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iRobot - Roomba 690 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum - Black/Silver

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Clean your carpets efficiently with this iRobot Roomba vacuum. It lets you set a schedule for automated vacuuming, and the sensors help it navigate under furniture and around objects on the floor for a more thorough cleaning job. This iRobot Roomba vacuum has internal brushes, agitators and suction to handle debris and pet hair.

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    What's Included

    • iRobot Roomba 690
    • Charging stand
    • Virtual Wall unit
    • Filter
    • Cleaning tool

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    93% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1122 out of 1210)


    Keeps carpets and hard floors clean

    Automatically adjusts to vacuum all floor types.

    3-stage cleaning system

    The patented system loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt, dust, pet hair and even large debris like cereal from your floors.

    Seamless navigation

    A full suite of sensors enable Roomba to seamlessly navigate around obstacles, under furniture, and sweep along wall edges, while avoiding stairs and other drop offs.

    iRobot HOME App

    Lets you connect to clean from anywhere, make presets to clean on a schedule.

    Automatic docking and recharging

    After your floors are clean, the robot returns to the docking station to charge.

    Voice control capability

    Ask your Amazon Alexa device or the Google Assistant to start, stop, or dock your robot.

    Convenient scheduling

    iRobot HOME App lets you preset to clean on a schedule, up to 7x per week.

    Lithium-ion battery

    Provides up to 60 minutes of run time per full charge.

    3.6" low profile design

    Cleans under furniture, beds and toe kicks.

    Lightweight design

    Use handle for easy carrying from room to room.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 1210 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews



    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Really Impressed - Great Light Duty Vacuum

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I'd never dealt with a Roomba or any other robotic vacuum before this one. I have to say I'm blown away by how well this little guy cleans and navigates, both on hardwood and carpet. It won't replace your normal vacuum, but it'll definitely keep the floors cleaner between normal vacuuming. Setting up the vacuum was a pretty simple process - you plug in the base station, charge the vacuum for a few hours, then connect it to WiFi via the app. Cleaning can be initiated via the button on the vacuum or the app. You can also enter a schedule for cleaning via the app. It’s also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo, so if you have one of those you can control it that way as well. Once the setup was done I ran it on the first floor of my house. I live in a two-story town home. My first floor is all laminate hardwood and consists of a hallway, kitchen, dining area, and living area. No doors separate these areas, but it is sort of an odd shape, so I was curious to see how the Roomba would handle this. I am pleased to say that it was able to navigate and clean the whole area in about 25-30 minutes. The pattern it follows seemed a little random, but the more I watched it and the adjustments it made the more impressed I was. It was able to drive itself under couches, tables, a kitchen island, and many other spaces that were hardly bigger than the vacuum itself. It go into corners and crevices I could never get to with my normal upright vacuum. Not only that, it was able to drive itself out of those spaces with no problem at all. In the time I have used it hasn't gotten itself stuck once. It picked up a ton of dust as well - about as much as I would get using my normal upright vacuum. It ended filling the whole dust bin in the vacuum. The dust bin seems to be on the small side in my opinion, but with the size of the vacuum there isn't a whole lot that can be done about that. Next I tried my second floor, which is carpet and consists of 3 bedrooms, a hallway, and 2 bathrooms. I started the Roomba in the hallway and it was able to navigate itself in and out of each room, albeit the process and progression from room to room took much longer. I also had to empty the dust-bin a few times along the way. I know there are higher-end Roomba models that are made specifically for multi-room navigation, but this one got the job done. The job the Roomba did downstairs was evident, but I wanted to see how much dust it had left behind in my carpet, so I ran my upright vacuum upstairs afterwards. My upright is Shark Rocket that I've been happy with for a while. It's a stick vacuum, so the canister is smaller than other regular vacuums. I normally fill my Shark 2-3 times vacuuming the second floor. Following the Roomba, I only had to empty the canister on my Shark one time, which I consider a win for the Roomba since it was able to pick up 60-70% of the dirt my normal vacuum could - far more than I was expecting considering its size. The runtime Roomba quotes for the 690 is 60 minutes, which in my use seemed about right. I think maybe I could get it to run a bit longer on hardwood where there isn’t as much resistance. As I understand the Roomba will navigate itself back to the dock when the battery gets low, but I always ended my cleaning jobs before that. Still, I have witnessed the Roomba make its way back to the dock a few times with no problem. Overall I’m extremely impressed with this vacuum. It’s not going to completely eliminate my Shark, but it does so much more than I ever expected it to. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in a robotic vacuum.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      One Of The Best Maids You Can Buy

