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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition - PlayStation 4

Release Date:11/15/2019
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Immerse yourself in an epic fantasy story with this EA Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order deluxe video game for PS4. The story involves honing your skills and executing a masterful plan to rebuild, all while exploring the galaxy and completing side quests featuring exciting and new settings. This EA Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order deluxe video game for PS4 features versatile gameplay options with a number of blocking and attacking moves for realistic combat sequences.


Pre-order the Deluxe Edition to also receive all of the unique pre-order bonus content*

Get the story behind the game with the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition that includes a Director's Cut suite of behind-the-scenes features and content as well as additional unique cosmetic equipment for your adventure

Cinematic immersive combat - Jedi: Fallen Order delivers the fantasy of becoming a Jedi through its innovative lightsaber combat system (striking, parrying, dodging) partnered with a suite of powerful Force abilities you'll need to leverage to overcome obstacles that stand in your way

This combat system is intuitive to pick up, but takes training and practice to fully master its nuances as you gain new powers and abilities along your adventure

A new Jedi story begins - As a former Padawan on the run from the Empire, you must complete your training before Imperial Inquisitors discover your plan to revive the Jedi Order

Aided by a former Jedi Knight, a cantankerous pilot, and a fearless droid, you must escape the evil machinations of the Empire in a story-driven adventure. Explore and overcome a wide range of challenges focused on combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving

The Galaxy awaits - Ancient forests, windswept rock faces, and haunted jungles are all unique biomes you'll explore in Jedi: Fallen Order with the freedom to decide when and where you go next

As you unlock new powers and abilities, opportunities open up to retraverse maps in new ways, leveraging the Force to augment the way you explore. Move quickly, as the Empire is actively hunting your every step in their effort to exterminate all remnants of the Jedi Order

For one player

* Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details. Requires Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on applicable platform (sold separately) and all game updates

What's Included

  • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition