Tablo - DUAL 64GB OTA DVR with WiFi - Black

Record and stream content from your HDTV antenna with this Tablo DUAL over-the-air DVR. The whole-home design streams to multiple devices via your home's Wi-Fi network, and an easy-to-use app lets you watch and manage your recordings from anywhere. Connect this Tablo DUAL over-the-air DVR to your router to enjoy live and recorded shows on your Smart TVs or streaming media devices, including Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV, Nvidia SHIELD, and Xbox One using the Tablo App.

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Tablo - DUAL 64GB OTA DVR with WiFi - Black - Larger Front
Tablo - DUAL 64GB OTA DVR with WiFi - Black
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  • Ethernet Cable
  • Owner's Manual
  • Power Adapter
  • Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR with WiFi

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
71% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (39 out of 55)


Up to 1080p HD

Watch high-resolution TV shows and movies in crystal-clear detail.

64GB internal storage

Enables recording of up to 40 hours of HDTV, right out of the box.

Two OTA ATSC tuners

Allow you to record or stream up to two live HDTV programs.

USB 2.0 port

Provides quick plug-and-play connectivity to an external hard drive to extend your storage. (USB hard drive sold separately).

High-speed wireless connectivity

Built-in 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi connects to your wireless home network allowing for streaming live and recorded HDTV content to all the connected devices inside. (wireless router required and sold separately).

Overall customer rating

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    A Good Work in Progress (Recommended)

    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    [Immediate Disclaimer: I work for NONE of the companies whose products are mentioned in this review, nor do I personally know anyone who does. My feedback reflects my own opinion as a consumer and mine alone.] I have recently stopped being a cable TV customer after four decades due to stratospheric monthly bills in the hundreds of dollars and degraded video quality following a certain major cable company's inexplicable 720p downgrade and severe overcompression for most cable channels. The main replacement for cable channel viewing has been Sony PS Vue, which offers most of the channels I want at a respectable looking 60fps smooth framerate, with DVR and On Demand, for a reasonable thirty bucks a month. I subscribe to HBO for fifteen dollars a month via Amazon because they seem to have the best picture quality of the various HBO streaming options. I'm also a long time Netflix subscriber at about twelve bucks a month for 4K service. Since none of the national streaming services have been able to offer full service for my local market, two weeks ago I bought the new Tablo Dual DVR at Best Buy to view and record local Over-The-Air (OTA) channels. The Tablo looks better than Sony Vue for the one local CBS channel they offer, and of course you can easily fast forward through commercials, which is not a given at all for On Demand on Vue. Pros: The company generally has the right idea with this Tablo Dual OTA DVR, but it is lacking in key areas that prevent it from being a fully viable cable box replacement for local channels. However, this device is useful enough to tide one over until some company releases a higher quality OTA DVR with at least basic features that this one is missing. There are competitor boxes that perhaps might offer better quality with an HDMI output and less compression, but they lack network device viewing apps. Indeed, the best thing I can say about the Tablo Dual is that you can stream your OTA antenna feed on any networked TV/phone/tablet/PC in the house, which is extremely convenient and at this point really a requisite product requirement. I have several Amazon Fire TV (not the stick) and Roku Ultra boxes on multiple TV's, and both wired and wireless work well for those two brands, although the Tablo app user interface for each has its strengths and weaknesses. The Amazon Fire TV has more access to the Tablo settings and better guide info, while the Roku Ultra has better picture quality due to a bit better resolution and something resembling 1080i interpolation support. I literally go back and forth between the two boxes depending on what I'm watching. For sports, especially, I think the Roku Ultra looks better and is a bit less choppy. Viewing on my Android phone is good over WiFi and is usable over cellular remotely if you have a strong signal. Note that since there is no HDMI output on the Tablo itself, you must have some other streaming device to view it on your TV. I had no need to test the Tablo’s WiFi, so I have no comment on that function. I have my Motorola Surfboard 6183 cable modem, Netgear Nighthawk X6 router, HP switch, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku Ultra all connected via Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet to deliver better clarity of sound and picture, although the primary benefactor of the high quality Ethernet cabling is NAS music uncompressed FLAC playback to my HTPC and stereo system, which is unrelated to this discussion but does benefit the other nearby connected devices. In the primary viewing room where the Tablo is located, all A/V devices are connected to a Sony XBR-65X900A 4K 3D TV via a Yamaha RX-A3060 AVR using Audioquest Carbon HDMI cables, which make a wonderful difference in both sound and video. Cons: Even the highest quality streaming setting at "HD 1080 - 10 Mbps, 720p@60fps" is too low for viewing on a large screen. It desperately needs 1080i interpolation for a less choppy frame rate. I would never set it to anything less than the current highest available setting as at least it gives 720p 60fps, the bare minimum starting point to be considered. I'm viewing on a 65" screen, so better resolution retention during transcoding would be greatly appreciated. It is a pain constantly to have to change the Motionflow setting on my Sony 4K TV to somewhat combat the choppy 1080i frame rate, as the Tablo device itself needs to do a much better job of being able to replace a cable box in this regard. The transcoded audio is stereo only, so any 5.1 OTA support is lost. Recordings are overcompressed and sound even screechier with better quality audio equipment (sibilance is the worst with “sss” sounds). This quality degradation seems especially unnecessary for audio as it takes up a lot less storage/bandwidth/bitrate than video. The start and stop times of recordings set in the guide cannot be adjusted manually. I keep missing the beginning and end of shows that do not follow an exact to-the-minute schedule, usually done on purpose by the local network affiliate channel. The manual setting of every show is a very temporary workaround, is practically tedious, and requires bypassing the paid guide service. We need to be able to see Live guide listings a week or two in advance, not just 24 hours. Especially given that the guide is an extra paid service, this is woefully inadequate. Even my ancient cable box showed two weeks in advance. You can see about a week of listings in advance for some shows in the different category listings, but it's a long list of tiles to hunt through, and that’s with having selected only eight local channels in the initial box setup that I care about watching. Having to search manually in the search entry box is incredibly tedious and impractical to do daily, weekly, or otherwise, but it's there. The Tablo gets almost hot enough to cook an egg on. I suppose it might be due to having it set to the highest quality available, but it really needs both better A/V quality and better cooling. The tiny 64GB internal memory included on the device seems like mostly a marketing gimmick to let the customer preview the device before buying the obviously needed external hard drive. At full quality, the only setting worth doing, I got about 12 hours of two tennis programs recorded before the device was full and cut off the end of the second recording by about an hour. Then I bought one of the few Tablo approved external devices, a Western Digital 2TB Elements portable external hard drive, which connected and installed easily. How long this tiny little thing actually lasts with moderate use is yet to be seen. Other: I bought the new "Antennas Direct - ClearStream 2Max - Indoor / Outdoor HDTV Antenna" (Model C2MVJ-5) at the same time I bought the Tablo Dual DVR. Unlike those silly and somewhat useless rectangular paper/plastic antennas, this one actually works to pull in every local station in my area that I care about. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it to start with as if it works for you won't need anything better. I have it sitting in the corner of the room on the floor and didn't even have to mount it outside to get five green circles for dozens of local stations in the Tablo setup menu. The local transmission towers are about thirty miles away, so this works very well for my situation. I read on the Tablo customer support forum about the Channel Master 4G LTE Filter improving picture quality by eliminating cell phone interference. For the twenty bucks I figured I had nothing to lose and it only took a couple days to arrive. I placed it between the Tablo and the coax antenna cable. While not a dramatic difference in my particular circumstances, I think it probably reduced some of the pixelation I had been observing, so it was easily worth it. FWIW, I tried a TiVo OTA Roamio a few months ago and immediately returned it due to lesser tuner and picture quality. The Tablo Dual seems to me, at least, to be better in both those areas. The combination of the Tablo Dual DVR, the ClearStream 2Max antenna, and the WD 2TB Elements HDD sealed the deal. Overall impression: Going from even an old cable company DVR to the Tablo can be quite a shock, with many industry standard features still missing, but hopefully they will be added in the future. I would buy another Tablo DVR in a heartbeat, even to replace this new Dual one, if these issues are resolved, but looking at the Tablo customer forum discussions, I'm concerned the company is not interested in sufficiently improving on what minimalist foundation they've built so far, and that's a real shame because they're off to a good, if very slow, start, despite having been in the cord cutting market for a number of years now. I know that Tablo responds to their customers here, so I do sincerely hope that they take these recommendations to heart and improve on the product feature set soon. I applaud them for what they’ve accomplished to date and encourage them to finish what they started.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Streaming DVR


    This device is tiny, about 5 x 5 inches. About 1.5 inches tall. It runs a little warm. Tablo was easy to get up and running and has an excellent quick start guide. The first thing you need to know is this device does not connect to your tv. Tablo is a streaming device. Streaming is what you do when you watch video on Hulu and YouTube. So the first thing you do is connect the antenna, connect the ethernet cable to your router and connect the wall wart power supply. You can also use wifi in the set-up but ethernet is so much more reliable and simple! Now that Tablo is powered up you will see a blue light flashing. Now is the setup part. I used my Computer and used the Google Chrome browser. You type in; and in a minute or so you will get a setup screen. The quick set up guide will walk you thru. One important item. Only the Google Chrome browser will work. Firefox and Opera did not work. You don't need a computer to set this up. You can download an app to your phone or tablet computer. 3 of my tablet computers (2 Nook and 1 Toshiba) would not work with the app. But my Amazon Fire HD 6 works fine with the app. During setup it takes about 5 minutes to find all your channels. It takes about 15 minutes to download the first day of the guide. Then your ready to go. The guide is 14 days so the rest of the guide gets downloaded in the backround. I tried 2 recording qualities. 720 at 5mbps and 720 at 3mbps. If your just going to use this on your tablet or phone 720 at 3mbps is fine. If your going to use the tv (my tv is 48 inch LG) the 720 at 5mbps is fine. You can go to 10mbps but WiFi may have issues? Thats why I use ethernet. But you can try WiFi at the high 10mbps data rate. I have Windows 10 computers connected to my TV's so I used the Google Chrome Browser it works really good. You can skip forward 30 seconds, skip back 20 seconds. Video is smooth and good quality. I should mention my entire setup is using Ethernet. **You don't need to use a computer to watch tv with Tablo. Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Fire TV work. Also the Chrome Stick.** The video scales really good on Google Chrome. So I can open up a small window and watch tv while reading my email. One last thing. Since this is a streaming device everything takes time. If you are a channel surfer you are going to be totally disappointed because it takes 5-15 seconds to change the channel and watch something. I gave this a 5 rating because I will be using this to time-shift tv recordings and not watching live tv and channel surfing. If I am reading email and doing work on my computer I will probably watch the news and such in a small window viewing live tv. Sorry for such a disjointed review.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Ideal replacement for my previous ( DVR


    I had been using --a very similar box--for several years until learning last week that the service was being shut down and my DVR would no longer work. Expecting this might happen, I had been looking at alternatives and the Tablo Dual was the leading contender, essentially offering the same features as my When Simple shut down, they offered us a $100 off coupon for the Tivo Roamio which was very appealing. However, going back to a traditional DVR hooked up to a single TV seemed like a step backwards--even though the Tivo had many more features. And with the discount, the Tivo would have cost less over the long run. But I skipped the offer and purchased the Tablo DUAL. I'm really glad that I did. After just a few days of using it, I've discovered that it is MUCH better than the box I had been using. With the Tablo, I can use it from any TV in the house, since all of my sets have Roku boxes. If I were doing it over, I wouldn't even bother to run an antenna connection to the bedroom TV's since I can watch live channels directly from the Tablo. The Tablo DUAL is similar to the standard 2-tuner model except that it is smaller, and has 64GB built-in storage--enough that you can use it without an external hard drive. 1. Tablo's built-in tuner is far better than the and it is better than the TV's that I use for over the air viewing. I get more channels and fewer dropped programs. (I am in a fringe area and use a roof top antenna.) 2. The DUAL's built-in 64GB storage is a great feature. I haven't bothered to plug in the 500GB drive I had been using with the previous DVR. Since I delete programs after watching I had never used much more of that space anyway, so at least for now I've got an extra drive sitting around. I was able to recover all of the programs I had saved on my drive, but it was not an easy process. It would be nice if the Tablo offered an export feature to archive desired programs into a standard format on the external drive. 3. Tablo's program guide is much better. Paying a small yearly amount is no problem for the service I am getting. Hopefully they will be able to make a profit and stay in business. I also like the fact that the subscription is tied to me, not the physical box. That has always bothered me about Tivo, since their "lifetime subscription" is for the life of the box. 4. Tablo lets ME decide the bit rate for remote streaming, instead of the box just finding the highest quality for my connection. This is important because I often use a mobile device or hotspot with a limited data allowance. I'd rather view the news back home with less quality and save the data on my mobile plan. 5. Tablo's playback feature lets me skip commercials by presenting thumbnails in 10 sec increments. I can then use the Roku right arrow to jump segments and land on my program at the end of the commercial break. I love it. The box did not have any way to do this. 6. With the Tablo, you have to select through too many layers of screens to watch a recording. Fortunately, they've added "shortcuts" to speed up this process. I'm still getting used to my new Tablo Dual, and will probably find more things to like about it. At this point, I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants an OTA dvr that can be watched from any Smart-equipped TV or device in the house, and from away from home.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Tablo is the solution

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    This tablo is a great DVR solution if you are using OTA antenna. One thing that was disappointing was when I connected my antenna to tablo i received less channels than when I had it connected to my Xbox one via hauppague tuner. You definitely lose some signal strength by connecting to Tablo as opposed to straight to a TV or an Xbox one tuner. I called tablo about this and they said that it was normal (the reason was technical for me to explain but they did give me a reason). The folks at Tablo were easy to get on the phone, seemed knowledgable and were ready to assist with any problems, that is a big plus. It’s so easy to set up that you probably won’t need any help though. It’s great that you only need one antenna rather than having to buy an antenna for every TV or splitting your feed. I can watch and record live TV from my antenna on any TV (as long as you have installed the Tablo App on your roku, firestick, Xbox, etc). I can even watch and record from my mobile device when I am not home. One other thing that doesn’t bother me too much but may bother some people is that it can take about 10-20 seconds to change the channel. It’s not a big deal because I’m not going to be channel surfing the OTA feed, I’m either watching something or recording something. Depends on your location how many OTA channels you can get. Tablo gives you free guide data for the next 24 hours, that’s ok. If you want the 2 weeks of guide data, cover art, ability to set series recordings, and ability to watch when outside of your home network, then you do need to pony up 5 bucks a month, $100 a year, or $150 for your life. That seems reasonable to me. This device, to my knowledge, cannot be used with cable or streaming services. It’s for OTA only. It runs a little hot and I understand that that is normal. If you plan on ditching cable and you want to DVR network television, this is a product that you need. I paid $200 for the tablo duel. It’s a little steep upfront but worth every penny, in my opinion

