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  • Specifications
    Noise Cancelling (Active)
    Connection Type
    Wireless Connectivity
    Radio Frequency (RF - 2.4 Ghz/Low Latency), Bluetooth
    True Wireless
    Headphone Fit
    Compatible Platform(s)
    Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Meta Quest, Mac/Windows
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SteelSeries - Arctis Nova 5X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One - Black

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Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 37 reviews

95%would recommend to a friend

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Comfortable, Good Sound, & Works w/ All Systems

    I have used a lot of wireless headsets over the years, but this is my first from SteelSeries. I have used a few keyboards and mice from them, which I liked, and I had always heard good things about their Arctis headset lineup. With all of that I mind I was looking forward to trying out the new Arctis Nova 5X. Build Quality/Design The 5X is a closed back design with a concealed mic and suspension band setup. The build looks nice and clean – no visible wires, edges of the plastic are smooth, and the headset goes on without any creaky plastic noises. The headset is the X version, so it’s compatible with Xbox (Series and One). The USB transmitter also works with PC, Playstation, Switch, and mobile devices. The transmitter is USB-C, but an adapter cable is included. It can also connect via Bluetooth 5.3 to PC, mobile, Playstation and Switch as well. The headset uses the Arctis Nova 5 companion app to adjust listening modes and EQ profiles. The suspension band design for the headband is adjusted with a couple of push through studs like a snap-back hat. All parts on the headset are plastic, which keeps the weight down. The earcups are wrapped in a breathable cloth and are filled with soft padding. The earcups themselves can rotate and lay flat, which is great for tossing in my laptop bag. The suspension band can adjust for a couple of different things – larger or smaller heads, and more/less compression on your head. The suspension band attachment points allow you to connect to 1 or 2 studs on either side, and each side has 3 studs going up the headband. Connecting 2 points vs. 1 creates a tighter fit on you head. The earcups can also pull down and extend the size of the headband just like you would adjust a regular headset. The 5X puts controls on each earcup, which changes things up from the standard loaded left earcup. The left earcup in this case carries a mute button, the volume wheel, and the concealed mic. The right earcup holds the USB charge port, chat mixer wheel, and buttons for power and source switching. The volume and chat mixer wheels have upper and lower stopping points, and the chat mixer has a small hump at the halfway point. Holding the power button for 2 seconds turns on the headset and returns it to the most recent used source – 2.4 or Bluetooth. You will hear a tone when the headset turns on or off, and a voice prompt occurs when you switch the source. The mic boom is fully concealed within the left earcup – the mic tip fits flush to the earcup body. It’s fairly easy to pull out from the earcup and it extends just shy of 5”. The boom is thin bendable cable that does a good job of holding its position. The tip of the mic a red LED to indicate you have your mic muted, but turns off when the mic is active. Sidetone is enabled by default and can be adjusted within the app. Specs on the headset are solid. The headset has a 60 hour battery life with Bluetooth and 50 hrs on 2.4 – that’s a lot of game sessions before I need to recharge them. After a dozen hours of games I’m down to around 70%, so I have a long ways to go. The effective range on either 2.4 or Bluetooth seems to be about 40 ft from my time with it. The earcups come loaded with 40mm drivers, which seems to pretty standard on a lot of headphones I’m seeing. Comfort I have a lot of love for suspension band setups. I have several from multiple brands like Corsair, the Rig series, Turtle Beach, Logitech, and now the Nova 5X. It has routinely been the design I find the most comfortable, so it’s what I seek out. Not all suspension band headsets are perfect on comfort for a few reasons – weight and thin/unpadded bands. A heavy headset can be balanced with a wide and padded band. Thankfully the 5X’s are fairly light so they don’t have to compensate for any excess bulk. The 5X’s the band is nice and wide, and possibly the widest I have seen at 1.75”. There is no padding on the band, which I think is the only downside to the setup. Something like what my Corsair HS80’s use would go a long way, which is just a thin leatherette pad attached to the band. This is a mild misstep, but I can understand the omission since they are still quite comfortable. The earcups are use a cloth like covering over a the earpads, which in turn use a soft foam for padding. The cloth and foam pad feel comfortable against the side of my head and conform nicely around my glasses. The cloth material is not as isolating as a leatherette, but as a trade-off they do stay cooler. The earcups do appear to be removable so you can swap them out as needed. Compatibility The 5X’s are made to be compatible