Samsung - Galaxy Book - 12" - 128GB - With Keyboard - Silver

Take your work away from the office with this 12-inch Samsung Galaxy Book 2-in-1 tablet. It comes with enough RAM to simulate the performance of a full-size PC, and its Super AMOLED display produces 4K resolution. Increase the storage of this Samsung Galaxy Book 2-in-1 tablet with its microSD card port.

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Samsung - Galaxy Book - 12" - 128GB - With Keyboard - Silver - Larger Front
Samsung - Galaxy Book - 12" - 128GB - With Keyboard - Silver
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What's Included

  • Samsung Galaxy Book - 12" - 128GB
  • S Pen
  • Keyboard
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Type-C cable

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Overall Customer Rating:
91% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (88 out of 97)

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  • Intel 7th Generation Core i5

Windows 10 operating system

Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and introduces new features, such as Edge Web browser that lets you mark up Web pages on your screen. Learn more ›

Built for Windows Ink

With Windows Ink-compatible computers, you can take notes on screen, mark up photos and screen shots, or create content through Ink-enabled apps.Learn more ›

12" screen with 2160x1440 resolution

High pixel density and stunning detail make this screen ideal for web browsing, studying, reading and streaming HD content.

128GB internal storage plus microSD slot

Store your software, applications, music, movies, photos and more. Expand storage with a microSD card up to 256GB (sold separately).

Dual-core processor

Delivers responsive performance, smooth-streaming video and fast access to the Web and e-mail.

Two HD cameras for photos and face-to-face chat

5.0MP front camera and 13.0MP autofocus rear camera.

Spark your creativity with the included pressure-sensitive S Pen

Edit photos, create detailed illustrations or send handwritten notes to family and friends.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great performance and design

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    If you're in the market for a Windows Tablet / Ultrabook, the Samsung Galaxy Book 12" packs a lot of power into a thin tablet design. PERFORMANCE Despite the tablet design, the Samsung Galaxy Book 12" packs enough power to give some desktop computers a run for their money. An speedy Intel Core i5 processor paired with 4GB of RAM and 128GB solid state drive (also available in a larer 8GB, 256GB size) is more than suitable for ever day tasks such as email, web browsing and documents. The 4GB of RAM is a little on the low end, so you won't be able to do high-end video editing on it, but some light gaming would be fine. Oddly, the fan on the tablet seems to always be running, even if I'm not really doing anything with it. DISPLAY A 4K display with HDR on a tablet?! I think the display on this thing is better than the 4K TV I just purchased a few months ago. Being this close to the display really allows you to appreciate the incredible amount of detail and vividness found in a 4K display and is something you may not notice sitting 10 feet away from a 4K TV. The picture display on the Samsung Galaxy Book 12" is breathtaking, especially when you find some 4K YouTube videos to watch. However, screen brightness seems to auto-adjust in an odd fashion. It seems like it's either very dim and hard to read, or very bright and I'm reaching for sunglasses. There doesn't seem to be a happy middle ground, which leads to me setting the brightness level manually. PORTABILITY The Samsung Galaxy Book 12" is very portable with the included keyboard case. However, propping up the display's stand with your lap and is not as comfortable as a traditional laptop (with a self-supporting display) would be. Either of the two USB-C ports can be used for charging which is a plus as there is no proprietary charger needed (I found it charged with my Anker USB-C Power Delivery charger). The Galaxy Book gives you the easy-to-hold benefits of a tablet (when undocked from the keyboard case) and the power of a laptop when you need it, making it ideal for business travel or carrying around a college campus. The tablet does have some weight to it, so you may not be comfortable holding it for long Netflix binge sessions. FEATURES The Samsung Galaxy Book has a robust feature set. As is typical with most tablets, the Galaxy Book includes Bluetooth connectivity to speakers, keyboards and mice. If you're in the Samsung ecosphere and have a compatible Samsung smartphone, the Samsung Flow allows you to sync notifications and texts - as well as send and receive files - with this tablet thanks to "Samsung Flow". If you're feeling artistic, the S Pen allows you to "draw" on the screen as well as sign PDFs or jot down a quick memo. The pen doesn't need to be charged. If you hover it over the display and tap the button on the pen, a quick menu pops up that allows you to take a screenshot and annotate it with the pen or jot down a virtual sticky note to save for later. There is a holder included in the box that attaches to the keyboard case via adhesive, which makes me wonder while they didn't just sew a loop into the case to begin with. The keyboard is back lit and has a nice laptop feel to it. The keys provide a satisfying "click" as you type. The keyboard case attaches via magnetic pins and is powered by the tablet. The back of the case magnetically props up the tablet in 3 different viewing angles. It works well on a desk, but is not very stable when trying to prop it up on your lap. VALUE The Galaxy Book 12 appears to be Samsung's answer to Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. And if you upgrade the processor in the Surface Pro 4 to match the Galaxy Book's i5 and figure in the cost of the Surface's keyboard that is not included, you'll find that the Galaxy Book is competitively priced. SUMMARY Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Book 12" is a powerful tablet that gives you many of the features that a laptop or ultrabook would. The powerful i5 processor provides desktop computer performance while the 4K HDR display shows photos and movies in stunning detail.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    It's a toss-up compared to Surface Pro...

