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Works with Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings

Make your home a little smarter

with Samsung SmartThings compatible smart home products.

With a SmartThings Hub, you can control a wide range of connected devices in your home, including compatible lights, speakers, locks, thermostats and more.

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Voice assistants
Control your lighting and thermostat, get answers, stream music and much more.
Smart thermostats
Automate and adjust the temperature with your smartphone or voice.
Smart lighting
Automate and control your lighting using your smartphone or voice.
Security cameras
Monitor your home from anywhere with video on your smartphone.
Home security
Help protect your home and family with a home security starter kit.
Wireless doorbell cameras
See, hear and speak to anyone at your door.
Smart switches and plugs
Replace your switches and plugs with smarter versions.
Smart locks
Control your door locks with your smartphone.
Motion sensors and detectors
Receive alerts if motion is detected in your home.
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Receive alerts if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.
Leak sensors
Receive alerts if water is detected somewhere in your home.
Wireless audio
Choose playlists and send music throughout your home.
Sprinkler and irrigation control
Adjust your sprinkler system from anywhere.

Samsung SmartThings Compatible Products

Samsung SmartThings can teach your home some new tricks and make your life much easier. With a SmartThings Hub and compatible smart home products, you can control and monitor a wide range of actions using your smartphone or voice, including turning lights on and off, detecting motion in and around your home, and keeping an eye on things with security cameras.

Smart Lighting

Philips Hue lighting and other compatible smart lighting products make it easy to control your lights automatically. You can adjust the strength and color of your lighting without having to get up from your chair or bed. You can set the lights to come on at specified times, or when you enter your home or a specific room.

Motion Sensors

Help secure your home and property with compatible smart motion sensors. They can detect motion in and around your home and send you an alert, which is especially important when you're sleeping or away from home. There are even sensors that can detect and alert you when water is building up within your home.

Security Cameras

See and hear what's happening at home when you can't be there. Compatible smart cameras can alert you if there's movement or unexpected activity, and you can choose cameras that record in HD, provide multiple days of recorded activity, and allow you to listen and speak with people using a two-way talk feature.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant allow you to use voice commands to control smart lighting, smart thermostats, wireless speakers and other smart home products. You can also get answers to a wide range of questions, get weather info, request music to be streamed and so much more.

Wi-Fi Tips

You love all of your smart devices, but they are all demanding attention from your Wi-Fi. That's going to slow things way down, unless you have a great wireless network. So you may want to consider upgrading your wireless network for a faster, smoother connection. See our Wi-Fi tips to learn more about building a strong home Wi-Fi network.