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Best Computers for Students: K-12 to College

Date Published: 08/06/2017 | Author: Best Buy

Shopping for a computer or laptop before going back to school doesn't need to be overwhelming. We're here to help parents find the best choice for their unique student. Of course, the best laptop for college won't necessarily be right for a kindergartner. Your student's age is a big factor to consider, so here's a 101-level rundown:

Computers for Kids: The Early Years

If you have a younger student (think kindergarten through middle school), check out a Chromebook. They're often the perfect choice for this age group. For starters, many schools already use Chromebooks in the classroom. That means a shorter learning curve because your child may already know how to use Google's Chrome OS. (And even if it's new to them, the operating system is intuitive and easy to learn.) Plus, students can access tons of Android apps for schoolwork and play time.

Chromebooks are also designed to harness the power of the cloud. Because everything gets saved online, students can start their work on a school computer and then finish it after school on their Chromebook. They just log into their Google account and pick right back up where they left off. Some even have touch screens, like this Samsung Chromebook Plus. For many parents, a Chromebook is the right choice at the right price.

Student Laptops: High School & College

As students grow, sometimes their computing needs grow, too. 2-in-1 laptops are a great option to consider, especially for high school or college. The Lenovo Yoga 720 2-in-1 is one of our favorites. It's thin, light and, thanks to the 360 hinge, super easy for students to switch from writing a paper in laptop mode to reading a textbook in tablet mode. And if they need a study break, they can swing it to tent mode and watch a movie.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is another powerful, versatile option. Click on a Surface Signature Type Cover and your student gets the best qualities of a tablet and the best qualities of a laptop in one powerful device.

Both options offer extreme portability, advanced processing power and the Windows operating system. Plus, they're both built for Windows Ink, so if you add a Smart Stylus or a Surface Pen into the mix, your student will be able to take notes and draw right on the screen. It's a great feature for group collaboration or art and design projects.

Computers for Family & Multiple Students

If a new family computer is what you're after, or if your house has more than one student, an all-in-one might be a better option. An HP Pavilion All-in-One offers Intel computing power, a huge touch screen and an incredible amount of storage space. That makes it a perfect choice for multitasking and photo editing no matter who is at the keyboard.

Extra Credit

If you want your student to get the most out of their new tech, they’ll probably need a few additional essentials. How about Microsoft Office for all those papers and group projects? What about Internet security software to fend off viruses and malware? And be sure to safeguard your investment from accidental drops, spills and cracks with Geek Squad® Protection.

There's a lot to consider when choosing the best laptop for school, so let Best Buy help you with your back to school tech checklist.

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