Razer PC Gaming

Razer PC Gaming

Cutting-edge technology creates gaming laptops, mice and more designed to optimize your gaming experience.



Razer gaming keyboards are engineered to deliver precision, durability and personalization. Take your game to the next level with the performance demanded by gamers.

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Trusted by the world's best eSports athletes for accuracy, speed and performance, Razer gaming mice are made to give you the unfair advantage, regardless of which game you are playing.

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Headsets & Microphones

Built to give gamers an unparalleled audio advantage, Razer gaming headsets are custom tuned to deliver the optimal gaming experience.

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Mouse pad

Mouse Pads

Razer gaming mouse pads come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes to fit the needs of different gamers and play styles. These surfaces are designed specifically to enable you to dominate the competition.

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Laptop, game capture device, microphone

Broadcaster Series

The Razer Broadcaster suite of products gives you the tools and resources to easily share your most glorious gaming moments with your friends and fans. Join the Razer Broadcaster community and start streaming like a pro today.

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Since 2011, Razer has redefined the standard for laptops. Showcasing a unique combination of portability, performance and personalization, this series of innovative Razer PCs provides you with the power you need to win.

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