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 25 ContributorTop 25 Contributor

      I would like to start off by saying that I own a top-of the line Roomba, so I was excited to test the Roomba 690 to see how it compared. Here is a little background information on the Roomba 690. It has a edge sweeping brushes that loosen, lift, and suction debris from all floor types. Roomba has sensors to automatically detect high dirt concentrations on your floors and then performs a detailed cleaning of that high grime area. It is amazing how this device can sense these "extra-dirty" areas and clean and re-clean that particular area. Amazing, but it really works. I personally can attest to the fact that the Roomba very efficiently cleans your floors and carpets. It always does a magnificent cleaning job in our home. Look at your floors for example, and what do you see? Clean, right? Unleash the Roomba and see what happens. Roomba makes it way into your bedrooms and starts cleaning underneath your beds, underneath your sofas, and everywhere it can reach. When was the last time you actually moved your beds or sofas and cleaned under there? Wait until Roomba finishes cleaning your home and you empty its debris container. I guarantee that it will be filled with lots of dirt, fuzz, food particles and whatever else was resting on your floors. That's when it will hit you, as to how dirty your floors really were. You won't see most of the dirt but Roomba will find the dirt! Roomba is not designed for wet floor use and is not going to clean mud or sticky messes on your floor. You will still have to mop your floors for that ultimate clean in your home. Roomba has sensors that allow the unit to wend its way through the obstacles in your home. We have lots of chairs in our kitchen, a bird cage, and a baby high chair. Roomba has never gotten stuck between the table or chair legs but has gotten stuck in other areas of our home. The Roomba did become lodged in my testing under some of the baseboards in our kitchen and also under our TV stand as these areas have irregular heights and our TV stand is warped. What actually happens is the Roomba initially has enough clearance to get under these particular areas, but becomes lodged when "topside" clearance narrows down and prevents it from properly maneuvering. I really don't feel that this is the fault of the unit, but is due to the unevenness of our TV stand and baseboards. There is a solution to this and it's called Virtual Wall Barrier which is included with the Roomba 690. A bit more about the Virtual Wall Barrier a little later on in the review. Roomba does really well as we have a sunken living room and has never fallen down over the step. It simply reverses course and continues its cleaning routine. It should work equally as well if you have a townhouse with stairs. What I did not test the Roomba on was shag carpet, or very thick carpets. My home is tiled, and has throw rugs or mats placed through our home. Roomba did not even blink an eye when switching from tiled floors to carpeting. The verdict on shag carpets is unknown. This unit comes with one Virtual Wall Barrier device, which electronically blocks your Roomba from entering a room, or passing a certain point of a room. All you do is activate and set the Virtual Wall barrier and the Roomba will not proceed past that "set-point". Virtual wall barriers can also be placed in strategic areas of a cleaned area, which will prevent the Roomba from entering those particular areas. Virtual wall barriers are ideal for areas in which it tends to become stuck (as mentioned in my earlier part of the review) such as kitchen base boards or under certain TV stands. A word on run times. Roomba 690 has an advertised run time of 60 minutes. I have a 1750 square foot home, so if I let the unit roam entirely by itself, it will clean my entire home. If you have very large homes or apartments, your Roomba will probably return to the base station for recharging before it finishes cleaning your entire home or apartment. When Roomba wears down its battery charge, it will "auto-doc" to the home station when it needs to be charged. No need to pick it up and hand-carry it. In my testing, Roomba always returned to the base station by itself when it needed to be charged. Roomba has Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. It can be controlled through the iRobot Home application which means you are able to customize its cleaning schedule and check its cleaning status. You are also able to access customer support from any Android or IOS device. In closing, I have to admit the Roomba 690 performs as well as my top of the line Roomba unit. Roomba 690 does a magnificent job of capturing dirt, dust, fuzz, and anything else in its way. Run time was sufficient enough to clean my home without it having to auto-return to base for recharging. My top of the line Roomba unit has a run time of 120 minutes as compared to 60 minutes for the Roomba 690. It also managed to clean my area rugs from any loose debris. My only wish, is that the Roomba 690 be marketed with two Virtual Wall Barriers (instead of one) which are really handy items. Having a mechanical maid in your home is awesome. Roomba 690 is a winner and will pay for itself by not having to hire a maid.

