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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    New Genre Of Game


    This is a good game if you are interested in doing surgeries in video game form. The storyline of this game is that you are a doctor who joins a hospital and you start doing surgeries for patients. The surgeries start from very minor and work there way up in difficulty. You get graded on each one, and there is a menu where you can go back to previous missions, and do them over to get a better grade. You have to use both the wiimote and the nunchuk in order to play the game, and this is one of the biggest downfalls, in my opinion. The game requires you to move at a fairly quick pace, as all the missions are timed and you have to make sure your patients don't die. However, the nunchuk is not very precise at picking your tools and will cause you some frustration. If you are not able to stick with a game when controls are not the easiest, you will not find this one to your liking. The story is also read only and with still shots. The story also gets a little out of line when you have to do such things as defuse a bomb, and this is simple trial and error. The main storyline is based around a new disease that you are trying to discover the cause and cure of. Overall the storyline is pretty good if you are willing to stick with this game. I only gave it a three because I found the controls troubling. I'm also not a fan personally of games that you have to read all of the conversations. Also graphically the characters are very anime, but the surgeries look like cardboard cutout images. I know this game did not want to go ultra realistic for the surgeries, but they are not that graphically well done at all. Also, the general repetitiveness of the surgeries after a while lacks the depth to hold your interest.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Game! So Much Fun!


    I just recently grabbed a copy of this game, and all I want to do is play it! It is really more fun than you know! (if you havent played the DS version or this one that is) From the minute you turn on the game, the fun begins. You are quickly briefed about certain tools and procedures by supporting characters in the game. It then goes right into your operations. The first 3 are basically set up as training stages. But unlike some games trainings, these are actually really fun. Your nurse leaves after stage 3, and by then you need to know what tools to use and when. You will cut patients open, do all your operating (while making sure your patients vitals dont drop, because that could be fatal) and then sew them back up and send them on their way! You choose either from 3 difficulty levels, easy medium and hard for each operation, so you can always go back and challenge yourself over and over again. You are graded after each procedure, and if your like me, you will want to improve your grade each time! This game utilizes the wii-mote so well! You need to hold steady while making incisions, cutting with the scalpel, and removing items from the body. Keeping a steady hand is key. This is not your ordinary mindless game, it really gets you into what needs to be done and keeps your attention the whole way through. If you are looking for a fun one player game, GET THIS ONE! Its just what the doctor ordered!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Like Playing an Interactive Anime


    Trauma Center for Wii does an excellent job of taking the motion controls and allowing you to perform complex surgeries. You are given a number of standard tools, plus specialized tools for certain surgeries, and instructed on how to use them through a clever tutorial tied into the beginning of the story. Once you've been taught the basics, you'll move on to more complex surgeries that require you to perform certain procedures repeatadly in the correct order, while managing the patient's vitals, your resources for the operation, and a number of unknowns that can pop up during surgery. Graphically Trauma Center does a good job of providing semi-realistic visuals that are easy on the eyes without making your stomach queezy. The controls are very responsive and give you a real feeling of control over the tools you use during each level. The storyline is over the top and filled with drama as many animes are, but this is not a negative as the story manages to keep things interesting. The ability to replay surgeries to obtain higher "surgeon rankings" gives the game some replay value even after the story is over. A solid and fun game for anyone who wants to play doctor without the messy blood or the annoying buzz from that old "Operation" game.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    lots of fun


    I really like this game and a lot of my friends do too. It is challenging and keeps you hooked. I think the different operations are interesting as well. And once you get better you can do them on different difficulty levels. I am a nurse so I think it is fun to remove people's tumors and defribrilate etc. It's a good game to play, but it is only 1 player so when I'm playing with friends it gets a little boring to have to wait your turn. I would definitely recommend this game to others. Kids may have some difficulty with it though with maneuvering the controls. This game uses the nunchuck controller.

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    a hospital game?


    What can you really do in a hospital thats fun, nothing i can see. I don't get the point

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend