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Home Entertainment

Read about ways to make TVs, home audio, and other home entertainment technology work for you with great information from Best Buy.

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Home Entertainment

Level up your gaming.
Here's how you and your friends can amp up the fun with your favorite games.
Bring the theater experience home
Discover how select LG components combine to create a 4K home theater that would make a Hollywood director jealous.
4K Streaming on Any Budget
We break down different 4K streaming devices so you can find what's best for your home.
Ditch Cable and Keep Your Shows
We explore several ways to cut the cord without giving up the shows you love.
Watch Sports Without Cable
Sports keeping you from ditching cable? We go through a few options for watching your team after cutting the cord.
Home Audio 101
Learn about different types of home audio so you can make the best decision in upgrading your home theater.
Smart TV 101
From research to setup, we talk all things Smart TV.
Connect Your Laptop to Your TV
Learn how to view your laptop's digital media and Internet content on your TV's larger screen.
Keep Your TV Damage Free
Learn from Best Buy how to properly handle your new TV. Get your TV home safely when you use our handling guide.
Make Your Own Movies
Use a drone and memory card to shoot your own amazing aerial footage and capture every scene from incredible angles.
Capture and share your memories in 4K
Sony's 4K HDR smartphone, 4K mirrorless camera and 4K HDR TV combine to make memories come to life in glorious 4K.
Get an amazing 4K gaming setup
Get recommendations that give you the power and performance you need for the ultimate 4K gaming experience.
The TV-centric smart home.
With the latest Sony smart TVs, your remote can control so much more than the channel.

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