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Our cats finally met their match!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 1000 ContributorTop 1000 Contributor

      iRobot - Roomba 690 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum I live in a carpeted 900 square feet apartment with my wife, 8 years old son, and 2 cats. We have a shark for normal vacuuming and a Bissell wet vacuum which we use once a week and once a month respectively to keep the house clean and avoid allergies, and funny smells when we have guests coming. Which is OK if the both of us didn’t have full time jobs and so many sport practices and activities to take our son to. So here comes the Roomba and what is saved us in time and agony (and some time fights on who’s turn to vacuum is it today!). This little devil did way more than what was expected of it in terms of accuracy, cleaning, and cat hair removal. And we will be using it every day to keep the carpets clean, and our cats somewhat freaked out (No cats were harmed in this review). I will start with the cons because the only con I found is the price, but this is very normal considering the technology and if you want to be lazy, you have to pay up! The pros are: Very easy to get it to start, just pull out the battery isolator, plug the dock in electricity, place the Roomba on the doc, let it charge for a couple of ours, and while doing so, you can connect your new Roomba to your home network by downloading the app from the google or App store depending on the maker of your phone. Connecting to your home network is very easy, it took less than a minute, and that's including linking it to my Google home (it can be linked to google home, Alexa, google assistant on phones that support it. I can’t attest to Iphones since we do not own any). After a while on the charger, I had many options to start the Roomba, I could do it by pressing the clean button on the machine, or by using the provided Roomba app, or by telling my android phone with Google assistant: Ok Google..please ask Roomba to start cleaning (which I did). Roomba moved out of its dock, started a not so high vacuuming noise and found its way around my apartment, and boy it did clean (check the pictures, this was collected in 15 minutes only from a carpet that was vacuumed 3 days ago!). Roomba moved easily between my many pieces of furniture and never got stuck once, more over, it ran over a charging cable without eating it or shredding it to pieces. And its height of less than 4 inches gave it an advantage over my shark by going under furniture without the need to lift anything. Roomba left little track marks on the carpet unlike my Shark (some will say marks mean more cleaning power), but I liked that, because the pattern of Roomba is random. Roomba also comes with a little virtual barrier that you can turn on to create a virtual wall that Roomba can’t cross or set it up to make a halo to protect a small area of about 4 feet from being approached by Roomba (useful in case of pet food, drinking water). I asked Roomba to end cleaning using Google assistant so it stopped and asked me if I wanted it to go back to its charging base which I agreed to, and it's magic! Roomba went back to its dock and started charging again. I am super satisfied by this Roomba, and I can say it's a perfect addition to any small apartment with pets in it. The app can schedule Roomba to run different programs 7 days a week.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Wifi Proves Useful on a Vacuum

