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Drone Protection

Keep your drone working like new with the help of over 20,000 Geek Squad® Agents who will get you up and running again if the unexpected happens.

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Why Choose Geek Squad Protection?

Coverage for Drones


The Protection Plan offers the following benefits:

Accidental Damage from Handling

If your drone fails or is accidentally damaged, we'll make it right. It's that simple.

One-Time Battery Replacement

We'll replace the original, non-disposable battery one time if it fails to hold a charge.

Normal Wear and Tear

We'll fix failures from dust, internal heat and humidity, plus defects in materials and workmanship.

Power Surge Repair

We'll handle the repair costs for equipment failure due to a power surge or fluctuation.

On-Board Camera Coverage

We'll get your camera back to capturing beautiful scenery and amazing videos if your camera accidentally breaks during normal use.


Anyone you give the covered product to will be able to obtain service under the Protection Plan. No additional charges or restrictions apply.

Convenient Claim Support

We're here for you if something goes wrong.

Geek Squad Disclaimer 1 Please refer to the terms and conditions for a complete description of coverage and exclusions. AIG WarrantyGuard, Inc. is the Obligor and Administrator of the coverage under this plan.