Hisense - 55" Class - LED - H8 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR

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Watch movies with extra enjoyment on this Hisense 4K TV with HDR. Its 55-inch screen draws you in, and its self-lighting screen pixels are individually controlled to optimize color contrast. This internet-enabled Hisense 4K TV lets you binge your favorite television shows, and the Energy Star rating helps you keep utility bills in check.

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What's Included

  • Batteries
  • Hisense 55" Class - LED - H8 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR
  • Owner's manual
  • Remote control
  • Stand

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
94% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (963 out of 1026)


Smart Enabled

Get access to a world of instant entertainment with this product. Just connect to the Internet and stream movies, listen to music, and access a wide variety of other content.

  • Netflix
  • Pandora
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Video
  • VUDU

Local dimming

Increases bright and dark areas of the screen for sharper contrast.

4K UHD upscaling

Improve your lower resolution content by upconverting it as close to 4K as possible with the built-in upscaling engine.

54.6" screen (measured diagonally from corner to corner)

Large enough to provide an immersive experience for everyone in the room.

2160p resolution for breathtaking HD images

Watch 4K movies and TV shows at 4x the resolution of Full HD, and upscale your current HD content to gorgeous, Ultra HD-level picture quality.

Watch high dynamic range (HDR) content on your TV

With an HDR-compatible 4K TV, you can enjoy HDR movies and TV shows, in addition to all your current content.

Smart TV with access to streaming services for countless entertainment options

Stream shows, movies, games and more with the TV's built-in Wi-Fi and integrated apps.

Advanced TV sound

Two 10W main channel speakers.

Dolby Digital

Optimizes the sound for TV from sources like Internet movies and music, connected PCs, smartphones and tablets.

4 HDMI inputs for the best home theater connection

High-speed HDMI delivers up to 2160p picture and digital surround sound in one convenient cable. HDMI cable not included.

Enjoy the picture from multiple angles

176° horizontal and vertical viewing angles provide a clear picture for viewers seated near the side of the screen.

Motion Rate 120

Enjoy high-speed action with good motion clarity.

3 USB inputs

Easily connect your digital camera, camcorder or other USB device.

Web-based services and content require high-speed Internet service. Some services may require a subscription.

Overall customer rating

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1026 reviews

94%of customers would recommend this to a friend



Most helpful reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Good value

    • Verified Purchaser
    • My Best Buy® Member

    I really like this TV for about 75% of my uses. Unfortunately for the other 25% of my use, I really dislike it. What I liked: The panel is a true 10 bit panel. It supports true 4:4:4 chroma which is an absolute MUST if you plan to use it as a PC monitor. Input lag at 1080p is decent at around 35 ms. The refresh is pretty fast so not too much ghosting. The tv supports HDR-10 which is pretty amazing at this price point. What I didn't like: The input lag at 4K is pretty unusable at around 60+ ms. If you plan to game at 4K, then look elsewhere. This is not the TV you're looking for. To give an idea, if you are playing a FPS fast action shooter, if you push the trigger, two or three whole frames will pass before it shows up on the screen. Viewing angle is really narrow. Who this TV is for: Those who want a TV for watching movies but aren't concerned with wide viewing angles. People who are planning to use it as a PC monitor but not for gaming. This TV makes a FANTASTIC PC monitor due to 10bit and 4:4:4 chroma support. (if you don't know what chroma support is, see attached pictures. The crisp sharp text is the chroma 444 and the blurrrier one is chroma 420) Want a great picture but are on a budget Gamers who only plan on gaming at 1080p Who this TV isn't for: Gamers who want to play 4K resolution Large crowds where people will not be able to be able to view from straight on. In conclusion it's a fantastic value if you aren't gaming in 4K or require wide viewing angles

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    $500 TV Rivals $1,000 Top Brand Models

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus Member

    I was a little skeptical of buying a brand I wasn't familiar with. But then I looked at the features and mostly positive reviews and decided for $500, why not. After I bought it, my brother tells me this is the one he'd been eyeing at the store- said it had a picture better than all the Samsungs and Sonys with quantum dots and all that... even looked almost as good as OLED. I wondered how this was possible, but I had to admit the picture did look excellent. Apparently this Hisense uses a VA panel which allows for super dark blacks, which is partly how it achieves such an amazing picture. VA panels have their drawbacks- you sacrifice viewing angle (which is why reviews cite picture degradation when viewed from an angle) but if you're sitting directly in front of this TV, it looks absolutely amazing. I never have a whole group of people watching with me anyways, and certainly never from an angle. But it is something to note- if you plan to have people watching from 30-45 degree angles (or more), check it out in a store first and see if you're ok with how it looks. I am no videophile and even I can see the degradation from sharp angles (tends to start losing a little color as you pivot to the side) but, if you plan to watch it straight on, take advantage of this VA panel that gives you near-OLED level blacks without the baggage of OLED (like temporary image retention and larger input lag). The HDR... need to talk about that. So ok, the TV interprets HDR10 format, which is what most HDR sources use. You update the TV via wifi and it gets patched in. But just know that the official Ultra HD Premium logo for "true HDR" requires 1000 nits peak brightness while this TV only hits around 440 (which is still good mind you- 1,000 is just an insane number and because this TV has such incredibly dark blacks the contrast ratio is really good) and the new wide color gamut, which uses rec2020 color spectrum while this TV still uses the traditional rec709. Honest opinion though, if you're an average Joe user like me, the wide color gamut isn't really a big deal. This TV does indeed use a 10 bit panel though, not 8-bit. So while you won't get HDR that takes it to such extremes like a $1200 Samsung, you do get a moderate taste of it, all in a $500 package which is basically unheard of. I've tried the HDR on my PS4 and it's definitely noticeable. I mean, the colors pop more and you can see detail in areas otherwise too bright and washed out... even if it's a toned down HDR it still makes it look noticeably better. And honestly, after all the horror stories of HDR making games look worse from being too dark and bright in areas, I rather appreciate a more toned down effect that enhances rather than taking center stage. As for other features... the local dimming doesn't have that many zones. But still, any local dimming at all is appreciated. I watched Civil War last night and the black bars on top and bottom, they looked so black it matched the black border of the TV itself. It was crazy. When the TV is on but has no signal, you can't even tell it's on. Which is just incredible. There are 4 HDMI ports, but only 3 and 4 are HDMI 2.0 which support 4K @60Hz. I only need one for my PS4. And next year when Scorpio releases it will get the other one. All normal HDMI like Wii U and Switch can use HDMI 1 and 2 with a splitter. All in all, I'm very satisfied with this TV. For $500 you won't find a better deal. The blacks on this TV are incredible, and without the $2,000 OLED price tag. The 4K image is crisp and clear- even Netflix looks sharper than 1080p BluRay. You can see the pores on people's faces like you're standing right there. I'm just blown away, and even my brother, after coming to check it out yesterday, has decided to go buy one of these. Will update if I experience any issues. But usually if a TV has issues it's right out of the box in my experience