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      PERFORMANCE-- When you first turn on the Roomba and it starts the cleaning process, you'll likely notice that it kind of "ping pongs" around the room and vacuums at random.  Yet, at the end of the job, you'll notice that most (if not all) of your floor has been cleaned.  So while it may not look like it at first, there apparently is a method to its madness. The Roomba goes from my hardwood floors to my linoleum to my carpet without a hiccup.  It just keeps rolling along and adapting to whatever surface it's on.  It can sense most walls and furniture and it will slow it's approach until it's bumper touches, at which point it will either turn or it will continue vacuuming alongside the length of the obstruction.  If it detects dirt (which is does by sensing the "rattling" sound), it will concentrate on that particular area by going around in circles.  A "dirt" LED light will also illuminate on the Roomba when this happens, so you're not stuck wondering why it's spinning around.  It also updates the stats in the iRobot app to show how many "dirt detection" events occurred. The side brush complements the Roomba's cleaning very well.  It gets those dust particles that collect near the walls that even a traditional vacuum has trouble getting to.  It also helps "pull in" other debris as it goes around it's normal route. However, the Roomba 690 is not perfect.  It sometimes gets tangled on cords you forgot were on the floor and it can get stuck under furniture.  For some reason, it does not seem to detect my TV stand and will run into it at full speed, which doesn't appear to damage the stand, but I'm starting to see some paint marks on the Roomba.  But for a majority of vacuuming, the Roomba gets the job done. FEATURES-- The predominant feature with the 690 model is its Wifi connectivity and app.  I thought this was somewhat gimmicky at first.  I mean, do vacuums really need to connect to the internet?  However, the app does prove to be useful in several scenarios: - You can start a cleaning task when you're away from home.  With my last robotic vacuum, as soon as I would leave my house I would often think, "Darn, I should have started the vacuum before I left." Now, that's not an issue, as you simply open up the app and hit the big button labeled "Clean" when you're away from home. - You can check the status of the Roomba and receive a push notification when the Roomba is done or if an error occurs. - It provides instructional videos for cleaning the various parts of the Roomba.  No more hunting for the manual. - It can help you locate the Roomba if it did not return to its charging station. - You can link the Roomba to Amazon Alexa and Google Home using the app.  Now, I just need to say, "Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning" and the Roomba starts. The app gave me some trouble at first, claiming that I was not on the same network as the Roomba (I was).  However, this may have been due the Roomba updating it's onboard software, as the issue cleared itself a few minutes later. The package includes one virtual wall that can be used to keep Roomba from crossing an invisible line into another room.  It can also be setup as a "radius" barrier in order to prevent the Roomba from running into pet bowls or plants.   EASE OF USE-- Assembling a robot to clean your home may sound like a daunting task, but I found the Roomba very easy to set-up.  The included instructions are well illustrated and show you how to remove the packing material from the Roomba and prepare the home base. The iRobot App will guide you through linking the Roomba to your home Wifi.  This does require you to temporarily remove your phone from your home's Wifi and connect to the Roomba's temporary Wifi broadcast.  Many other connected-home items I've used in the past did not require this step as they can receive the Wifi information from your phone via Bluetooth, but it appears that Bluetooth is not available on the Roomba.  I was displeased that I had to create an account and password just for the iRobot App (yet another password I'll never remember), but the process was straightforward. Ongoing maintenance is surprisingly easy: empty the bin,  clean the filter and check the brushes and the front wheel for loose strings and debris.  None of the steps are difficult nor very time consuming.  Again, the app can guide you through these steps as well and allows you to order replacement parts. VALUE-- So is a robotic vacuum worth the investment?  Despite my desire to have a smart home, I would often scuff at the idea of buying a robotic vacuum since I was perfectly capable of vacuuming myself.  Then after I purchased my first one, I was hooked.  Let's face it: none of us have a lot of free time.  And when we do, we don't want to spend it doing something like vacuuming.  But unless we want our houses to be featured on the next episode of Hoarders, vacuuming is a necessary evil.  To me, a robotic vacuum is a worthwhile investment as a compliment to your regular vacuuming schedule and it frees up your time for other tasks. Unfortunately, the Roomba won't completely vacuum your entire house.  They still haven't developed a model that can navigate stairs or move furniture, so you will still need to occasionally run the regular ol' vacuum.  But for a majority of cleaning, the Roomba does a surprisingly thorough job. I purchased my previous Roomba model 1.5 years ago and it is still working very well, so it would appear that iRobot produces durable machines.  Overall, the Roomba 690 is a good value with convenient app-controlled features, making it a worthy ally in maintaining your home.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Handles our daily messes