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    The Galaxy Book is a decent Windows 2-in-1 tablet. The problem is, it doesn't do much to stand out against its competition. First the good. The screen looks amazing. With a screen resolution of 2160×1440 it's not quite as high as the Surface Pro 4 but I couldn't tell. What I could tell was how beautiful the blacks looked on the screen. They're so rich that it blends seamlessly into the bezel that it's hard to see where the bezel begins if you have a solid black background on. Unlike the Surface Pro tablet, the Galaxy Book includes two USB-C ports (USB 3.1 spec). This means you're able to charge the tablet using any of these 2 ports, which is very convenient. Keep in mind though that if you're going to use a charger that wasn't made for the tablet (e.g. phone charger), it will charge a lot slower. What I appreciated about the ports was that they were also generously spaced between them - 3/4 of an inch apart to be exact. This leaves you no worry of peripherals plugged into one port blocking the other port. This is a good thing because if you want to plug in older USB devices, you will need to use a dongle. More on this later when I list the cons. The s-pen is lightweight and feels great. It also writes perfectly on the screen making it perfect for annotating and drawing applications. It also doesn't use any batteries unlike most of the other Windows tablets out there. My main issue with the pen is its on-screen pointer. It lags behind your actual movement. If you look up a video demonstrating the Galaxy Book's pen writing on YouTube you can immediately see what I'm talking about. The s-pen writes without any lag, but the pointer does. I found this to be very distracting. Like a Galaxy Note phone's s-pen, you also have access to the air command using the pen's button, allowing you quick access to pen utilities like screenwrite or notes. This button can be reassigned to Windows Ink as well. Funny thing about the s-pen though... the Galaxy Note phone's s-pen works on the Galaxy Book, including the air command button. However, the Galaxy Book's s-pen will *NOT* work on a Galaxy Note phone (or least on a Note 5 which is what I used to test). I have read that the SSD used in this tablet is SATA-based, but in real life use it is already very fast. The keyboard's keys feel satisfying to type on as they are better spaced and have better travel than the Surface Pro's keyboard cover. The keyboard draws power from the tablet as it does not use any batteries. You'll be also happy to know that the tablet comes with barely any bloatware. On to the bad. 4GB RAM with just 128GB storage. With the amount of money you're spending, you BETTER be using it as BOTH a tablet and a laptop because you're paying for the luxury tax for the hybrid design. If you'll be using it more as a tablet, or more as a laptop, I suggest you think long and hard to consider whether or not getting an Android tablet or laptop is better for you. The 4GB RAM is fine for everyday tasks. I was able to have 15 open tabs on Firefox just fine. My issue with the 4GB is that it's not future-proof, especially since you cannot permanently prevent Windows Updates from installing on Windows 10. Which is ironic, since they chose to use USB-C, which is forward thinking, not even including the standard USB-A format port. The 128GB storage space is also little storage space for the amount you're paying. But this seems to be the market price for this sort of device. It's priced comparably to the Surface Pro's similar configuration of i5 4GB/128GB SSD. It's heavy for a tablet. At first you'll probably think it's light but at 1.6lbs, it's heavier than the 1st generation iPad released 7 years ago in 2010. Add the keyboard and you're looking at 2.6lbs. With one hand, 1.6lbs is very heavy and you'll be wishing for a kickstand. The Galaxy Book does not have a kickstand which means you're most likely to be carrying around with you 2.6lbs most of the time since you would need the keyboard to stand it up. The keyboard types fine, but it also flexes easily. If you're a hard pressing typer like I am, this is not a good thing when used on your lap or any other uneven or soft surface. Typing causes the screen to slightly wobble around as you type. For all the hyped up battery savings I've been hearing about with Intel's latest processor family Kaby Lake, I found the tablet's battery life to still go for an average 5-6 hours screen-on time of real-time use consisting of web-browsing, and video streaming. No standard USB ports (a.k.a USB-A). This means you'll need a dongle to use many, if not all, of your existing USB peripherals and flash drives. They're cheap, but it also means something to remember to bring with you that's also easy to lose. In summary, would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, but with a HUGE "If". And that 'If' is if you're specifically looking for a 12" 2-in-1 tablet like the Surface Pro. Unlike the Surface Pro, it has USB-C, allowing you to use a fast-charging battery battery pack for charging on the go. it's also $100 cheaper than Microsoft's Surface Pro's similar configuration (999+ 100 [pen]+129[keyboard cover]=1228). If a really light laptop is what you're looking for, I suggest the Samsung Notebook 9 NP900X3N. For $999 you get an i5-7200U but with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. It also weighs 1.76lbs, just a smidge heavier than the Galaxy Book tablet, but much lighter than the Galaxy Book with the keyboard attached.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Good 2-in-1 tablet/laptop competitor