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



    Let me just say this is the best t.v. i have ever owned, i have a sony xbr810c, a samsung ju6300 and a Vizio P series 2015 and this Hinsense blows them all out of the water once the settings are calibrated correctly. Best Buy had every tv in the store playing 4k content except for the Hisense, which was playing a regular Dvd hmmmm i wonder why? I will tell u its because u would purchase the hisense because its way cheaper. I cant lie, i was nervous about purchasing the Hisense because of the unfamiliarity but boy im glad i did. I purchased a bundle package which includes the 55h8c, Philips BDP7501 4k player, and 4 4k blu ray movies all for a grand total $826.00 you can not beat that. Dont be fooled by rtings.com or any other site bashing Hinsense 55h8c. The pictures i post will speak for themselves. U must use these calibration settings: Picture Mode Theater Brightness 52 Contrast 40 Color 42-46 Local Dim On Backlight 40 This was at night Up to You Tint 0 Sharpness 4 Ultra Smooth Off Noise Off Adaptaptive Con Off Color Temp Standard White Balance Offsets R-3 G0 B4 Gain R-2 G0 B5 10 Point Level 10% R0 G2 B6 20% R0 G1 B1 30% R0 G1 B0 40% R0 G0 B2 90% R2 G1 B3 100% R4 G4 B6 Color Tuner Hue Sat Bright All Zero on all Colors Except for Flesh Tones Saturation -4

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Solid 4k television for the budget minded buyer

    • Verified Purchaser
    • My Best Buy® Member

    If you have a plasma that is in good working order, keep it. You won't find a TV with deeper colors and better refresh rates on the market at the $500-$600 price point. If however you are looking to upgrade from an older LCD to a 4k television and don't want to commit over a $1,000 towards the "latest and greatest" then this may be a good fit for you. The picture looks great when viewed directly from the front, I would say it is comparable to the more popular name brand televisions. However, the viewing angles on this television are horrid. The reds look brown and all the colors washout when viewing the television outside of a 30 or 40 degree angle. If you are sitting directly in front of the unit this will not be a concern. 4k content looks great as well, keep the viewing angles in mind (I can't stress that enough) and adjust the picture and color modes according to personal preference to get the most out of this T.V. The television does fine with movies and decent with gaming. A hardcore gamer may scoff at the latency, but this full time dad and part time gamer can't track the difference. Cost is the selling point here. Product seems to be at a mid-grade level. If you want to enter into the 4k market and not spend a lot of money this is a good product for that end.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Great TV/Lacking HDR

    • My Best Buy® Member

    The picture quality of this TV is fantastic for your money. However they are advertising HDR and it is not available through HDMI. It should work right out of the box. So until the HDR is up and running as advertised I will reserve my rating to 3 stars. If this gets fixed, I will change my rating. I'm really missing this feature on 4K blurays.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Excellent value, very nice tv.

    • Verified Purchaser
    • My Best Buy® Elite Member

    Wanted to update my older Samsung tv and have been looking at the Hisense tv's and been looking at reviews (taking some of them lightly as sometimes things happen). First impression on tv was the screen is very clear compared to my old 1080p LCD tv. Set up of tv very easy and streamlined. Am using tv with a hopper 2 from dish and watched different types of tv channels. The picture quality was very good , I did turn the smoothing option up. But so far have not found anything negative with tv. I do not have any 4K video equipment at this time so I have not seen any 4K native picture. But would expect it would look very nice. The 4 year warranty was also a big selling point to me.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great deal for gaming

    • Verified Purchaser
    • My Best Buy® Member

    I asked the staff at store about the HDR function of Hisense. He said it is not a real HDR but enough for gaming. I bought it anyway, was concerned about if ps4pro and xbox 1 s don't support it though. When I tested the 4K and HDR function via my xbox one s, it said the tv only worked for low 4K and didn't support HDR 10. I was annoyed but soon found the way to solve it. That is, you need to go to HDMI option and switch from standard mode to enhanced. And, make sure only HDMI 3&4 inputs work for UHD 4K and HDR. If you don't have a budget over $600, this should be a great choice.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


    • Verified Purchaser
    • My Best Buy® Elite Member

    The review summary says it all. For the price, the picture quality on this Hisense 55 inch 4K ultra hd smart tv is outstanding. Set up was easy and experienced no problems or issues. Best part of all is that as long as this tv is registered within a set amount of time, the warranty will be for 4 years. That is amazing for a tv of this price. Much, much better then the warranty on my expensive Samsung TV's. If I had to do it again, I definitely would re-purchase this tv.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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