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      We received our Roomba 690 2 weeks ago through the BestBuy Tech Insider Network program. The unit arrived in perfect condition, with the Retail packaging protected by a shipping box. Inside the retail box we found: - 1 fully assembled Roomba 690. - 1 Charging stand with AC power cord. - 1 'Virtual Wall", including 2 Duracell AA batteries. - 1 Cleaning Tool (for cleaning the Roomba's brushes). - 1 extra dust filter. - 1 Setup guide, 1 Manual, and warranty info card. Setup was easy, taking only 5 minutes to follow iRobot's instructions, including downloading the Android app and connecting the Roomba to our home network. This model of Roomba can use the the basic functions of the Android app, including: - Start, Pause, or Stop a cleaning job. - Send the Roomba back "Home" to its charging stand. - Schedule one cleaning job per day to auto-start. - Check results of previous jobs After allowing the Roomba to fully charge, I tested it in our dining room, which holds our counter-height table and 8 chairs. This is the most "obstacle-dense" room in the house, and I was interested in seeing how well the Roomba could navigate around all those chair and table legs. I expected the Roomba to begin by "mapping" the edges of the room and then follow some sort of overlapping pattern to make sure it cleaned the entire floor. Instead, it began cleaning in a seemingly random series of passes, changing direction when it came to an obstacle. I left it to finish the job, and found myself pleasantly surprised by the results. Although the Roomba's round shape prevents it from cleaning deep into tight corners, it actually cleaned very well, even under the table and chairs, and along the baseboards. Our home has Laminate flooring everywhere except the hallway and bathrooms, which are Vinyl tile. We have area rugs, welcome mats, and transition strips in the usual places, (and toddler toys in the unusual ones). I have only seen the 690 have trouble transitioning between the bare floor and an area rug once. A small rug in the kitchen had one corner flipped over, and the Roomba got hung up on it somehow. I let it work the problem out on its own, and after several minutes of a mildly amusing robotic "hissy fit", it was able to free itself and continue cleaning. The transition strips between the Laminate and tile floors have been no problem at all. This model of Roomba is intended for cleaning one room only, or possibly 2 adjoining rooms. When I activated it to clean the dining room (where it's charging stand is), it also wandered into the kitchen and cleaned it. I had the "Virtual Wall" set to keep the Roomba from wandering off down the hallway at the other end of the room, and that worked perfectly. The GOOD: - Easy Setup - Decent cleaning - picks up everything from Honey-nut Cheerios to fine dust. - Good battery life - finishes 2 rooms with plenty of power to spare. - Object avoidance works well! - We have an 18 month-old boy in the house who has NO problem with leaving his toys everywhere (the little rebel!) and to date, the Roomba hasn't eaten anything it shouldn't. The BAD: - 18-month old boys are apparently genetically driven to try to RIDE the Roomba while it is cleaning. The Roomba does NOT respond well to this! This is NOT a fault in the Roomba, but it bears mentioning. - This model is intended for single-room cleaning, so allowing the Roomba to wander into adjoining rooms or down a hallway will frequently result in the unit being unable to find its way back to the charging dock, requiring you to carry it back "Home". - The Roomba is actually a bit louder than I expected. It's not nearly as loud as our Dyson, but we avoid running it during nap time. This model works well for keeping a single room (or maybe 2 adjoining rooms) vacuumed. For larger homes or multi-room cleaning, I would recommend upgrading to the Roomba 960 or 980.

