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    • Brand Response

      CybertronPC Customer SVC 

      January 12, 2015


      Thank you for investing in a CybertronPC A10-Onyx – we are glad to hear you like it!

      While we are glad that they have been resolved, we apologize for any issues you experienced with the system initially.

      Should you have any questions or need assistance in the future, our friendly Customer Service Team will be glad to help! We can be reached toll-free by phone at 855-490-2569 or by email, at: support@cybertronpc.com. Please reference 'C-15467-7V62'.

      Thank you again!CybertronPC

    • Brand Response

      CybertronPC Customer SVC 

      February 10, 2015

      Thank you for choosing an A-10 Onyx system, we regret that your initial experience was not 100% satisfactory. We hope that the information below will help make your overall experience a positive one.

      Your statement regarding Windows being expired was likely prompted by a message on the screen.

      That message appears if, after 30 days from installation, Windows has not been activated on the system.

      Between time in the warehouse, shipping, etc., it is possible for this time period to have elapsed by the time a customer receives their unit.

      By activating the Windows installation with Microsoft, Windows will then recognize that it is a genuine and legitimate installation and the message will go away.

      The Certificate of Authenticity, or "COA", with the Windows Key needed for activation, will be located on the system, in the top corner, closest to the front of the system, on the right hand side panel (if you are facing the front of the system). If the COA is not found there, please let our friendly Customer Service Team know, and they will be glad to assist you.

      Regarding possible difficulties that can be encountered during the activation process, the most common, due to the small type used on the COA, is the similarity in appearance of the letter "B" and the number "8", or the numbers "0" and “6” and the letters “O” and “G”.

      This can cause the activation code from the COA to be entered incorrectly, causing activation to fail. Many people find it helpful when entering the activation code to take a picture of the COA on a cell phone, tablet, digital camera or other device. This can provide the ability to zoom in to see the characters more easily. And, of course, if any difficulties are encountered, our Customer Service Team is happy to assist.

      If you would like assistance with activating Windows, or have any other questions regarding your system, please do not hesitate to contac