Logitech - K740 Illuminated Keyboard - Black

This keyboard features adjustable backlit keys that allow you to easily see your keyboard even in dim light. The PerfectStroke key system elminates slippage and delivers fluid and natural strokes.
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What's Included

  • Logitech Illuminated Keyboard
  • Owner's manual
  • Software CD-ROM

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (158 out of 167)


Adjustable backlit keys

Allow you to see your keyboard even in dim light.

PerfectStroke key system

Distributes force evenly across the surface of the keys, eliminating slippage and delivering fluid and natural strokes.

Music and volume controls

For customized usage.

Ultrathin profile and minimalist design

Provides easy access to common task and function keys while adding an elegant touch to your desk.

Adjustable keyboard height and soft-touch integrated palm rest

For added comfort and support.

Customer rating

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Remarkable product for the more casual user


    This keyboard was amazing. It looked awesome, felt great, and was just plain cool with the back-lighting and being thinner overall than a any other keyboard you've ever used. Unfortunately, I do a fair amount of video and photo editing and gaming, so this keyboard has it's drawbacks. Although it was very easy to use after hours without straining your eyes and was incredibly comfortable, it has a (seemingly pointless and incredibly frustrating) built-in key-blocking system in the hardware itself. The manufacturer's defense is that at some point there needs to be a limit put on the number of keys being pressed at once so that the matrix that responds to the keypress combinations is not overloaded. A seemingly logical argument other than the fact that pressing down 3 keys at once should yield a result...that's a pretty standard number for a host of applications. For example, running and jumping in a first-person-shooter is a basic maneuver that one would need to utilize if they are running from someone taking shots at them or are just trying to traverse a map. By default in most games this would require holding W (move forward), Shift ("sprint"), and then pressing Space (jump) at some point. This basic combination was blocked (why? Gross.). Additionally, a number of Adobe photo shop and after effectscs4 & cs5 hot key functions were non-responsive. Luckily, as I predicted, Logitech was very understanding and is currently replacing the model with a "gaming keyboard" (I believe the G15) free of charge since they are both in the same price range. Logitech makes quality products, so the setbacks were very unexpected. Overall, for the casual user, this keyboard is the way to go for everything that you'd need. Definitely worth checking out (since Best Buy / Logitech offers a 30-day "trial" with both the keyboards and mice). -Kevin

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    EXCELLENT!!! ...but a tad overpriced.


    Let me start right off by saying, this is a darn good keyboard. I'd been spoiled by the backlit keyboards on my MacBook Pros, and found myself wanting that feature in other situations when I’m not using the keyboard on the machine itself. At home, I often work in low-light settings, with an external monitor & keyboard, so it was always a small annoyance that I could never see the keys of my external keyboard in those situations. So I set out to find a backlit external keyboard. And to be honest, there really weren't very many products to look at. There were some dreadful-looking (and EVEN MORE expensive) keyboards made primarily for gamers, from companies like Saitek & Deck. But I'm not a gamer, and these keyboards just looked offensive to me. I pretty much narrowed it down to 2 products: This one & another one from a company called (similarly) Logisys. As the Logisys costs less than half as much as this one, it was easy to make the decision to go for that one initially. And to be fair, the Logisys is a nice keyboard. A formidable option if you don't want to drop the extra cash on this one. But I couldn't let go of my curiosity about this one, as there were just a few little niggles on the Logisys that made me keep wondering about this one. So I finally just bit the bullet, and paid more than I've ever expected to spend on a keyboard. So, now that I have them BOTH, and have tested them side-by-side, what do I think? Well, as I said, the Logisys (the other one) IS nice. It's well-constructed, and it gives you a choice of either blue or red illumination. But the keys are a bit sticky, the action just OK, and the illumination isn't quite as bright as I'd like. And while the blue illumination is OK (the red is just not my cup of tea at all), I'd much prefer something a bit brighter, and NOT colored; something more akin to the illumination I get from the MacBook Pro keyboard. Honestly, had I not tried this one, I probably would have been content to carry on using the Logisys. But I DID try this one. And I’m glad I did. Because once you have, there’s really no going back. The Logitech (this one) is clearly the superior product. It's sleek, elegant, and VERY well-crafted. The action is EXCELLENT, and the illumination is even & bright. It is a very professional-looking keyboard, and a joy to type on. Despite all those positives, though, it still seems (to me) a bit overpriced for what you ultimately get. It is just a keyboard after all (how ever nice it may be). I think a more accurate price for this keyboard would be about $30-40. I know that this product is less than half the price of their diNovo Edge Keyboard, but those are, in my mind, ridiculously priced, and I could never dream of spending so much for a keyboard. I believe that Logitech is, ultimately, aiming at a very narrow margin of people who care about such things as the action of their keyboard, and illumination, and are willing to pay for it. Hopefully, there are enough people to warrant the continued manufacture of this product, but I'd be happy to simply see the price come down a bit. When you're thinking about spending this much on a keyboard, it's very easy to ignore the quality & seek out something cheaper (as I did initially). Logitech will probably lose a few sales because of this. It's a darn good product, but a tad overpriced in my opinion.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