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      The Dog I've Always Wanted That Picks Up After Me!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I’ve been told that you need to give each vacuum cleaner robot a name because “that’s what you do” - I don’t know what to name him, so Reginald will suffice for the purposes of this review. Personally, an automated robotic vacuum cleaner has been something on my ‘want’ list for a long while. I live in a smallish apartment with ~700 sq feet of space and frankly would love the ability to have something do a boring task for me at the press of a button. As is, one cannot discount the ‘name’ of iRobot Roomba - one of the first (if not the first) major players in the space, these vacuums have long been viewed as the ‘Cadillac’ of automated cleaners. And the 690 is a continuation of that trend. With iAdapt Navigation, a nifty app that can do slightly more than pressing a single button to clean, and a three stage cleaning system, this would qualify as a ‘base level device with a minor upgrade’ in my book. It can seamlessly move between carpeted and hard floor areas, along with navigating around most of your clutter with relative ease. What do I mean by “slightly more than ... clean” when I reference the app? The app can tell you the history of the cleaner as to how many times it used it’s dirt detect function, how long it cleaned for, how the last job was finished (bin full, maintenance, battery empty, or completed). You can also schedule runtimes for the robot and pull some other simple metrics on the bot. Nothing major, and almost not enough in my book to be called “app-controlled.” That said, what the app does do, it does effectively, so I suppose I can’t stand on my soapbox of everything having a useless app nowadays here - I plan to keep it installed for the long run. Anyway… without further ado, the first 24 hours from the view of Reginald: As a new member to this prison which the human calls an apartment, it is standard custom to pick a fight with the biggest appliance one can find to show that you’re toughest machine in the place. The dishwasher has responded to my challenge! ...I lost and earned a few gnarly gashes on my lid. Turns out cheap plastic doesn’t stand up well to stainless steel. Some guards were put on the dishwasher to make sure we don’t fight again - I make no promises. The dishwasher won’t see me coming. Found what I thought was some spaghetti shortly thereafter. Turns out it was a draw tie to a mesh bag with a delicious aftertaste. Unfortunately, I got it horribly caught up in my gears and the human had to hold me upside down and pull out my entire beater assembly to get me free. Tasted so good I have made it a point to go find more of this tasty spaghetti. Anyway! He really let this place go - I kinda think it was a test for me. Cleaned up the place in short time - only took about two hours for the first cleaning. Seamlessly moving between carpet and hard floors. My bin was well filled throughout the process. He admittedly has a ton of weird corners, but after bashing my brains in a few times, I think that I’ve got an ok take of the place. Do still need to do the same brain thumps every time I start, but by the end of the process I can lightly tap most objects to feel where they’re at. I personally can’t wait The human still calls me names like “loud mouth” and “dunce” (for hitting so many things), but I think that he will come to enjoy the company. Shortened for quick reading: Picked a fight with my dishwasher, lost - would love to see some more protection than plastic on the top lid. This is a lower end Roomba with wireless connectivity (the main upgrade between the previous 600 series and the 690). Meaning it still bumps into everything to make sure that it’s there. Towards the end of its cleaning cycle, the bumps turn into soft taps and it seems to recognize humans enough to not hit them full force, but it still loves hitting things. Roomba’s are always known as loud. I’m not sure if it is directly proportionate to the amount of suction it has or if it is just loud. This is discounting the bumping action. It does get quieter on carpet. Decent cleaning pattern, seems to be able to pick up moderately sized debris. A test I have for it in the near future is seeing what it misses/hits with the carpet dust you can buy to make the place smell swell. As an aside, upon opening the package, they do state "for software programmers interested in giving Roomba new functionality, we encourage you to do so." I had contacted them on their support chat line and was told the “new functionality” was their iRobot app. I’ve pressed their email line for more details, I’m hoping to make Reginald a bit smarter if there are more details. What do I like? It cleans the place for me effectively and with minimal hassle. What do I not like? It’s loud and the device material composition is one that can become very ugly very quickly through normal use.

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Loving my new robot!

