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    • Best answerI will try to separate this out as someone who definitely does not want to be back on a contract regardless of the fact that My carrier is doing quite well right now. They may do lousy (again) and I will be stuck (again). I have decided to purchase the unit outright at the 199.99 price ( what they referred to as "Unactivated device" equals no contract as You are buying and activating Your Own device with Your carrier but without a contract as opposed to getting it for "only" 49.99 by signing up for a two year contract with Your carrier if that is Your choice.)

      By ironspoke 

    • Best answerNo. You must purchase a separate data plan for the Explore and it will NOT be unlimited. These plans can get expensive depending on the amount of data that you need each month. I pay more than $400/month for an AT&T plan with 100GB of data each month. That allows me to work from home 40+ hours/week, but it does NOT provide enough data to stream Netflix or other video services to devices in my home.

      By RickC 

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    • Best answerYes you can use it on any GSM network such as Cricket and the others like them. It is not unlocked. It is locked via the IMEI, you can go to AT&T's website to ask for an unlock. If you aren't an AT&T wireless customer, click no and follow the instructions. Once you are approved, att will send you an unlock code for you to use along with the instructions.

      By Bucklabee 

  • Q: Will this hot spot work with a I-pad.  (2 Answers)

    By Electron81 

    • Best answerYes, this model is compatible with iPads.

      By CommunityAnswer 

  • Q: If you pay $199 for the retail price do you have to continue paying after that?  (2 Answers)

    By Austin 

    • Best answerNo, $199.99 is the full retail price you pay, pay it once and it is yours to keep. If you were to buy it for $49.99 then you would have to be on a two year contract until the contractual obligation is fulfilled.

      By Pencknia 

  • Q: Are you able to stream with this device? ex. online gaming and/or watch Netflix without the delay?  (2 Answers)

    By tmh2015 

    • Best answerIf -- and only if -- you have a very, very strong 4G LTE signal, you will be able to stream content without delay. However, you must pay for every GB of data that you use with this device and stream using a LOT of data. Be sure that you understand your data needs clearly before you purchase a data plan. For example, if you stream one HD Netflix movie every night for a month, you could require as much as 100GB of data each month. A 100GB data plan from AT&T costs about $400/month. If you purchase a plan and go over, the overage charges will pile up quickly -- $15-20/GB depending on your base plan. My advice? Be very careful streaming content using ANY device over a mobile connection UNLESS you have an unlimited data plan. BE ADVISED THAT, CURRENTLY, AT&T WILL NOT SELL YOU AN UNLIMITED DATA PLAN FOR THIS DEVICE.

      By RickC 

    • Best answer2 year contract and the price of $49.99 that price is what you pay for the device as long as you fulfill the 2 year contract. You will also be paying a monthly access charge of 40 dollars during the 2 years. Once the contract fulfillment is complete, the access charge goes down to 20 dollars a month. The data is how much you are paying; starting off with 5GB for 60 dollars for a data connect account that is only for the hotspot network device. If you want more GB then you will have to switch to mobile share advantage. You can use the device with your laptop and any other device that has a built-in wi-fi radio or external wi-fi antenna. Note: If you cancel the contract before the due Month and year, you will be paying $150.00 ontop of the $49.99 (199.99 the total cost for out of/non-contract for the device) and early termination fee.

      By Teumia 

  • Q: Do I have to have internet service with this device?  (2 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerMine works anywhere I have phone service, there is no internet at my house so we use the mobile hotspot for our internet

      By Anonymous 

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  • Q: Why does this say no contract but then It says 2 year activation required for $49.99 price?  (1 Answer)

    By MsBonquiqui 

    • Best answerNo contract price is $199, 2-year contract price is $49.

      By Anonymous 

    • Best answerThis device will provide you with Internet service and allow you to connect your computer and/or other devices to it. Once on the Internet, you will be able to do all of the things you want to do - stream, upload, download, etc - provided you have appropriate service with this device. Purchase this device and then go on eBay and get an unlimited plan from AT&T.

      By HateToRegister 

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