    The Logitech Illumiinated keyboard was a perfect fit for me. At first I was only looking for a keyboard replacement that felt right. I.E., good construction, not flimsy, good key construction, well spaced keys that weren't cramped, not fancy, etc... I found all that and more with this keyboard. The First, the weight of this keyboard is perfect. It has a great solid body construction, it is not not wimpy. And yet, it is as thin as a wisp and aesthetically appealing. The 2-3" wrist rest is just right. The keys are silky smooth to the touch and so quiet. At first I didn't think the retractable support feet would be sturdy enough, but they are. I also didn't think the keyboard angled up sharply enough but got used to a 'flatter' keyboard aspect quickly. I wasn't looking for illuminated keys or special key programming but this one has both. I haven't really used the programming features but about the illumination I will say this. At 40 years old it is kind of nice to have the extra light from the keys, even with my lamps on around me. Yeah, it also looks wicked in the dark on its brightest setting. There is zero eye strain if you have to look at the keyboard to type. Also, the keys light up in increments of brightness, 4 levels from bright to not on at all. Nice. There are only 2 small points that I can 'ding' this product on. One, there is no properties key. On a traditional IBM keyboard there were usually 2 Windows logo keys or 'start' keys. One to the left of the space bar and another to the right of it. To the right side of the right most Windows key there was usually a key that looks like a page with a couple horizontal lines. This was the keyboard equivalent of right-clicking on a file/icon which usually lead to the properties and a whole bunch of other options. This keyboard does not have that shortcut. Two, there is a clear plastic strip 1/4" wide running around the outside top, left and right sides that wasn't really needed (IMO) and feels a bit rough along the edge but will probably wear smooth in time. Setup on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit was a snap. I tested the (mostly) programmable top row keys a bit and the defaults all worked fine (quickly). Bottom line: This keyboard is very good for the money. If you're picky like me and want simple solid construction then this keyboard is for you. Oh, and if like to type in the dark...

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    If you're looking for a gaming keyboard...

    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    and you're concerned about jumping or flying or whatever you do in your rpg games and what have you... why don't u look at the "gaming" keyboards instead of giving these ones a negative review? I think that a lot of people don't put down accurate ratings because they aren't acknowledging that they are using a device that's centered around comfort and design more for a typist or someone who intends to do a lot of web browsing or writing. I When first seeing the keyboard I immediately thought, okay, this is more of a keyboard aimed more at saving me from injury and keeping me comfortable when typing. I'd look at a gaming keyboard and know that it was because they're usually far more technical, colorful, often they'll even have some fancy screen and be able to do all sorts of gymnastics... but I just didn't see this as a gaming keyboard. in fact, I was searching for an area that might even separate the two into their own section . If only they had a system in here that helped you to decide according to what you will use it for... a little automated assistant .. :P well I know gamer people usually know more about computers than most typists and what have you but i just wanted to point that out to folks who might forget to take it into consideration. I also found that a few gamer keyboards have caused me to have to really put extra effort when i'm typing sometimes, i'm using one now and it's not bad as one i had before... but i do prefer more fluidity in my keys - i think i'd actually like a keyboard that was a combination or changeable to what you were doing. typing or gaming.. :)

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    beautiful to the touch and to the eye


    I'm heavy into the ergonomic keyboards. I've had the same ergo keyboard for over 8+ years (its still ps2!) now and I love it. If you type by touch, you should always go with an ergo keyboard. The only reason I decided to get a new keyboard (and actually decided to get a non ergo layout) was because my 6 year old keyboard was wearing out and the keys just didn't glide like they used to. I also wanted a keyboard with a little bit more snap to the key push. Having just built a new workstation with new logitech speakers and mouse, I decided it was time to upgrade they keyboard. The only other ergonomic keyboards had gawdy wrist rests and were bulky and well... ugly. Having tried out all they other keyboards at best buy... I fell in love with this one. They keystrokes feel absolutely perfect. Its quiet, sleek, and very minimal. I'm constantly switching between my tablet and my keyboard and this will actually sit right over my Wacom 12x9 intuos3 without resting on the writing surface... and even with those two things stacked on top of each other, they are thinner than my old ergonomic keyboard. The soft touch wrist rest feels great and provides just enough grip so my hands don't slip down as i'm typing. They only worry I have is that over time the soft touch my wear down. I think i've said enough. Its a great keyboard if you appreciate a nice feeling keystroke, simple elegant design, and hey... its BACKLIT! the only other backlit keyboards are the stupid gaming keyboards that look like toys. Not my cup o tea. If you want wireless... you're out of luck. This baby is wired... but I'm not a wireless fan. Its one less battery to worry about changing. With proper cable management wires can be neat and tidy. I just wish logitech would make an ergonomic version of this keyboard. While it is a bit pricy for a simple wired keyboard... you are paying for logitech's ergo R&D. they have the most comfortable mice. They definitely put some work into making this keyboard feel the way it does. Well done logitech. NOW MAKE AN ERGONOMIC VERSION!!!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    See The Light