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
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      So this review is 3 months post purchase. I wanted to give the Roomba a chance to fail, to do something annoying, or worse, have my expensive toy break. This didnt happen. 1. Setup. Setup is fairly simple. Just plug in the charging station AGAINST A WALL (preferably in a corner or you'll likely have to anchor it down) and set the robot on top of the charger (wait for the charging light to show up to make sure its docked properly). While you're waiting for your roomba to charge, you can insert the AA batteries into the virtual wall if you choose to use the virtual wall to make the roomba stay in a certain area or to prohibit the roomba from going into a certain area (I recommend a wall near pet bowls) and download the app and begin setting up the wifi connection. Once the roomba is charged, connect the roomba to the app with a few strategic button presses. Setup for me was a breeze once I realized that there is a ring of buttons around the main Clean button. 2. Operation. I prefer to turn on the roomba from the app and let it zip around the house at will. I dont use the virtual walls because my home has a fairly open floorplan and nothing really for the roomba to disturb if it bumps into them. Just FYI, this model does NOT create a map of your home and it does NOT remember where its gone previously. It just bumps and bounces around finding walls and travelling down walls. It does "seem" to have a pretty good idea of where bedrooms are though and will be cleaning along a wall and then will dart into a bedroom. So there is "some" awareness there, but I dont believe this model does the house mapping. So dont get upset at the robot for not seeming to "remember" where your furniture is and it bumps up against your couch for the 300th time. This isnt that model of roomba. Does it clean? Yes! Does it do a good job? Yes! Are you going to have to babysit your roomba as it cleans your house? No! However, be aware that the roomba is small and it might not get your entire dwelling in its 1 hour charge. And it may go right back at an area that it just cleaned an hour ago. If it misses an area in 2 passes, I'd recommend picking up the roomba and helping it out a little bit and place it where its missed if you need a certain area done. Also it doesnt make nice vacu-tracks as I like to call them. You're not going to get nice parallel lines of vacutracks. You'll get diagonal lines and maybe a horizontal, and then a swirl when it finds a particular dirty area then another horizontal and a diagonal. How does this roomba deal with the transition from hardwood to carpeting? Perfectly. I have about a 50/50 split with area rugs and straight up carpeted areas and straight up hardwoods. It has no issue making the transition and cleaning both effortlessly. How does it deal with thresholds? Pretty well. The roomba has large tires (for a low profile vacuum) and it can lift itself slightly to get over a threshold (like a bathroom or a bedroom transition from hardwood to carpeting). In addition to thresholds, I have a nasty rug situation in one room with a huge wrinkle that I cant get out due to furniture. Roomba navigates the giant wrinkle fairly well. Sometimes it will bump along the wrinkle until it finds an easier way to traverse it, and sometimes it just goes all 4 wheel drive roomba and powers over it. Either way, it deals with the wrinkle and thresholds wihtout issue. How about pet hair (or shedding human hair)? So far so good. The aforementioned problem rug had a BUNCH of pet hair on it because my dyson couldnt navigate the wrinkle well and so I just let it go. I can say thanks to roomba, the pet hair is gone from the wrinkle and the carpet looks nearly new! This was the biggest challenge I think the roomba faced and not only did it take on the challenge, it exceeded my expectations. 3. Cleaning the unit. Ok so the dust cup is small compared to any upright vacuum. You WILL need to clean the dust cup after about 2 hours of cleaning. If you have a shedding long haired human or a longhair pet, you WILL be cleaning the brushes more frequently. You WILL pull hair out from the edging brushes weekly. I think this is a fair tradeoff for me not dragging out the heavy vacuum and pushing it around the house every week. Cleaning is fairly easy. I was able to dislodge wrapped up hair a lot easier than on my Dyson. And you're not fighting a 30lb vacuum in the process. 4. Power and noise. I gotta say I didnt think the roomba was going to be very powerful. Definitely didnt think it would be powerful enough to tackle pet hair. It did very well. Sometimes the side brush will kick around a larger object rather than running over it to suck it up, but for the most part, there hasnt been anything that the roomba has encountered that he hasnt wanted to suck up. Speaking of which. This is a robot. It doesnt know the difference between dangling cords and chargers from dirt on the floor. Get your charging cords up off of the floor before unleashing roomba on them or it will suck up the cable. Same with clothing/drapes/errant socks It will try to suck up the clutter. And the cutter may get stuck around a wheel or a brush. It will alert you and will also tell you where the jam is located and how to clear it. Just yesterday roomba found a dryer sheet I dropped and didnt realize it. Got stuck around a wheel. The app let me know there was a jam and directed me straight to a how to guide for disloging the jam. Very nice! Noisewise... its not silent. But its quieter than my dyson (especially dyson's ungodly shutdown sound). I can work while the roomba is zipping around the house and unless its right next to me, it doesnt disturb anything. Heck, my husband can sleep with it zooming under the bed. Not sure I could, but hey now I can vacuum the house without disturbing him! Or my neighbors! With hub working nightshift and me working day shift, it left very little time for cleaning, and now I have no issue running roomba around even at night. Value: You're paying for convenience here. How much is it worth to you to not vacuum your house? With roomba, I can vacuum every day if I want. If you want a deep spring cleaning style clean, you will still need to drag out your upright or canister. But bringing out the big vacuum every 4 months or so is worth it and I maintain this clean with roomba. Will this replace the big heavy upright or canister? If you're a neat freak like me, No. But its good for doing maintenance so your work during spring cleaning isnt so back breaking. If you are looking for presentable and not eat off of the floors clean,then roomba might be able to replace your upright (though I would keep a handheld just for the areas roomba cant get into) On hardwoods I still chase the swiffer around, but thanks to roomba, I do it monthly rather than weekly. So for me, this is a good value. In terms of replacement parts, yes, you will be replacing brushes (especially that side one if you're running roomba around daily) and the filter. BUT, in 3 months I havent encountered the need to replace parts yet. iRobot's website is great in terms of the variety of replacement parts they offer (and the price isnt too crazy either) In the end? I love my roomba. I anticipate a good long relationship with it as long as I clean out the dust cup and clean the brushes regularly. For my home's layout, it works great. But I dont have stairs in my house or any challenging furniture setups. So for my purpose, roomba is a perfect match.

