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Charmed: the Complete First Season [Blu-ray]

Release Date:10/30/2018
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Life was anything but dull for the Halliwell sisters during the first season of WB's Charmed. No sooner had they been reunited in their ostentatious family home in San Francisco than the three ladies -- Prue (Shannen Doherty), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), and Piper (Holly Marie Combs) -- discovered that they were the "Charmed Ones," good witches whose unique powers were ordained to benefit humankind and to vanquish evil. Using the ancient "Book of Shadows," the sisters quickly learned the ritual that would bring forth those powers: holding hands and chanting in unison, "The power of three will set us free." Unfortunately, the ladies' benevolent witchery wreaked a great deal of havoc on their private lives. Habitually unemployed, Phoebe (who had the gift of prophecy) was unable to hold a job due to the ofttimes terrible things that kept happening around her. Prue (who was telekinetic) did manage to find employment at the Buckland Auction House, only to discover that her boss, Rex Buckland (Neil Roberts), was a malevolent warlock. As for Piper (who had the ability to make time stand still), she was forever falling in love with the wrong guy -- and when the right guy, namely handyman Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause), finally came along, he turned out to be a "Whitelighter," a guardian angel assigned to protect the Halliwells and all other good witches...and thus "off limits" for poor Piper. Prue likewise had problems with her love life, especially after informing her off-and-on boyfriend, police inspector Andy Trudeau (T.W. King), that she was not your normal, average girl. By the end of season one, the management of the Buckland Auction House had passed into the hands of no-nonsense Clair Price (Cristine Rose), who may not have been the most pleasant person on earth, but at least wasn't a warlock; Piper had found work as a caterer, which brought her into contact with such nasty characters as the Demon goddess Hecate (Sarah Peterson); and Andy Trudeau had been suspended because he refused to investigate the paranormal activities that seemed to dog the Halliwell sisters wherever they went. Far worse was in store for Andy as the season drew to a close, but there was good news for the fans of Charmed, which, though not exactly a world-beater in the ratings, was one of WB's most-watched (and most talked about) series.