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Xena: Warrior Princess - Series Finale [Director's Cut] [DVD]

Release Date:11/05/2002
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Picking up where season five of Xena: Warrior Princess left off, season six begins with Xena (Lucy Lawless) handily defeating the combined forces of the Olympian Gods, who had hoped to forestall their prophesied demise by killing both Xena and her reformed warrior-princess daughter, Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson). The end of Olympia left but a few survivors, among them Xena's old nemesis Ares (Kevin Smith), the God of War -- now rather comically reduced to pathetic mortal-hood. Together with her traveling companion, Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), and the ladies' new cohort, Virgil (William Gregory Lee), the son of their late friend Joxer, Xena embarks upon a whole new series of globetrotting adventures, taking her to Africa and to the Land of Norse, where she finds herself smack-dab in a Wagnerian "Ring Cycle" (mostly of her own making). Xena also does her best to avoid the prognostications of the Heavens Above that she is next in line to the Throne of Hell upon the "retirement" of reigning demon Mephistopheles. Occasionally digressing from the standard Xena format, a handful of episodes were set in the Present -- that is, the 21st century A.D. One of these was a satirical spoof of the old radio and TV series You Are There, while others dealt with the misadventures of Xena's contemporary fans and the familiar cast members' modern-day, lookalike descendants. The season ends with a two-parter set in faraway Japan, where Xena is voluntarily slain so that she may do battle in the Afterlife with the ghost of a malevolent samurai. Gabrielle's efforts to revive Xena, so often so successful in the past, come a cropper this time, and it looks as though Xena: Warrior Princess is definitely, permanently over and done with. However, hope is held out that a sequel or a spin-off may still be in the works, so stay tuned.~Hal Erickson