Giving a Gift

Shipping a Gift to Your Recipient

Do you want to prevent the price of your gift from being displayed on the packing slip? The gift price will be displayed on the packing slip unless you follow the steps below to include a gift message during check out.

  1. Click "Add gift option" under the "Buying a gift?" heading.
  2. Check the "Include a gift message" box.
  3. Enter your recipient's e-mail address and write a personal message.

If you are buying your gift from a Wish List or Wedding Registry, the gift price will not be displayed on the packing slip whether or not you choose to include a gift message at check out.

Your message will appear on the packing slip included in the box. We will also e-mail your message to the gift recipient once we have shipped the item. Your name will appear in the "From" field. Also, e-mailing a gift message will not place the recipient on any e-mail marketing lists. Once you've submitted a gift message, the only way to cancel it is to cancel the order.

Gifts for Store Pickup

You can request a gift receipt during Checkout for your Store Pickup order. If you request a gift receipt, this is the receipt that the person picking up the order will receive at the store, whether it's you or your designated pickup person. The gift receipt does not show the cost of items, but can be used for returns.

Gifts Purchased in Store

At the register, ask the cashier for a gift receipt. The gift receipt does not show the cost of items, but can be used for returns.

Gift Packaging

Gift packaging is available for select products. For more information, see our Gift Packaging Frequently Asked Questions.


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