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  • QuestionAre the earbuds magnetic?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer They are not. There is a very small rubber connector that you can hook them together with when you are not using the headset.

      Answered by Star

  • Questionwill they work with my TCL tv?

    Asked by johnnyjojo.

    • Answer I’m no expert- and don’t personally own a TCL telly- but a couple friends have them and I learnt how to use my phone as a Roku remote. I was able to watch late night programming and not disturb others. I had earplugs tethered to my phone as it acted as the Roku remote. Don’t see why u couldn’t pair Bluetooth headphones in the same fashion. A bit off subject - I did try using the optical audio output prior - with headphones. Worked great until trying to get out of the headphone mode. TCL needs to work on that because once in that mode it was nearly impossible to get out of that mode Furiously googling I learnt it’s a common issue. . The phone pairing was better all the way around.

      Answered by da212

  • QuestionWhat type of USB charging does this device use? Is it microUSB or Type-C?

    Asked by MikeinKC.

    • Answer These headphones utilize a MicroUSB cable for charging. Hope this helps! Thank you, TCL Customer Support

      Answered by TCLExpert

  • QuestionDo these earphones work with Android and Apple devices?

    Asked by ShirleeShirlee.

    • Answer Yes, they do.

      Answered by Cheshirecat5

  • QuestionWill these work on iPhone and ipad?

    Asked by Shar.

    • Answer Yes, I have an iPhone and they do connect via Bluetooth

      Answered by Anony

  • QuestionCan you use an external battery?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer These headphones utilize an internal built-in battery. Hope this helps! Thank you, TCL Customer Support

      Answered by TCLExpert

  • QuestionMicrophone?

    Asked by Ctrain.

    • Answer Yes they do. Easy to use with my phone. That is missing from the description, you can't see it in the picture but they do have a mic. Also, there is a button on top specifically for answering the phone.

      Answered by ShirleeShirlee

  • QuestionCan we talk with this wireless in-ear headphones

    Asked by Lorna.

    • Answer If you can talk without the this wireless in-ear headphones you should be able to talk with it. It has a mic and can be bluetoothed to your phone. They are good at blocking ambient noise with both earphones in so if you are having a conversation with somebody in the room you will have to take one out. That can be a blessing or a curse. They are good for having private phone conversations.

      Answered by ShirleeShirlee

  • QuestionI've tried charging the headphones twice and it seems to drain the battery instead. Is this normal? happening to anyone else?

    Asked by MW.

    • Answer That same thing happened to me

      Answered by Ahmednaaj

  • QuestionDo these headphones work with Xbox One?

    Asked by Zhouse.

    • Answer I use them on my phone I’m not sure if they work with the Xbox.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionHow can I do a factory reset? Can find anything on TCL's user manual or web.

    Asked by Lu4USA.

    • Answer Hello, Please contact the manufacturer for the answer to this question. Thank you

      Answered by Product Expert

  • QuestionCan you overcharge the battery?

    Asked by John.

    • Answer I leave mine on the charger over the weekend with no problems. Should stop charging when battery is full.

      Answered by Radrace2001

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