    While eighty bucks is a bit much to pay for what is pretty much a basic keyboard in my opinion, when it comes to back-lit keyboards you don't have much of a choice. I really wanted a wireless keyboard but there are none that are back-lit. My online searches turned up either cheap no-name boards with lousy user reviews or high-priced gamers boards with more stuff than I needed or wanted. In-store, hands-on research singled out this model as my prime candidate. But then there was that $80 price tag and I had to really wrestle with my shoulder devil and angel to rationalize shelling out that kind of geetus (money) for this keyboard. Fortunately, I found it on sale online at BestBuy.com for $60 and the shoulder angel gave in, muttering that it was still a bit high for a keyboard. Now that I've had it for a few weeks I have to say that I really like it! It's pretty much plug and play and the adjustable back light is a nice feature. The Delete and Insert Keys are in a bit different configuration than a regular board for some reason, but everything else about it is very nice. Good action on the keys that don't feel cheap or flimsy in spite of how thin they are. They are very quiet and I can use it without waking my wife when I'm working late at night. Little indicator lights for the caps lock and number lock are helpful but appear under the key pad area where you might expect to see the caps lock indicator. As I mentioned above, the labels for the F-Keys are not lighted, but the special function symbols that share the key are. However, this is pretty much a full size keyboard so you should find everything right where you need it if you touch-type. Still overall, this is a fine keyboard and if you need a lighted keyboard and can find it on sale I'd say get it. You and your shoulder angel won't be disappointed.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Friggin' Amazing


    I'm absolutely in love with this keyboard. Well worth the money! I'm up late at night (no more struggling to see particular keys in the dark), and I can type pretty fast (88-92 wpm). But because my fingers fly across the keys, my previous keyboard would make a racket. Not with THIS one. I can fly across the keys and type as hard as I want (but really you barely need to touch the keys), and it makes only the slightest tapping/clicking noise. Laptop keys aren't even as easy to press as this keyboard offers. It has a great weight to the keyboard too. No more shifting as your flying across the keys. Sometimes my other keyboard would shift or get pushed forward slightly while I was typing, but this one really anchors itself down. I don't think it weighs almost 14lbs as it says in the specs, but it's got a nice weight that keeps it in place. One reviewers complained about the bottom row being "raised", those keys are actually just rounded on top. I've come to find it helpful when I lose my hand placement, but I definitely don't have to readjust my typing position to avoid them. It seems the other user complaint might be a simple case of bad keyboard height placement for the user, or possibly incorrect hand positioning that they got used to prior to owning this keyboard. The only possible negative thing I can say about it would be the arrangement of the del, home, end, page up and down keys. It's taking some getting used to. I've had this keyboard for about a week, and I'm finally getting a bit more used to it - still have to look though. But my other keyboard had a weird placement of these keys too (vertical placement), so that might be why it's taking me a bit longer to adjust to this new arrangement. But this keyboard is SO worth the learning curve!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Exceptional Keyboard-- See Hibernation Fix Below


    This is the best quality keyboard that I've used from Logitech. The feel of the keys is much firmer compared to other Logitech keyboards. The layout is closer to a laptop than a traditional desktop: the keys are a bit closer together than in many PC or Mac keyboards. If you're used to wider spaced keys, this board will take only a bit of time to get use to using. One caveat: The keyboard cannot be used to place the computer into or taken out of hibernation. If the computer goes into hibernation and you bring it out of hibernation by depressing any of the keyboard's keys, the keyboard becomes useless--i.e., there is no input from the keyboard to the computer. You'll depress a key, but nothing will happen. But, there is a fix in Windows to get around this. The Fix: Go to Control Panel, click on Device Manager, click on Keyboards, double click on Logitech HID-Compliant Keyboard, you'll see a four-tab selection come on the screen, click on Power Management, and 'uncheck' the box titled "Allow this device to wake the computer." After you've done this, when the computer goes into hibernation or 'sleep' mode, you will not be able to wake it with your keyboard, pressing the keys does nothing when the computer is in a 'sleep' mode. Now simply wake the computer with your mouse. NOTE: if you don't perform the fix and wake your computer with your mouse, the keyboard will work; but making the fix will assure you that no one will be able to render the keyboard 'dead' if a key is pressed to bring the computer our of its 'sleep' mode. You'll learn the ins and outs of the programmable keys via experience. All in all, it's a good keyboard with many programmable functions. By the way, Logitech doesn't have a software fix for the coming out of hibernation--and the one I mentioned above works flawlessly. Had Logitech placed a sleep-mode button on this keyboard, it'd be close to perfect. Perhaps they'll come out with a software fix.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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