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    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    Samsung’s latest attempt with the Galaxy Book as a direct competitor in the “pro style” 2-in-1 tablet/laptop competition does a few things right but hasn’t gone without some noticeable technical issues. First of all, the hardware itself is everything you would expect from Samsung including a beautiful screen, light weight tablet, decent mid-range specs including the latest Intel 7th generation i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB of internal SSD memory paired with a micro SD slot for expansion, two USB C ports, full Windows 10 and the ability to link easily with other Samsung devices keeps it in line with what’s currently in the market. Given those specs, the tablet is reasonably fast and responsive and is great for multitasking. However, it doesn’t do much to set itself aside from the competition or make a name for itself in this field. One thing did right, which others should take note of, is offering the keyboard and pen with the device. I also wanted to note that the pen does not need to be charged and works great with drawing apps or general use of the tablet and Windows OS. However, for those that don’t have use for either the keyboard or pen make want to consider other options as this also brings the price up over some of the competition; I feel both options are almost necessary at this point with using a tablet style device with Windows 10 since the screen and font size can be hard to view and select certain options with your fingers. After playing with the device and performing the numerous updates you’ll need to do after set up to ensure you’re up to date and protected, which also require quite a bit of time to set aside and resetting the device, I did experience several issues within the first couple days of use; the main one being its ability to wake itself back up out of sleep mode or letting the device sit idle. At one point, I thought the tablet was a lemon because it wouldn’t respond to anything I did, any buttons I pushed, wouldn’t show that it was charging when plugged in (no charge light) and had a black screen. I eventually noticed the internal fan was still running, which is very quiet I might add, and decided to try to hold the power button down for about 10 seconds. The fan eventually turned off and I was able to reboot which fixed the issue. I don’t necessarily want to knock Samsung for this is as it may have been a compatibility or OS issue. The other issue I had, which may also have been an OS issue, was it stopped being able to connect to my wifi when my other devices worked just fine. I eventually had to forget the networks, reset the wifi and that fixed the issue. Those were the main issues in just the few days that I’ve had the device. The battery life is decent as long as you don’t let it sit idle and ensure you put it in sleep mode or shut it down when not in use and it charges fairly quick using the USB type C charger included. The front and rear cameras are functional but I wouldn’t rely on them to use as your main camera(s) and work well for video chat or conferencing. The included removable keyboard and case function well in different positions and as a protector for the device and even includes a sling for the included pen. All my other Bluetooth devices paired easily as well. I’ve rated the device based mostly on the hardware, the beautiful screen, keyboard and pen and functionality and not because of the issues I had because I’ve experienced similar issues using Windows on other devices. What I would suggest is that if you’re in the market for a 2-in-1 make sure you’re familiar with the OS and how to troubleshoot some issues otherwise you may find yourself frustrated. Samsung has done a decent job with its first attempt at a pro style 2-in-1 but didn’t give consumers many options to choose from like more RAM, more hard drive space or a better processor but it’s a good starting point for them with room for improvement and perhaps an edgeless display?? The Galaxy Book may be a great starter option for some in the market since Samsung has made most of the spec decisions for you, especially for those that aren’t too tech savvy or are Samsung loyalists. I also want to add that when comparing prices make sure you keep in mind that the keyboard and pen are included which would easily set you aside an additional $200+ if purchased separately.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Great Tablet, Good alternative to Surface Tablets.

