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  • QuestionIs the handheld vacuum good to vacuum the car? Does it have any extra accesories?

    Asked by Hello.

    • Answer The handheld vacuum is essentially the motor of the floor vacuum that you pull out with the handle. It's the heaviest part of the whole vacuum. I'm pretty sure it would be able to clean a car very well. Ours came with an attachment to collect the dirt, standard attachments, and an extender for cleaning higher areas. The floor vacuum doesn't have any accessories.

      Answered by JayR

  • QuestionDoes it self charge... return to a charging dock automatically?

    Asked by Ohmy.

    • Answer It is supposed to but ours has successfully returned to the charger just once. Other times, when returning to the charger, it roams around and then runs out of power. I don't know why it can't just head straight for the charger. Ours did return a second time but it was at a weird angle and wasn't touching the contacts to be able to charge.

      Answered by JayR

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