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How Smart Lights Change Your Day for the Better

Brighten Your Day with Smart Lights

The science of light.

You may have seen smart bulbs in your local store and thought to yourself, seems interesting, but how can it help me? First off, you're exactly right — they are super interesting. Secondly, there's a whole world of practical applications for smart lights that go beyond pretty colors.

We sat down with Philips Hue Sr. Director of Product Marketing and smart lighting expert, Todd Manegold, to go further into the science of what makes smart lighting truly smart.

Relax or energize.

Smart lighting can do so much more than get you out of bed. We discuss how Hue helps during your day. 

So besides waking you up, how else can smart lights help throughout the day?

The Philips Hue app features distinct light scenes that help stimulate your brain for various activities: read, relax, energize and concentrate. Each mode plays with the relationship between color and temperature to activate different parts of your brain.

What do the light scenes do?

I'll give you an example: Philips tested light scenes at various schools. Teachers would set the lights to relax after recess — warm, soft light that produces melatonin. During class, they would switch the scene to concentrate — bright blues that stimulate energy. The studies have shown an overall increase in concentration levels of the students.


Sleep soundly.

Similar to the way smart lights help you wake up, they can also ensure you get a solid night's sleep.

What about the end of the day? How can smart lights help there?

Smart bulbs simulate sunsets to naturally trigger your body's hormones that communicate it's time to wind down. The worst thing for you at night is staring at bright blue lights — like your computer screen... Reducing the blue tones and replacing them with warm yellows produces melatonin that helps you get to sleep.

So it helps you get to sleep faster...

And stay asleep. The increased melatonin will help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

Simple adjustments with color and temperature can make a massive impact on your day — from waking up, energizing and winding down. But smart lights don't stop at yellow and blue. There's a full spectrum of color, brightness and temperature that you can explore with your app. Check out more details about the Philips Hue to explore the possibilities discussed in this article, or check out alternative smart lighting options to learn about different products and features. So set your lights to energize and brainstorm on what smart lights can do for you.

Want an expert to walk you through the app and help you to set up your lights just right? Book an appointment with our Agents to help set up your smart lighting experience.

Wake up gently.

Nobody likes a blaring alarm. Jolting out of bed is not the way we should start our day. We spoke with Manegold about how smart lights work to wake you up in a gentler, more natural way.

Can you talk about waking up with Philips Hue (a personal wireless lighting system) and how that works?

Sure! So Philips Hue is all about color, brightness and temperature. Philips Hue has the ability to transition bulbs from warmer yellow colors to brighter blue. Blue light stimulates cortisol, which helps give your body energy.

So you wake up filled with energy from the blue light?

Exactly. And what's even better, is this stimulation still works when it's dark outside. Hue works great for people working odd hours or night shifts because the brighter light simulates daytime anytime.

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