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    Where to begin... This is a really great Tablet. I like the size of it as it's not quite you're normal Notebook PC, but it's small enough to not be cumbersome. The addition of the S-Pen and the included folio/keyboard cover gives it an advantage over other competitors. Instead of having to buy a pen and a keyboard after the fact, Samsung includes it, which compared to some other folks, their pens and keyboards/cover can run you an addition $60 and $150 respectively. I will also say, and this was not advertised when choosing this tablet, was that included with my tablet was a 128GB MicroSD Card, so it gives the tablet 256GB of storage. I wouldn't recommend installing anything to the card however unless it's a program or something you don't really need speed for. Using it as storage is going to be the best option for you. There are MicroSD cards on the market that are as fast as some lower end Solid State Drives and that would be a big investment, but it would also give you very fast, very reliable storage on this tablet. After having it for a couple weeks now I've been able to do some various things on the tablet. Writing, drawing, web browsing, light gaming, even installing an Android emulator to take advantage of the high resolution screen and screen size. It's been a trooper through all this, however, it can get overwhelmed easily at times, especially when really multi-tasking. I think this is in part due to the amount of available RAM and the CPU in this particular model. This tablet comes with an i5 7th Gen CPU and operates up to 3.10GHz. Under use you can hear the fan kick on but it's not very loud out all. The RAM is only 4GB, but there's a 256GB model that gives you 8GB. That may make multi-tasking easier. I have had the tablet lock up a couple times while I was using it and that was usually doing more than one thing at once, which resulted in needing to force off the tablet. It seems to do this most with Google Chrome, which I'm currently using to write this review. Again it could have been due to too any things going on, but other browsers appear to be fine, IE and Edge notably. The tablet starts up and shuts down really fast thanks to the actual SSD in the tablet, not the typical flash memory you find in most other "tablets". From being completely off you can be in the tablet and going within 10-15 seconds. Windows 10 boots extremely quick due to the SSD. Applications and such open near instantly, unless of course you have a lot going, as this is just a Dual Core CPU. The tablet could have really been a lot better with Quad Core part instead, even if it was clocked slower. The Display on this tablet is awesome. It's an AMOLED screen, which means colors pop, they can be a bit over-saturated, similar to AMOLED based cell phones. Otherwise, the screen is very bright, easy to read just great to look at. The resolution is very nice and makes viewing websites in portrait mode a breeze as you get plenty of information on screen without having to scroll as often. Sound is decent for a tablet, it's not earth shattering but it works very well and you can hear it just fine. When I was streaming in the hospital recently I had the sound up to around 15-20 and it was plenty loud to hear the sitcom I was watching. I didn't try a movie or anything but music, youtube, netflix all seem to be easily heard over the dual side speakers. The keyboard and touchpad are about what you would expect for a slim style. The Keyboard is backlit, so you won't have issues typing in the dark either. The keys light up through not only the letters but also around the individual keys as well and it's just bright enough without being overwhelming, and it offers a couple different levels depending on your needs. The touchpad can be pretty sensitive, this can be alleviated some within the settings of Windows 10. I have noticed that at times if the tablet is not on a flat surface, sometimes the touchpad will get stuck. This happens when you click on something and then you have to re-adjust the keyboard and it will return to it's normal operation. Overall the keyboard and touchpad are just fine for this tablet and make using this as a notebook PC that much easier. The S-Pen does not dock anywhere into the Tablet due to the slim design of the Tablet. The keyboard case however has a place on it that you can adhere a S-Pen holder on to it. It can be unwieldy if you're holding the Tablet with the case folded over to where you are in tablet mode as the holster gets in your way. The Tablet does easily and quickly dock into the cover thought and is easy to take out and use without the keyboard case. The case does offer the ability to prop up the screen like most folio cases, but unless you are on a flat surface or a slight elevated surface the tablet will just tip over. so that is one negative of the case/cover. The S-Pen, having previously owned Galaxy Note phones, these devices have always been joy to use, especially when needing to do any handwriting. The S-Pen recognizes how much force and input your putting in when you're writing on the screen. Press down real hard and you get a much wider stroke, lightly write and you can wind up with some fine lines. Handwriting, Windows 10 recognition is actually very very good here. I'm a horrible writer let alone using a screen and pen and it apparently can read my gibberish about 90-95% of the time. My only quirk about this is that with handwriting instead of the keyboard is that the box you right in isn't all that large, so you can get in about 6 or 7 words and then have to enter then begin the next portion of the sentence. This is of course due to Windows 10 so it's nothing bad about the tablet itself. The Pen does offer some Samsung style things when you press the button on it, like making quick notes, or even screen capturing to name a couple. It does have to be in close contact with the screen as if you are writing on it though. If you've used a Galaxy Note phone, you will know what I mean. Earlier I mentioned the holster and that there is not place to hold the pen, there is a small work around for this if you are just using the pen and the tablet and want to keep the pen somewhat safe. The clip porting of the pen appears to be made of metal, so what you can do is along the back of the tablet there are magnetic areas, namely for the folio case so you can "kickstand" the tablet, but you can stick the pen up against one of the magnets and it will mostly keep the pen in place there. Not as nice as say a holster, but still a better way to keep track of your S-Pen. There is no message if you travel too far away from the pen, but if you lose it, they are around $70 to replace. Overall the tablet is great. It can get warm when using it intensively and takes a bit of time to cool off, but you can typically get right back to it. Battery life is ok. You could probably get away with watching several hours of Netflix or hulu with the brightness down, but with it all the way up the battery goes fast. In the 90 minutes that it has been on and I've been typing this review and browsing the web with a couple tabs open it's gone from 100% to 70%. I'm also using a battery plan than maximizes performance, so using balanced or another option or other settings could very well make this last a good 8 hours for you. It all depends on what you're doing but overall, again it's a great tablet. I did some Netflix streaming on it a while back and only saw about a 10% use in battery with the brightness near max on my current battery plan. I want to say it was about 2 hours of streaming or so. I imagine if you download to the tablet you could get even more time out of it since you wouldn't be using WiFi. I will also say if you want to use an external screen or any other device you will need to get a USB-C to USB adapter as the tablet has only 2 USB-C ports. Samsung makes an adapter that gives you a USB 3.0, HDMI and a USB-C port on it, but it's expensive. There are some alternatives out there so if you need to use a mouse or keyboard, you have options still.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    A very, very good tablet/keyboard (2 in 1) combo!

