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  • QuestionWhich generation kindle is this?

    Asked by Katie.

    • Answer Hi. Is All new kindle 10th generation.

      Answered by Lewos08

  • QuestionWill this read books to you

    Asked by Helen.

    • Answer I think you were asking if you can download audible books. I'd like to know as well.

      Answered by Don2382

  • QuestionIs this device ad-supported?

    Asked by Amanda.

    • Answer Hello Amanda, this device is ad-supported. You can remove the ads through your Amazon account settings for a fee.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionWhat does ad-supported mean? Is glare free the same as paperwhite? Can this be used outside in the sun and not have glare?

    Asked by Ragdoll.

    • Answer ad supported means the lock screen displays a book title that you may be interested in. As soon as you open the kindle, the ad is gone, never to be seen again (well, until the next time you go to open your kindle) It's not a distraction at all. Sorry, not sure of the answers to the other questions yet.

      Answered by Pixel

  • Questiondoes this include wifi

    Asked by ajay.

    • Answer Hi Ajay, This device needs Wifi to be able to download books. Once they are downloaded to device, the books can be read offline. Wifi is needed, but needs to be provided externally. There are cellular models of Kindle Paperwhites and Oasis that will allow you to not need your own wifi to make this device work. Hope that info helps.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionIs this the Kindle 2019 Model and does it come with an adapter? If not, can any adapter work?

    Asked by li.

    • Answer It is the 2019 version of the regular Kindle, it came with a cord but no plug. I set the cord aside and can't tell which one it is at this point, but as I recall it was a normal cord, meaning a USB-A male end and a micro-USB male end. The Kindle itself accepts a micro-USB male plug, if you are like me you'll have about twenty chargers laying around that will work with it.

      Answered by Mokrah

  • QuestionIs this a touch screen or are there buttons to move to the next page?

    Asked by Jacob75.

    • Answer Touch screen

      Answered by Spookycatx

  • QuestionCan this device be easily read at night and in sunlight?

    Asked by Bev.

    • Answer Hello, Bev! Yes! The Kindle is made to be read in all lighting. The Kindle is made to be easily read in sunlight or at night. You can always adjust the lighting on the device for whatever you like best. I hope that helps! Have a great day!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionAre you able to store and save nots

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer I asked my daughter and she said yes you can store and save notes.

      Answered by Lind

  • QuestionDOES THIS PAPERWHITE HAVE HUGH PRINT which is necessary for me.

    Asked by JACKIE.

    • Answer Yes. You can pinch and zoom to make the print larger. (Which is great since you don't have to navigate small menus to do it.)

      Answered by Thelunarfox

  • QuestionIs the screen lite for night reading?

    Asked by Dale.

    • Answer Hi Dale, yes, that is exactly what the light is for. Hope that helps.

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • QuestionCan you watch netflix and hulu on this device ?

    Asked by Kamy.

    • Answer No - You should look at a Kindle Fire tablet if that's something you need.

      Answered by esstwokay

  • QuestionCan I transfer books from my old, old kindle to this one or are they gone forever? If yes, how would I go about doing this? If I activate a new kindle will my old one no longer work?

    Asked by Blynsho.

    • Answer Yes, it should have happened easily, but didn't. However a long telephone conversation with Kindle rep got it done. Part of the reason for the phone call taking so long was a bad telephone connection and a rep who was a bit difficult to understand.

      Answered by problemsolved

  • QuestionIf you are a Prime member can the adds be turned off?

    Asked by James.

    • Answer YES. Just go to “My devices” under Settings, select this device, then follow the steps to disable the ads. You will be prompted to pay a fee to Amazon (of course, eyeroll).

      Answered by Tasha

  • QuestionCan u play games on it?

    Asked by Shorty.

    • Answer NO just for book reading

      Answered by WayneT

  • QuestionWhat is the fee to remove ad-support?

    Asked by Bill.

    • Answer Currently I believe it is $20 plus any applicable tax. Go to "manage your content and devices", select your device, and try to remove offers. It will tell you the price and allow you to either pay it or keep ads (special offers.)

      Answered by vbee

  • QuestionWhat is the screen made from ?

    Asked by Gene.

    • Answer Hello, Gene. The screen is kind of plastic feeling, but a bit more goes into the screen than just the top layer since this is an e-ink reader. There are essentially layers to the screen, but the outermost layer appears to be plastic based. I hope that helps!

      Answered by Amazon Devices Customer Support

  • Questioncan you play games

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer No, sadly it's not a tablet.

      Answered by Saunch

  • QuestionAre these band new or refurbished

    Asked by Michele.

    • Answer My Kindle was brand new.

      Answered by DebEley

  • QuestionIs it waterproof

    Asked by S.

    • Answer Resistant yes, waterproof no.

      Answered by Saunch