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Retro-Bit - Go Retro! Portable - Blue/Black/Gray

Release Date:09/30/2018
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Relive the 8-bit glory days with this handheld Retro-Bit Go Retro! portable game console. Familiar control buttons and lots of licensed old-school games, including Street Fighter, Mega Man and Mighty Final Fight, provide a fun nostalgic feel. Connect your headphones to the 3.5mm jack to discreetly enjoy this blue Retro-Bit Go Retro! portable game console.
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Enjoy a library of 8-bit classic games on the go with Go Retro! Portable

Four-button layout (B/A/Turbo B/Turbo A), Start/Select and Reset buttons and four-directional D-pad

Officially licensed titles from Capcom and Data East plus other retro-inspired games

Packed with lots of games featuring Tetris, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, BurgerTime, Strider, 1942, Bad Dudes, and more

What's Included

  • Retro-Bit Go Retro! Portable

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