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    The Samsung - Galaxy Book - 12" - 128GB - Black has a LOT going for it! The tablet clings to the folio cover (keyboard/cover) with strong magnets. You don't have to worry about it coming off while using it. The keyboard derives its power from the tablet for the 3 position key back-lighting and for the BT connection between the two, which is through pogo-contacts on the bottom of the landscape side of the tablet and folio. I love the all-black color of the tablet and folio, and the folio is rigid with a good grippy feel to it while carrying it like a book (Galaxy Book). When the cover is folded up over the screen and/or back of the tablet, strong magnets keep it in place so it won't be coming loose if you're carrying it in a bag. That way if it's asleep rather than powered down, it will stay that way until you open the folio cover up again once you remove it from your bag. The keyboard is excellent with good key travel and space between the 3-positioned back-lit island keys. The track pad is quite roomy and very accurate. I find it a pleasure to use. Of course, the Galaxy Book 12 (tablet) is well crafted. It's solid and well made. It comes in two versions: 4GB RAM with 128GB SSD or 8GB RAM with 256GB SSD. My model is the 4/128. If you would be doing a lot more graphics intensive work, you might want to go with the 8/256 version. As it is, the 4/128 version has all you need for office work (MS Office, browsing, email, watching videos on that beautiful screen, etc.). The GB12 will also take a microSD card up to 256GB to store more data. In fact, there is a SanDisk 128GB microSD card that comes in the GB12's box! The GB12 also has Intel's latest generation i5 processor (Kaby Lake) CPU with Intel HD 620 GPU (graphics processing unit). It's quick and fast for home and office use. It has one internal fan for cooling with a cooling port on the upper right edge of the tablet while in portrait view. You can barely hear the fan running even when going full tilt. Primarily mine has run while installing software and/or updates, but this is normal with tablets or laptops as well. Otherwise, my GB12's fan doesn't run most of the time. Of course, some of this is dependent upon how heavy and how long the tablet is dealing with heavier loads. This will vary between users and use. The screen is a 2160 x 1440 Wacom EMR active digitizer super amoled display in a 3:2 aspect ratio. The display colors and text are brilliant to look at with the super amoled screen - it's not back-lit like the typical LCD screen so it is something to gaze at! That aspect ratio is excellent for working with documents and gives you a wider surface when held in portrait mode. This becomes more important because the GB12 also comes with the new Samsung S Pen for inking (writing) and drawing/sketching. The pen flows on the screen with buttery smoothness. It is a delight to write on with excellent palm rejection. Of course, running Windows 10 you can have more than one window open on the screen so you can refer to notes while marking up another document with the S Pen, or watching YouTube while working on an email - you name it. By the way, the S Pen slides in a sturdy loop on the left side of the keyboard so it's always handy. If you place the pen in the loop and slide the pen clip so it snaps down past the loop, the pen will NOT come off even if you carry it around all day in your backpack. It also offers NFC and GPS among other things. It has a 13 mp camera on the rear and a 5 mp camera facing you for skyping and such. It has a fast charge power brick that charges through either of the GB12's USB-C ports. It has a 39 WHr battery that will charge to 100% in 3 hours. Depending on your use, it may last all day on a charge or less. Again, it just depends how you use it. Overall, I expect 7 or 8 hours anyway with normal office/personal use. Sound is good and loud for a tablet and has speakers on both sides in landscape position. There is a standard headphone jack, off/on button and volume rocker and two 2nd generation USB-C ports. This means you will need an adapter/dongle with USB-C on one side and USB-A on the other if you need to use DVD players, external hard drives and all the other USB accessories that still use the USB-A port protocol. Things are moving to the USB-C protocol but there's lots of accessories with USB-A ports out there. Of course there's other adapters/dongles available for running external monitors depending upon which type you need (HDMI, DP, DV, VGA, whatever). I gave a 4-star rating only because of the folio cover. It's excellent in many ways - good typing experience, rigid for a folio design, good protection for the tablet, grippy for carrying, looks professional, easily cleaned. The folio allows 4 viewing positions for the tablet with one of the four being ideally suited to writing on the tablet - these are more than adequate for my use; however, the folio system (any folio system) is simply not going to be quite as rigid/stable as, say, a metal kickstand used on some other manufacturer's tablets (MS Surface Pro line as well as other manufacturer's using kickstands or even the traditional clam-shell of traditional laptops). That's not to say the GB12 isn't stable while typing - it is, but not quite as stable or solid when used on the lap. I've used it on my lap and it works, but a tablet or 2-in-1 with a kickstand is a bit more solid on the lap. Aside from this small matter, I find the GB12 to be every bit as useful and handy as my previous Surface Pro 3 or Surface 3, for those of you who are familiar with the Surface line of products, and the GB12 is nicer in some respects - better CPU & GPU, display brilliance and Wacom EMR with S Pen and USB-C ports among those things. I truly like my GB12 a lot and plan to use it everywhere I go. You can use it as a desktop replacement if you get a USB-C dock. Doing this you can, with one cord to your GB12, charge your GB12 and run up to 3 external monitors and a host of other USB accessories. When you need to leave your office, just unplug your data/power cord from your GB12, close up the folio cover and head out the door. The Galaxy Book 12 is a very powerful, mobile device for business/personal use no matter where you go.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic device, remember to buy 8GB RAM version