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      I had to look it up to verify, but I was surprised to see it's actually been 15 years since the first Roomba hit the market. We had one of those first Roombas, actually bought it as a Christmas present for my elderly live alone dad, as he was not big on vacuuming. The thrill didn't last long. It would get stuck, get clogged, fall down stairs, and when it did work, it didn't do much more than pick up visible crumbs on the floor. The $300 toy was relegated to the storage closet. Since then, I've pretty much ignored these devices thinking there wouldn't be much improvement in subsequent models. So now, 15 years later, you can buy one of the newer models at about the same price, considering inflation, I guess it's about 30% or so cheaper, and it's quite a different machine. I was pleasantly surprised at the improvements they've integrated. First thing i noticed is the power. I imagine that battery improvements over the years have made a lot of this possible, but it's much better at picking up embedded pet hair. It's not going to replace your canister or upright for deep cleanings, but it certainly reduces the need to use it as frequently. It's also able to swallow objects that the earlier models would choke on. Actually had to empty it when it went for an excursion under the bed! As far as cleaning the unit itself, that's much improved as well. It disassembles easily and logically, and comes with its own cleaning tool. Spare parts (brushes, filters, wheels, etc.) are readily available. Speaking of the wheels, that's another way the newer models are improved - there's enough clearance built in that transitioning from hardwood to rugs is handled easily - and it refuses to fall down stairs! The inclusion of an invisible gate is a nice feature. While it's mentioned to gate off a room or area you don't want it wandering into, I found it best used to avoid the tangle of wires underneath the computer desk. Or, if you're not a great wire bundler as i am not, you might choose to direct it away from under your tv/stereo equipment. While i'm not a big on wifi appliances (the thermostat is probably the most useful to me), it is useful to get a message that your Roomba is clogged because you forgot to empty it last time! I don't think i'll be using it because i just jetted off to Paris and want my condo vacuumed, but if that's your lifestyle, the feature is there. If i had to knock the Roomba, living in a bilevel, it would have been nice to have two charging stations, and at $59, the price of an additional charger is a bit high. But all in all, i think they've done a good job at improving this product over the years to the point where i wouldn't have any qualms about recommending it to a friend/relative.

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