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  • QuestionWhat makes them think they have the right to say you can get 120fps when it is impossible in HDMI? Only wire that can support true 120fps is a Display Port. And PS5 only has HDMI. Max frames you'll get is 60. Don't believe me? Look it up...

    Asked by TheRaptor30.

    • Answer LISTEN, he meant your TV not PS5. You can't edit or delete your questions on here which I think is not right, but let me state some facts... I own a PS5 and I have made 3 YouTube videos that proves the PS5 will not go over 60fps and in some cases just over 30fps if you don't have a TV that supports HDMI 2.1 Over 90% of TV's don't have this tech, so if you think for one second you're getting the best frames and picture you better go do some more research. I repeat: If you don't have a TV that supports 2.1 you can kiss your dreams goodbye if you think you'll get 120fps in 4K. Only a couple TV's out there support 2.1 and I bet anything most of you don't own them. Here's the deal... If you have a couple thousand dollars and some cost over five thousand, then you can purchase one. Otherwise stop trying to make fun of someone just because you are unhappy with yourself. Kind of bad knowing you own a PS5 and can't see what it can really do..... Name calling and thinking you're better than someone only proves you have no integrity. Now go back to playing your PS4 because a new TV and PS5 is something you can't afford..

      Answered by TheTruthHurts

  • QuestionWhen can start to pre-order the PlayStation 5 Today

    Asked by Tony.

    • Answer Will, there be other availability dates

      Answered by Nate

  • QuestionI’ve been trying to check out for a few hours. Just give up?

    Asked by frustrated.

    • Answer That's what I did. Got frustrating. Made it all the way to the final step of confirming payment only to realize that the console was deleted by BestBuy to get me to this step. I had the worst pre-order experience with Best Buy and will likely not shop for games... here again.

      Answered by Roger

  • QuestionWhat is the difference between PS5 console for 499$ vs PS5 edition console for 399$? Thanks

    Asked by Archie.

    • Answer The standard PS5 ($499) can play game and movie discs in addition to downloads, while the digital one ($399) can only play downloaded titles.

      Answered by MrsTaylor

  • QuestionIs there a second round of PS5s coming or should I just give up?

    Asked by Obama.

    • Answer Never give up hope. If you keep an eye on the situation, an opportunity will present itself and what you seek will be yours.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionWhen the next round ?

    Asked by Man.

    • Answer I called Bestbuy on September 21, asked them when is the next pre-order, they said September 22 at midnight. It’s been 36mins I’m waiting and I didn’t see them to go live.

      Answered by Jack

  • Questionwhen will best buy receive more of the PS5 consoles in?

    Asked by silverfox1947.

    • Answer No eta, first round is done. Best Buy won’t tel you they will just post it when it’s available.

      Answered by Truth

  • QuestionIs ps5 backwards compatible with ps3 and 4 games?

    Asked by Timh.

    • Answer only with ps4 games

      Answered by pitglez

  • Questionthis is for the Physical right?

    Asked by Yeet.

    • Answer YES!

      Answered by Denmeister3

  • QuestionIs best buy going to do anything about the scalers buying all the ps5 units as soon as they're released? Or should i take my business somewhere else?

    Asked by Ed.

    • Answer No they are not, given the amount of Ps5's suddenly for sale on Amazon today priced from 1200-2500.... Single sellers with 17 of them. I've been literally trying to get one just like everyone else for my son. I have spent countless hours refreshing the site, adding it to the cart, thousands of clicks to the checkout button only for it to go out of stock..... So frustrating. Why it can't have a timed reservation in your cart is beyond me. Could you imagine being in a store and someone walking up and taking something out of your shopping cart? This experience has left a sour taste in my mouth and I'm simply exhausted.

      Answered by KittyKatz

  • QuestionWhen PS5 launch on Nov. 12, 2020 will everyone have a chance to order or it will be sold out like this pre-order. Thanks.

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer dont listen to him there is a limited stock everywheree so good luck getting a PS5

      Answered by lewis29

  • QuestionWhen can we order these? And how do we do it? I am trying to order for my son and am not familiar with this process.

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hello! Okay so, Sony (the company who owns playstation) wanted to take preemptive measures for covid-19 so your only going to be able to order the playstation online for the foreseeable future. The thing is it's pretty hard to obtain these because people have bots set up that will buy theses as soon as the listing appears on certain sites and there are people called scalpers who are buying them in large quantities so they can sell them for even higher prices when they sell out online. That's what happened on the preorder date a month ago and that's what happened on the original release date (12th). Currently Bestbuy hasn't confirmed when the next batch will be available but someone pointed out that the playstation 5 is in the Black Friday ad... along with other sites rumored to restock that day as well, we are all assuming the next available day will be on the 27th! If you plan on ordering that day be prepared to act fast as these sell out within minutes typically on most sites unless they scatter the restock throughout the day. Hope that helps!

      Answered by Chemicalclowns

  • QuestionWhat accessories does the ps5 come with?

    Asked by Charley.

    • Answer 1 PS5 Console with an 825GB SSD Drive, WiFi & Internet port 1 DualSense 5 Controller 1 Base 1 HDMI Cable (2.1) 1 AC Power Cord 1 USB-C Cable 1 Instruction Manual 1 Pre-Installed game called "Astro's Playroom" (console may need to be updated to latest version. Internet connection required) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ehpd_RqWAAUdSQq?format=jpg&name=medium

      Answered by Soulrakk

  • QuestionCan I still Preorder the Ps5

    Asked by Mary.

    • Answer The sad truth is, with about a month till launch there is a very slim chance that there will be another round of pre-orders. Even if best buy gets more systems allocated to them, the logistics of doing a pre-order event this close to launch would be a nightmare, not to mention they need consoles in store to generate foot traffic (people spend more money). I would forget about pre-orders and concentrate on either launch day or finding one before the holidays.

      Answered by Madeinva

  • QuestionI had in my cart but it would not let me pay???

    Asked by VP.

    • Answer Because it sold out. Just because it’s in your cart does not mean it’s yours. Not until the payment is processed.

      Answered by Truth

  • QuestionCan I hook up my ps4 vr bundle to the ps5

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer From what I hear yes!!!

      Answered by NoName

  • QuestionHow can you recieve notification of second round pre order ps5

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Normally there would be a link to sign up for notifications, but as Best Buy doesn't know exact numbers yet and hasn't been authorized by Sony to go ahead with a second wave, they cannot yet notify of availability. That's why it says coming soon, because as of right now there are none left.

      Answered by PatC

  • QuestionSo when will Best Buy Restock on the PS5? Also will it be an everyday restock, or is it certain days that they get restocks in on the website? Also what time do they restock on the website?

    Asked by PS5restock.

    • Answer I finally got one. Been trying since before launch. It seems like bestbuy would restock every Friday between 1130 in the morning to around 2 in the afternoon.

      Answered by Get930

  • QuestionWhen will Best Buy have the PlayStation 5 in back in stock?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer When scalpers stop running bots to buy all the new stock first.

      Answered by Anon

  • QuestionIs there more pre orders or can you try your luck walking in i n person? Today is 11/13/20

    Asked by Luke.

    • Answer Because of the pandemic, PS5s will not be sold in-store. At this point, our only option is to wait for the next wave.

      Answered by Tycho