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    Summary: It’s a great little device; believe me when I tell you to go for 8 GB RAM version; you will be really pleased for a long time. It is on a little expensive side but it’s a product trying to compete with Surface and has few tricks of its own. You want a tablet with full desktop OS; this is it. You want a tablet with proper keyboard; this has it. You want the 8 GB version; this has it. I say if you travel a lot need a light weight device which can do all your mails, browsing office still capable of netflix and few games. Try this. 8 GB Version will get 5 stars from me; as I have the 4 GB version; it’s a 4 star device. Pros: --- Screen is vibrant, like really good; like not seen on any android tablet or iPad I owned or macbook. And like a mobile device it adapts to light. It seems this thing has taken best feature from both Tablet and desktop world. Surprisingly responsive for 4 GB. It does get slow with multiple application open at once; but what MS have achieved is commendable as this is a full-fledged desktop version. Still 4 GB is on lower side and I will recommend getting a 8 GB version as the processor is really capable and the device may feel getting bottle necked because of RAM in near future. Out of the box more than 2 GB (out of total 4) is available. Very good keyboard, I really enjoyed typing with it. It is very closed to my dell laptop. And the cover looks very sturdy, is also used to provide base to the screen and can do two view settings. sPen response was very good but I do not use it much. When I used it on the accompanying app it detected my writing perfectly, so high five for that. (And I tried cursive : ) Netflix works and looks beautiful, browsing with edge works great. Read Cons section for Chrome. It does not have finger print reader but you can use Samsung phone app for fingerprint sign. If you own a Samsung phone with fingerprint scanner. I tested with Galaxy Edge 6 and it worked like a charm(No really). Battery life is good; very good. I am using it majorly for surfing, mail check and word processing and it is yet to run out on me. Samsung has included fast charging as comes in its phone in it; so when you are totally out of juice, you can quickly get sufficient charge. Touch response is good for tablet mode, I have used windows phone in past so when it goes to tablet mode it becomes something like a Lumia device with respect to interface. The firmware enables Secure boot so that is one good thing; it comes pre-installed with windows defender and I do not intend to install anything else on it as that will make it leggy. Speakers: You cannot expect big speakers sound or clarity from these but they are very good for their size; I compared and found them to be louder than my ipad mini. Attached to external speakers it sounded a little flat but you can always fix that using equalizer in windows. Light weight, I carried it to my office and the bagpack felt so light in comparison to my macbook or dell laptop. Great job keeping it so light Samsung. Cons:----- This thing does not have any major flaw but here are few things they could have improved. No USB C adapter, come on Samsung, this thing comes with the pen and the keyboard/cover but you forgot to include one usb C adapter when most of the gadgets are USB (we may want to use Mouse, eh?) and this device comes with only USB C port. I tested with an adapter I had it and mouse was detected instantly. Good thing that the adapter is cheap. No office licensing even for first year. (But that is true with any laptop); I was just hoping that given the price of this thing they would have included it. 4 GB Ram (Chrome) is rather limited. 7-8 tabs open in edge and with MS word open in parallel; memory tops out. So, all 3.9 GB was consumed and OS was trying to page out memory which will put stress on your SSD. The system still remains responsive even though the memory consumption is at 3.7 – 3.9 GBs as I am typing this; which indicates that OS is getting really good at paging the memory out as I never felt that the system response is slow. With chrome though it was a no go; same 7-8 tabs when opened with Chrome cause the system to become unresponsive for few seconds before it recovered. Chrome is my main browser but I guess Edge has done something for low RAM device which Chrome has not. Misc:---- Windows halo, face login is not there; why I cannot say as this device is equipped with camera; maybe they will add it later? You would need a bigger SSD, the device comes with a 128 GB card and you can always add External HDD. On SSD it has arpund 85-90 GB available out of the box. It can play games too; though that is not what its intended to; but it fair well for small games(This war of Mine) and steam streaming worked great.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    How is this for a gamer?

