?

    Asked by Parker.

    • Answer While Surface Pro 6 does not have LTE capabilities, Surface Pro (5th generation) does. You can check out Surface Pro here: However, if you’re looking for a remote connection for your Surface Pro 6 when WIFI isn’t available, you could use your smartphone as a hotspot to connect your Surface Pro 6 to the Internet.

      Answered by MicrosoftOutreachTeam

  • QuestionDoes anyone use for live streaming on stock exchange? I am trader and wondered how well it would do?

    Asked by Jody.

    • Answer You should be able to stream live video if you have a decent WIFI connection and the programs necessary to view your live stream.

      Answered by MicrosoftOutreachTeam

  • QuestionCan I hook up another monitor to the Surface Pro and run dual monitors? I need to use two screens for my home office and I'm running dual 24" now.

    Asked by LeeAnne.

    • Answer yes, using a display port to hdmi adaptor

      Answered by Brilithos

  • QuestionDoes it have a spot for a sim card?

    Asked by JohnWKJ.

    • Answer No, Surface Pro 6 does not come equipped with LTE capabilities.

      Answered by MicrosoftOutreachTeam

  • QuestionIs the tablet = pen feature compatible with Adobe CS sftware?

    Asked by randomdude.

    • Answer I think the pen can be used with an app that you need to or want to write with.

      Answered by Richard

  • QuestionIs Surface Pro 6 compatible with Surface Dial?

    Asked by SurfaceCustomerCare.

    • Answer Yes, the hardware works (you can connect it to the surface pro 6) and many apps have some functionality with the dial.

      Answered by NateA

  • QuestionWhat are the dimensions of Surface Pro 6?

    Asked by SurfaceCustomerCare.

    • Answer It has a 12.3 inch screen, but the computer itself is more like 13.5 inches by ten inches and less than 1/2 inch thick.

      Answered by Yodeldog

  • QuestionWhat are the key differences between the new Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro?

    Asked by SurfaceCustomerCare.

    • Answer While the size and weight are going to be the same and the keypad cover is the same, inside the Pro 6 has upgraded cpu, faster ram and upgraded graphics. This is a huge step forward from the surface pro.

      Answered by Brilithos

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