with Xbox consoles. The included USB receiver works with both Xbox One/S/X, and Xbox Series X/S. The receiver has a small switch to toggle between Xbox and USB mode. When connecting to anything other than an Xbox the receiver needs to be set to USB. Per the manual the receiver can be used to connect to PC, Switch, Playstation, and mobile devices. The Bluetooth connection will also pair with any Bluetooth compatible device. I am honestly surprised the receiver works on both Xbox and Playstation – I don’t have a Playstation to test this on, so I will have to take their word for it. The only downside it seems is you lose the chat mix ability on Playstation. My other headsets from TurtleBeach and Rig, which are also Xbox specific variants, don’t come with transmitters that are compatible with Playstation (only Bluetooth is supported. So that’s a novel advantage if you have both systems. Connecting to my Xbox I used the included extensions cable and hooked it into the back of my Series X. A notification saying the headset was assigned popped up, and it was ready to go. All of the audio options in the Xbox menu are greyed out, so the controls are handled by the headset or within the Nova app. Within the app you can set different EQ’s – some are basic like Flat or Bass Boost, which you would see on any device with an EQ mixer. However, SteelSeries has included over 120 game-specific EQ profiles that you can select from. Since I was playing Halo Infinite I chose the Halo Infinite preset. I will not claim to be an expert on the different EQ’s, but I did try out a quite a few different ones. A game like Halo has a dynamic sound stage, so picking something flatter is noticeable. Picking another dynamic game like COD Warzone would have a similar sound profile but maybe some slight variations. A larger difference was felt when I used an EQ from a Role-Playing game like Assassins Creed – much less emphasis on boosting explosions there. You can also connect the headset via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth compatible device. The Bluetooth mode has its own separate EQ profile in the app. You can set one for profile for 2.4 and a different one for Bluetooth which is useful. The controls on the headset do not affect any system volume – just the headset levels are affected. Sound Playing around with the multitude of preset EQ’s that are offered I found myself fairly satisfied with the sound reproduction of the 5X’s. Game audio sounded full and clear. Nothing felt overwhelming or like an assault on the senses. Rather the dynamic sounds of the game were handled well. I had no issue separating out gunshots or clanks from a bouncing grenade from the overall noise of the battlefield in Halo Infinite. Combine that with my party chat, which is often difficult to get balanced right for me, and the 5X’s handled the sound processing well. Switching over to a more “serene” game like Hellblade I was able to appreciate how well the more subtle sounds were handled. The game is mostly environmental noise, but with bursts of dynamic noise from attacks and skirmishes. The grumbling/heavy moments where Senua’s psychosis bears down on her were handled well by the 40mm drivers. With a full 7.1 system you can feel the weight of the moment by how the sound mixing drops things down. The headphones don’t have that much sound stage presence, but they do a solid job of maintaining that feel. Listening to music has also been a pleasurable experience. Fast/punchy music is handled just as well as melodical tunes. Bass heavy tracks come off a little underrepresented, but I expect that shortcoming as these aren’t pricy studio monitors. Mic The mic coils up inside the left earcup when not in use, and it pulls out easily. However, you can use the mic even without pulling it out because retracting the mic doesn’t mute it. You can still use the mic when its retracted, but it’s a little muted compared to pulling it out. With the mic pulled out and angled you get the most out of it. The side tone can be adjusted in the app, but at default I can hear myself reasonably well. I took a couple of phone calls with it and the other person reported that I sounded good. Background noise was minimal and that’s with a box fan and my HVAC blowing just a few feet behind me. On Xbox party chat the mic held up well again. My party members said I sounded just fine and again there was limited background noise from my kids talking and playing their own games. The only downside to this style of mic is it’s awkward to retract, and it can’t easily be done with 1 hand. A mic that flips up out of the way is much easier to deal with, but the trade-off is it’s always there and can’t disappear. Conclusion Overall, the new Arctis Nova 5X’s are a really great headset platform. They are little upmarket from a entry-level headset as far as price goes, but I feel like they would hold their own. They are a comfortable enough headset to wear for long sessions, and there’s enough adjustment in the design to fit any head shape. The hidden mic is cool even if it’s a little awkward to stow away. The breadth of system compatibility out of the 5X’s is fantastic, and the best I have seen out of wireless headset. If you have multiple systems then I would seriously take a look at the 5X’s – even over the Nova 5’s (PC), and 5P’s (Playstation).