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    Ok, I am not gonna do what alot others have done and give benchmarks, Specs etc. What I want to do is provide assistance to those of you that are not just looking for a nice tablet but also a tablet that can play some non app style games. What I mean is, I like a lot of you have soooo many computer games on STEAM, and was curious how will this generic graphics card would do. First off, yes Windows 10 is awesome, and I had zero issues downloading Steam. Then I downloaded two of my favorite games on Steam, Football Manager 2017 Touch, and Stellaris. The games look amazing on this beautiful display, and I have had no problem playing them. Now dont expect to play them in Ultra settings since Intel HD Graphics 620 is the gfx card you will be limited with. Nevertheless I LOVE IT! Im here able to multi task, and have another screen minimized with a nice game of Stellaris going. So yes gamers, you CAN play Steam games on this awesome tablet but please realize you will have some limitations, such as how many games you can load due to limited Gigabyte space, and also limitations of a gfx card that is tiny in a thin comfortable to carry tablet. Speaking about the tablet, you will hear the fan (which is a good thing imo) if you are multitasking or playing some serious games, and they will drain your battery fast (I like to keep it plugged in when gaming). My wife has a tablet made from another company and operating system and I would not even consider trying to play any steam games on it so to me this is a HUGE + Screen is beautiful love the keyboard, and the protection it provides love the weight of the tablet/keyboard the pen works amazing, I usually would not even think of using a stylus but this one is great. Watching movies on this thing is a dream btw (I use Netflix). Overall VERY VERY happy!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Better than Surface Pro 4