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Very good integrated HDTV OTA streaming solution


    Like the two extensive previous reviewers, I agree with much of their assessment so rather than simply repeat, I will add my comments. This device will appeal to our fellow "cord cutters" out there either as the sole HDTV solution or as an integrated streaming tool. Where it shines is as a compliment to other live streaming services like PSVue, SlingTV or DirecTVNow. (I personally recommend PSVue's service after having been through them all) I live in the Salt Lake City area which means the local ABC, NBC & PBS affiliates are not offered through any of the streaming providers. (CBS and Fox are offered thru PSVue). SO ... I had to find a solution I could integrate easily into my army of Amazon FireTV 4K boxes. VOILA! Tablo to the rescue! I really liked the integrated 64GB of storage though like others here, find it insufficient when recording @ 1080. Further the device is simple to set-up, the app is easily downloaded and works very well. I highly recommend hard-wiring the Tablo to your home network as WiFi can be crowded and unreliable. In closing, I concur with previous reviewers, lack of 5.1 audio is a downside and 1080 interpolation would be welcome firmware improvements. Doubling internal storage to 128GB would be a plus but the ease of expanding the Tablo's storage makes that a minor quibble. That said, this is a very nice solution with a seeming good upside as Tablo does indicate they care and are constantly working on improvements. If you are a die-hard cord cutter like me, and have a pile of streaming devices like AppleTV's or a mix of them like I do with FireTV 4K and AppleTV's throughout the house, this is a simple, rather elegant solution that integrates very nicely with streaming devices.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    good concept but did not perform as advertised


    1st of all it is suppose to work totally wireless over your WiFi (with the exception of the connection to your ota antenna) but started having bad buffering issues. Their tech support will tell you it's because of your router version or type. So I ended up having to configure a direct ehternet hook up to my router which was a big hassle because now your antenna and DSL connects have to be in the same room and mine were not. Then after that, the channel reception for my ABC and CBS affiliates dropped out, the Tablo would no longer pick up these channels. I moved The Tablo back to it's original location and still would not receive those 2 channels even though my TV's received them fine when directly connected to my antenna. After the Tablo tech support checked a few things and played cat and mouse through email a week or so he finally comes back and says "the Tablo requires a stronger feed than a TV " because this that and the other.. So I guess if your a cord cutter and your TV reception is crystal clear (which mine is) the Tablo may not be able to pick it up and the only way to know that is to buy one and hook it up and it may even work for a month or so and then you'll lose reception and they will tell you about their engineering glitch that they cant do anything about.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Tuner hardware is unreliable.

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    Purchased the tablo dual and it worked well for about 1 month, then the tuner died and I could get no reception. Called Tablo support and they confirmed it was a bad tuner and sent me a replacement under the warranty. The 2nd table worked well for about 1 month, then the tuner died and I could get no reception. Called Tablo support and they are in process of verifying the issue. At this point, given that 2 boxes chosen at random both failed in the same time frame for the same reason, I think this likely a serious hardware reliability issue. I'm planning to ask for a refund rather than a replacement. I just don't trust the reliability. When it works, it's great, but Tablo needs to work on their reliability. This Tablo Dual is not ready as a product for customers. Customer support, however, is good so far.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Neat device for Cord Cutters

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    Having read a review advocating for this device as easy to use for those seeking to use an HD antennae instead of paid cable/TV, it seemed like a no brainer. Price is not bad considering it was a one time investment and compared to what monthly prices are for Major Providers such as Slime Warner, or similar giants, it's understandable. Recommend that you understand what your personal needs are when it comes to cutting the cord before you purchase equipment as I was unaware that a Chromecast, which I currently utilize, is not 100% suitable for streaming the recorded content from the Tablo to my TV. Please review the content posted on Tablo's site to see what is recommended as a best case scenario for using this product in your home environment (Smart TV, Fire Stick, etc.) Pros: Geek factor Easy to set up Small Form Factor Cost Expandable Storage option Cons: No HDMI port for output directly to TV No remote

    I would recommend this to a friend

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