    Posted by DaveW

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    NEW STANDARD ISSUE for all enthusiasts! SERIOUSLY!

    The SteelSeries Nova 5X is a stellar entry into the mid-range gaming headset market. It blends impressive sound quality with comfort, features, and durability. Here's a detailed look at what makes this headset a solid choice for gamers, along with ratings per category. Design and Comfort - 4/5 The Nova 5X features a sleek, modern design with a sturdy yet lightweight build. The headset is all plastic except the aluminum headband with an elastic suspension strap for comfort. The adjustable headband and plush ear cushions ensure a comfortable fit for extended gaming sessions. The breathable cloth material of the ear cushions helps reduce spicy sessions, making it an excellent option for long hours of use. The headset also has a flexible, retractable microphone, which is convenient and easy to use. The mic hides inside the earcup and works beautifully. There is a red indicator light when the mute is activated. Adjustments can be made vertically at the earcups and the suspension headband, while the earcups turn into a flat position when around your neck or lay flat. The fit is perfect with the combination of adjustability clamp pressure and lightweight materials. The Arctis Nova 5x is intuitive and just feels natural to use, from audio adjustments to mic controls. It offers a game/chat mix separately on a dial for Microsoft things only, of course. Sound Quality - 4/5 One of the standout features of the Nova 5X is its excellent sound quality and powerful speakers. Equipped with 40mm high-fidelity drivers, it delivers clear and immersive audio and supports 360 spatial audio. The surround sound capabilities provide an edge in competitive gaming, allowing you to hear directional cues with precision. This should INSTANTLY improve your awareness and give you the jump on enemies. Whether playing an action-packed shooter or a story-driven RPG, the audio experience is rich, detailed, and powerful. Passive noise isolation could be better, but it is a trade-off when using mesh vs. leatherette, which I gladly accept instead of spicy ears. Microphone Performance - 4/5 The retractable microphone on the Nova 5X is another MAJOR improvement over the last release. This mic release is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade and brings it up to par with others. SteelSeries has finally addressed my biggest issue with their headset, sounding tinny and low quality, NOW IN THE PAST. With the inclusion of ClearCast 2.X microphone's high-bandwidth chipset, clearer and fuller voice transmission is here! This means 2x the bandwidth and 2x the clarity supporting 32KHz/16Bit audio. Communication with teammates is crisp and clear, crucial for coordinated gameplay. The flexibility of the microphone allows for easy positioning and storage without needing to keep track of a mic, as with other headsets. The mic is sibilant, so a pop filter helps with plosives, but you will lose the red mute indicator. Durability and Battery Life - 5/5 SteelSeries is known for its durable products; the Nova 5X is no exception. The headset feels robust and well-constructed, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. Since it is plastic, remember that sitting on or dropping it on a hard floor is the most significant danger to your ownership, but these are not cheap materials. The braided cable adds an extra layer of durability, reducing the chances of tangling and damage over time. Battery life is a nonissue, and I stop caring since you get up to 50 hrs of 2.4GHz wireless or 60 hrs of Bluetooth. If you forget to charge them, so what? 15 minutes of charging is good for 6 hours of play. Compatibility and Features - 5/5 The Nova 5X is versatile in terms of compatibility. Whether an average gamer or a streamer/e-sports player, it works seamlessly with PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, making it a versatile addition to your gaming setup. The USB-C dongle is a T-shaped dongle that often blocks other ports nearby, which is the biggest downside. This should have been designed in an L shape, as with other dongles or the basic thumb drive shape. The controls are intuitive and allow for easy adjustments on the fly. There are dials for chat/game audio mix (Xbox Only) and volume to dial in your audio. Buttons are all laid out intuitively, and everything is tactile. Additionally, the headset supports further customization in the audio settings, enhancing the overall user experience. The BEST part of this headset is the app! With all the presets, there is bound to be something for what you are doing. There is Bluetooth 5.3 with a quick switch, so when playing, you can answer a call and switch back to the game automatically. Connectivity is solid, and connections happen within 1-2 seconds of powering on or switching modes. It must be known that Bluetooth is not simultaneous, so you need to press a button to toggle between the two. Software and App - 5/5 The SteelSeries GG software and app get their own section because it is THE BEST in the industry! On PC, you get the most functionality and customizability, unlocking their fullest potential. For Android and iOS, you get app control with everything needed for on-the-fly adjustments. Sonar makes the audio shine and SteelSeries GG Engine apps integrate to trigger actions within your SteelSeries ecosystem. Over 100 professionally tuned game-specific EQs are fully customizable for a more immersive experience. This user experience on PC and app should be the standard implementation for all other vendors! When designing apps and implementing EQ and other audio controls for on-the-fly adjustments without needing a PC, turn to SteelSeries. **When modifying your EQ presets, connect to a PC**. This is the first headset I can confidently say you do NOT need a PC to get its full potential. With a mobile app, you can do more than ever effortlessly. Pros: Comfortable and lightweight design Excellent sound quality with surround sound Clear and flexible retractable microphone Durable construction yet lightweight Bluetooth & 2.4GHz wireless 100+ Finely tuned game presets Up to 60hrs battery life Works on Microsoft, Apple, and Sony gaming platforms Cons: Out of the box, a flat profile sounds bad There is no EQ control in the app No wired mode or 3.5mm headphone jack Conclusion - 4.5/5 In conclusion, the SteelSeries Nova 5X is a fantastic mid-range gaming headset that offers great value for its price. I ONLY recommend this headset now to any other friends and family who aren't spending more than $140 on headsets. This is for you if you value a comfortable design, superior sound quality, and durable build. Whether you're a casual player or a competitive enthusiast, the Nova 5X will surely enhance your gaming experience and boost your experience.