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    Setting up this tablet/laptop hybrid was super easy. But I have to admit once everything was put together, at first I had a hard time figuring out how to open and set it up so it would sit up like a laptop. Once I can get it to stand the way I want to, everything else was a breeze. Pros: - The pen is amazing, responsive and comfortable. It's a little bit on the too sensitive side but it works really well. - The backlight keyboard auto timed, it would turn off when not in use, and would turn on once you start typing. - The design is much more elegant than Surface Pro who is the obvious competitor. - AMOLED screen is nice and color is accurate. - Initially I was worried about 4GB RAM, but I haven't noticed any lags when switching and opening up multiple programs such as Chrome, Excel, One Note, while listening to Groove. - Battery life (rated at 11 hours) is very good comparing to laptop of the same class. Cons: - Keyboard feels a little flimsy. I use my laptop to type on my lap a lot and if I put a little more pressure on my palm, I can feel the keyboard bends a little bit. - Price Point. Surface Pro is the gold standard for this class. The one with similar specs has much higher resolution for the same price. I feel like Samsung can lower down the price more to compete with Surface Pro. - The only available connections are USB C. Although this is the direction where major electronics is heading, it's always nice to have different options without worrying about forgetting certain adapters. - The last one is a little bit nitpicking, but I wish they would include black colored USB C cable and power adapter for the black Samsung Galaxy Book instead of white color. I am quite happy with the product thus far. If you're comparing this and Surface Pro 4, I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Book over the Surface Pro 4. Design, battery life (11 hours on SGB and 9 hours on SP4), and weights are my top 3 comparison points.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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