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AudioQuest - Vodka 10' 4K Ultra HD HDMI Cable - Black/Blue

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Connect this AudioQuest Vodka HDMI cable to your home entertainment system, and enjoy high-quality video and audio playback. Solid 10 percent silver conductors reduce jitters and distortion for clear sound, and High Dynamic Range pass-through increases color range and contrast for beautiful on-screen images. With direct silver-plated connectors, this AudioQuest Vodka HDMI cable resists corrosion for long-lasting use.

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    What's Included

    • AudioQuest Vodka 10' 4K Ultra HD HDMI Cable

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    93% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (120 out of 130)


    Supports up to 4K UltraHD (4096 x 2160 pixels) resolution

    To help get the best picture from your 4K source.

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) pass-through

    Significantly increases the range of both color and contrast, which creates an even more vibrant and realistic picture.

    Solid 10% silver conductors

    Eliminate strand-interaction distortion and reduce jitter, provide smooth and clear sound.


    This AudioQuest HDMI cable is directional, all of its signal conductors are controlled for digital audio direction, which ensures superior sound quality.

    Lifetime limited warranty

    Lifetime repair or replacement in cases of defect.

    Foamed-polyethylene insulation

    This HDMI cable uses air-filled foamed-polyethylene insulation for maximum signal strength.

    Carbon-based three-layer noise-dissipation system

    Offers 100% shielding coverage. Decreases distortion, prevents capturing RF interference and improves sound quality.

    High-speed data capacity

    This AudioQuest HDMI cable exceeds the requirements for all possible HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 data streams, including 4K UHD, HDR, and Blu-ray Ultra HD. Active frequency equalization enables 18 Gbps over long distances.

    Direct silver-plated connectors

    Resist corrosion and promote efficient signal transfer.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 130 reviews

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    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Let me start by saying "I do not believe all cables are made equal!" You might consider me "borderline audiophile." I like to save money where ever possible and have the best (anything) I can get for my money. This holds true mostly for my home theater! My family and I spend a lot of time together watching movies so a hdmi cable experiment was a project I enjoyed undertaking. Equipment i used are my 65" 4k tv, Sony 1060 A/V receiver, Comcast (Xfinity) Cable box and a PS4. The hdmi cables I experimented for best performance with my set up were this Audioquest Vodka (which I found cheaper somewhere else but still not cheap), Monster Black Platinum and Monoprice Active Ultra Slim. I watched a bit of 4k content, played some games with the 4k upscale and watched HDTV through Comcast Xfinity box. I always research everything I buy and didn't believe "a digital signal passes or it doesn't which makes all hdmi cables produce the same quality" from my past experience with 1080p. UI found this untrue with my old Panasonic plasma 1080p and HT rig. I went with Monster High Speed 1000 hdmi cables that I got from eBay for $13.00 a piece over really expensive cables back in 2009 which did better at picture quality and sound than all I tried. Anyway, Audioquest Vodka! What a great hdmi cable. I have nothing negative to say about its performance with my set up. Appeared very well engineered, nice build, snug connection, blah, blah, blah. My personal opinion, silver plated conductors are not what I would choose for a hdmi cable I want for the possible long haul of the 4k revolution. Silver is not better than gold (no matter what they say) and they only say this for corrosion sake but I don't live in a humidity ridden area. So, no issue. I let a few family members help me judge between the 3 cables and it was actually fun.The Monster Platinum Black was obviously the Hulk of the cables in physical appearance but we saw no difference in picture quality nor audio quality (using JBL Studio 2 speakers through the A/V receiver). I have a relatively open space for use of cables so tight fit or bends are not an issue. I liked the Monster Platinum personally (no, I am not a brand name junkie). If you plan on doing wall installs I would use this cable but I have a simple entertainment center and I have no need for Hulk cables (if necessary ). I found the Vodka easier to handle through out my wiring hook up needs. I, we (wife) found no difference in the Vodka compared to the Platinum in picture or audio quality watching over the same blu-ray movies or streaming 4k content. Keep in mind the price difference and the Monster felt like a weapon you could be whipped with! Less than $200.00 less on Best Buy. Monoprice , I didn't even want to give this cable a try but after reading so many online reviews I felt compelled! I went with the Active Ultra Thin in my experiment for the possible future 2.2 aspect of passing up to 18gpbs. the price per cable is less than i spend on coffee in a few days. No difference in picture quality or audio between the 3 besides the fact that I didn't feel like I might break the cable running through holes, etc. There are certain things that don't make sense and paying $300.00 dollars for a single hdmi cable while there is an alternative is one of them! I read a review where a guy sold his tv so he could afford an Audioquest cable that he now had no tv to use it with????????? WOW, fall man has fallen...sigh. I had to know for myself, so I came to this conclusion.....Monoprice Ultra Thin Active HDMI for less than $20 a cable work just as good at the same length than Audioquest Vodka does for HOW MUCH LESS!!!!!????? Well, $300 to be exact. I work for my money, does Audioquest? I returned the 3 Audioquest Vodka cables I bought as well as the Monster Platinum Black and went with Monoprice. I have not had any issue for the past month with Monoprice HDMI being the signal between most of my components and was able to take the money I got back on all the Audioquest and Monster cables I returned and have bought another 4k tv! I hope this helps you all, I am not a fan boy of any company and I work for my money. I go with the best I can get and until they make larger bandwidth for a possible 2.2 difference in cables I found Monoprice to be the Hands Down Winner! Unless you like burning money, please buy this cable.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      How performance is positively impacted because of:

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      How performance is positively impacted because of. Power Conditioners High end Power Cords High end connection cables, i.e. HDMI TV’s Receivers and Devices as a (Gaming consoles) (Cable Box) and just about all video/audio devices, including data transport gadgets such as external HDD greatly benefits from being connected to a premium quality power conditioner. A power conditioner should be at the same time connected with high end power cords and well-engineered cables, i.e. HDMI. It is a tested fact end-to-end power protection via a power conditioner and better power cords improves device's internal components performance. Note AC power signal converted to voltage is more stable plugging the device through a power conditioner. High-quality connection cables such as an HDMI cable linking external device's connections from one device to another for an example a TV to a gaming console improves performance. Why because data transfer is more stable speedy timed better providing good connection with low signal loses. Stable means fewer jitter instance that contributes to cleaner picture and crisp sound to a greater degree quality is achieved from both power and hdmi connection stand point. Note electronic devices produced EMI and RFI with finer quality cables bad interferences are shielded better. Remember digital data and electricity is transported from point-to-point via connections locate on the devices. Data and electricity are passed internally and externally. In digital environments, it takes electricity to start the process to move 1’s and 0’s (data). Data fetched originating from all sorts of applications occurs from the device power source. A storage device is where the data starts its initiation to interact with the device computer chip's ram/processor/sound card/video card then outputted to other devices such as monitor/TV or sound sources such as a receiver. Of course, a single device can have all the interworking’s described without external parts i.e... Tablet or smart phone. Internally and externally good cable material and higher levels of power conditioning will always theoretically improve the end-to-end current signaling and transporting of data throughout devices. Quality and high-performance internal parts within devices will impact all external connections. Basically starting with excellent high-performance internal parts is a key to gaining optimal decent operation meaning good software implementation and better specs on hardware. No matter, how decent external connection cables are coupled with power conditioning deprived of good internal parts best performance will not be achieved. Note it will be helped nevertheless. Those of us that like to see especially gamers our electronic components operating at the optimal level we as gamers like our graphic visually stunningly clear and sound crisp to the ear. Believe me without a power conditioner at the same time connected with high end power cords and well-engineered cables, i.e. HDMI. Gamers you are flat out wasting the potential of your favor games. Never neglect experimenting with all device settings which are there by designed to ensure performance is influenced. A footnote higher levels of power conditioners, power cords and quality data transfer cables such as HDMI to include other type cables as USB used the better visual and sound quality you achieve. Yes, you will say it can’t get any cleaner or sound any better. However, for particularly gamers and movie watching folks you will notice a difference experimenting with different levels of the above. Note you cannot just walk into any store to purchase high end power cables. You will need to order them likely from one of the .com sites Gamers Recommendation: Flat out for gamers replace the stock power cord for the TV and game console for cleaner power regulation add a level 3 or 4 (Power Conditioner) use a good hdmi cable like a top-end audioquest brand no less than Carbon. Lastly any type of external storage used if it is powered not from the port ensure to plug the power cord into the power conditioner and replace the transfer USB cable with a higher end one again preferably audioquest branded. Actually, you will see a difference never mind the transfer speed. Visually, you will slightly see a cleaner picture produce from the games. Many times, people do not use all three above suggestions together. Example I once just had a level 2 power conditioner with no higher-end power cords or Ethernet port conditioning for networking. I had a decent HDMI cable after putting everything together and upgrading to include checking my TV settings for optimal settings my performance increased dramatically for gaming. Forget auto settings when it comes to video settings as with noise reduction. Note it is better to set TV video settings that impact picture quality clarity to the highest level. I noticed everything came together nicely when all mentioned is considered. I have not seen anything straightforward worded on the web explaining the details I mentioned so I hope this helps people. Of course, there will be folks that will criticize my findings or say they don’t agree or better yet already knew about this or that. Trying things out for yourself is good, if at all possible. However, sometimes, people need a reference point to follow so for those of us that are seeking better performance for our electronic equipment definitely give my suggestions a try. You will be pleased you did experimenting is good don’t take anyone words as true use what people say as a reference point when it comes to electronics. Many people have read the old hdmi cables are the same debate many other factors have been left out that I have included. If I am not mistaken an audioquest representative stated they admitted their Carbon cable is more in line with the Vodka, Coffee, and Diamond hdmi offering when it comes to video. However, this is simply not true. I have not tried audioquest Diamond hdmi due to the expense. Audioquest Vodka I know from testing blow's carbon out the water visually when all the above described is in play at least on a Samsung 4k TV with up-to-date specs. Again remember this is a valid example of quality parts in play. Note Samsung have good video software and internal hardware within their one connect boxes. A person would not get the full potential out of Samsung one connect box spec if using the TV as it comes from the factor.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      You get what you pay for...

      • My Best Buy Premier Silver MemberElite Plus Member

      I usually do not write product reviews, but feel compelled to based on the negative comments previously left against this product. The previous reviewer makes a comment that, in the digital domain, the signal either gets there or it does not. This is not entirely true... Digital data is highly dependent on timing, much more so than analog data. As data rates get very high, as in the case of Blu-Ray source material with 1080p hi-res video and uncompressed multi-channel audio, data rates across the interconnects become extreme. New 3D technology just adds to the mix. A lesser quality cable, with poor dielectric materials and undersized, higher impedance wire and connectors will suffer from crosstalk between digital channels and 'smearing' of the edges of the digital pulses comprising the individual data streams. Long runs of cable only exacerbate the problems. The high speed 'clocking' signals used to decode the data can misread distorted data resulting in degraded video and audio performance. And this all goes on in the digital domain. The argument can be made that high quality interconnects are more critical in the digital arena than in the analog world. My experience with both analog (aka stereo) and video has shown that it makes sense to buy the best interconnects that you can afford. The differences may be subtle, but are significant, especially if you have invested in high quality electronic components. All Audioquest products are good in my experience. As you move higher in their product range, the quality of materials and workmanship increases. The high quality materials in Vodka cables in this case minimize the distortions described above. I use short Vodka 1-meter interconnects between the 3D capable Blu-Ray player and the AV receiver and between the receiver and the monitor. For other, less demanding HDMI based sources, I use Audioquest Carbon cables, also 1-meter. I have used lesser cables from other mainstream manufacturers in the past. You CAN see and hear the difference. So, IF you have invested in top-tier electronic components, these HDMI cables ARE worth the investment...

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Complete total scam


      Great cable. Well made. Nice color. Here's the thing, these cables have absolutely no effect on picture or sound quality. HDMI cables carry a digital signal. When the packets of data travel through the cable between you components, whether they are a TV, sat box, blue ray, sound system, etc, the packets of data either make the trip down the cable to the destination or they do not. It's not like analogue tv where you can get a partial picture. In digital, especially video over HDMI, it either works or it doesn't. There is no such thing as a better cable giving better resolution, color, or quality. If the cable is working, you see a picture. If the cable isn't working, you see nothing. There is zero possibility of a lower quality image being delivered because of a lower quality cable. So, if you have a $5 cable and it works, the picture will be identical to a $239 cable. The rest is just marketing. It's a scam that Best Buy employees tell customers that these cables will improve the color and clarity of their picture. They don't. It's a scientific impossibility. Source: I'm a video engineer and have worked in this industry for 20 years. I do professional installs on high end video and audio equipment. You can easily google this and see corroboration by everyone who isn't trying to sell you a $200 cable worth $2.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great Cable

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      If you popped for a 4K TV, do yourself a favor and pick up some vodka HDMI cables. I understand content is everything, but ever wonder why the TV you just bought doesn't look as good as the one in the store. Well this is probably the reason, not only is the picture that much better brighter, clearer and the colors are more vivid, but the audio is more detailed and on my system the mid-range and highs are better. Remember the picture/ audio is only going to be as good as the worst cable in the system. Meaning if you are running a system with a 5.1, 7.1, 11.2 receiver, cable box or satellite service, blue ray player, you need the same quality cable between all of them. I have a new 4K Sony 75” TV, Satellite service, Macintosh receiver. I did try them on my 4 yrs. old 50”Panasonic (1080P) and did see a difference over the cheaper $25.ish HDMI cables, but not nearly as much as on with the newer 4K Sony. This leads me to believe that this cable will make a bigger difference on 4K displays. BTW At first bought a chocolate cable for the Sat. Box to receiver and took it back and exchanged it for a Vodka. Glad I did. I’ve worked in metal working all my life and just a few years from retirement and can tell the difference. Your eyes and ears will thank you.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Nice Cables

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      These cables definitely do make a significant difference. I had Monster M Series cables for the past 5 yrs and needed to upgrade in preparation for a 4k tv upgrade. I bought Audioquest Chocolate cables expecting that the only upgrade i'd get would be 4k capability. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Chocolate cables created a very real improvement in both audio and video quality. I decided to try the Vodka cables, again not expecting a very significant difference from the Chocolate. Again, I was surprised to see another significant improvement. The audio for both cables was excellent but a little bit more precise with the Vodka. Surprisingly to me though, the video was better with the Vodka. Colors are definitely more deep and vivid. I had a tiny bit of motion distortion with the Chocolate when upscaling (I had ALOT more distortion with the Monster M series). I had none whatsoever with the Vodka. Does the improvement justify the high price? Maybe, maybe not but the difference in these cables is very real. See it for yourself. I hear people say it doesn't make a difference what cable you use. I bought into that thinking until I saw and heard the difference for myself. The Chocolate is an excellent cable, much better than the Monster M series. But the Vodka is truly superb.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



      Lemme tell you something about this cable... It makes your TV better by being attached to it. You're probably thinking "Hey, what the hell makes this cable cost 300 some dollars and the other not???? lol??!!" Well I'll tell you. It simultaneously makes the video quality better AND more interesting. Watching low quality cat videos on Youtube? BAM HD National Geographic special on Jungle Cats. Boring Lecture videos for school? BAM automatically feeds the information into your brain in sparking double HD quality. Third reason this cable is worth it, decreases the digital load on your internet connection. I know because I am an electrical engineer, specializing in digital information transfer design. The primary reason that most people's internet slows down is the digital load that low quality cabling causes high amounts of digital noise, and the packets must be re-sent. Seriously buy this cable. In fact buy 3 in case you feel the need to be triple awesome.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Bad Online and on the Phone...Great in Person

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I ordered the stuff...lots of stuff. It took 20 phone calls and an hour on hold with countless trips to the automated phone tree. The various things were delivered independently by the parcel services except the 85" TV which was delivered by guys not prepared to do the setup. Finally I got in touch with the actual setup Geek Squad Guys....After that everything was terrific. They showed up on time, were careful, helpful, everything worked perfectly and they did some very sophisticated moves with the change to 4K that has really enhanced the viewing experience. All in all the bad was worth the good and I have confidence (now that I have direct numbers) that the sailing will be smooth from here.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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