    Posted by nkpstudios

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Works well with all devices. Held back by software

    The best thing about this wireless headset is, it’s compatible with everything. Even though this model is designed for the XBOX, it works equally as well with the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and mobile. It’s the perfect headset for those who need something versatile. This is my second SteelSeries headset. I bought one 4 years ago for my son to use with his Switch and PC. He never had any issues getting it to work, and more importantly, the build quality was solid. I’m hoping the Arctis Nova 5X lasts just as long. Another impressive feature of this headset is its range. I can walk into other rooms and down the hallway and I never lose connection with the 2.4GHz wireless transmitter. Other gaming headsets I own from other brands cannot match the range of this headset. Speaking of the 2.4GHz wireless adapter, it works perfectly for the Switch. Because of its low-profile T shape design, it neatly plugs into the bottom of the Switch’s USB C port. This allows you the ability to hear audio and voice chat with others through this headset. You could connect the headset to the Switch through Bluetooth, but the Switch doesn’t support mic usage through Bluetooth. So why would you do that when this headset has the perfect spot for the adapter. One downside of the low-profile T shape adapter is it can block other USB ports on your computer. SteelSeries does provide an short cable/adapter to help in this case. While its compatibility is impressive, the accompanying software and apps need improvement. There are simply too many of them to download and it’s not clear which ones are needed. It would have been helpful to have some guidance or instructions in the box. The only instructions included is a sheet notifying you to download the Arctis Nova 5X app for your phone. After doing so, it became clear that many of the useful features built into the headset can only be controlled or setup from the various programs you can download to your computer. If you take the time to understand how to setup and use the programs, there are many useful functionalities. Another thing that was confusing when setting up the headset for the first time was the ability to update the firmware. Updating the firmware is one of the first things I do when using new hardware. Again, there was no guidance or instructions in the box, app, or on SteelSeries website, that showed you how to initiate an update. Doing so may have addressed an issue I was having with the sidetone setting on the mic. In addition to Off, there are 10 levels the sidetone can be set at; when setting the sidetone to level 1 out of 10, the mic picks up a considerably amount of outside sound. For example, I could hear my gaming laptop’s fans loud and clear from setting level 1. This is something that can probably be fixed with a software and firmware update, but until I figure out how to do it, the mic’s sidetone is too loud in my opinion. Overall, I really appreciate how this headset works with almost any device. I only wish it included a standard 3.5mm jack. Including a headphone jack would have made this even more compatible. But unfortunately, the trend in electronics today is the removal of a jack for wired connections. The sound it produces is acceptable for standard gaming. It does a great job with directional audio. It also has decent base. Not the lowest frequencies around, but it does produce enough bass for standard gaming needs.

    Posted by dorkhead2

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