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  • QuestionDoes anyone know if this printer scans documents.

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer I had difficulty figuring out the answer to this question, as well! **NOTE TO BEST BUY: PLEASE MAKE THIS CLEARER?**. Unfortunately, many of the answers incorrectly say “yes, you can scan” or “yes, you can scan by using the HP App,” but what they mean is that you can use the HP App to take a picture WITH YOUR PHONE of the document you would like to scan and then it will allow you to send it as an email, etc. But honestly, that is can already do that with your phone! It doesn’t mean this isn’t still a great printer, but stop the madness, people! Customers trying to decide between this printer and another one just need straight forward answers. And when someone asks if you can SCAN with this printer, the answer is not yes! It is NO. Taking a picture of your documents with your own cell phone is NOT SCANNING. You are welcome. I will step down from my soapbox now. :)

      Answered by SayItLikeItIs

  • QuestionWhat is the difference between the Tango and the Tango X?

    Asked by PNW4.

    • Answer X comes with cover to hide printer. I paid the extra $50. I thought it was worth it. My guests had no idea that it was a printer.

      Answered by Fivel75

  • QuestionCan I print stickers or labels with this printer ?

    Asked by Jojo.

    • Answer Yes, you can! Just make sure the label or sticker stock you buy is designed for inkjet printers.

      Answered by HP Team

  • Questiondoes it work well with Mac or Apple products?

    Asked by Drew.

    • Answer Yes, it will work with Apple products such as iOS and Mac.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionDoes it come with ink?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes, it comes with ink.

      Answered by Willow

  • QuestionDo the Ink Cartridges dry and clog up,,, If you print less than 15 pages a month????

    Asked by Clifford.

    • Answer No they don’t, great printer to get the job done. All it does is print. Nothing less. Nothing more.

      Answered by PATO

  • QuestionAre the HP Tango and Tango X considered to be inkjet printers ?

    Asked by KatieS.

    • Answer I appreciate you reaching out to us with your question. The HP Tango and Tango X printers are Thermal InkJet printers. They use the HP 64 series of cartridges or HP Instant Ink cartridges.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionCan I scan several sheets of paper and then send them as one email from this device using my iPhone X or iPad Pro via Bluetooth with no telephone line ? I do not want to sign up for the ink subscription, will this restrict any features ?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes, you can scan serveral sheets of paper and then send them in an email from Tango's HP Smart App on your iPhone or iPad... I've personally done about 3 scanned pieces of paper/docs. and they where all combined to appear as one .pdf file in my email. I've done this from my iPhone 8Plus, so I'm sure the iPhone X or iPad Pro will have go problem as long as you are connect to the internet via WiFi on any of these two Apple devices. Just make sure your iOS is up-to-date and you'll be good to go! As for not wanting to signing up for the instant ink subscription... making this choice will not restrict any features you have from the HP Smart app and it's ability to fully access this printer's full potential. Enjoy your future purchase of HP's Tango or Tango X, as I hope that this has been helpful. - TangoXLOVER

      Answered by TangoXLOVER

  • QuestionIs the tango x compatible with chrome books?

    Asked by Nancy.

    • Answer You can use the Tango printer with a Chromebook.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionIs it capable of double printing automatically or do I have to manually turn the paper over?

    Asked by Faith.

    • Answer The paper feeds through the back so it is not capable of automatic double-sided printing. You will need to manually flip the page.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionCan you print 8 inch banner paper

    Asked by Alhero.

    • Answer I appreciate you taking the time to reach out with your question. The HP Tango printers support any custom paper size from 3x5 to 8.5x14.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionCan u print on vellom paper?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi, thank you for the question. Recommended media types for the Tango X include Plain Paper, HP Photo Papers, HP Matte Brochure or Professional Paper, HP Matte Presentation Paper, HP Glossy Brochure or Professional Paper, Other Photo Inkjet Papers, Other Matte Inkjet Papers, Other Glossy Inkjet Papers, Inkjet Hagaki, Plain Paper, Thick, Plain Paper, Light/Recycled. The Tango X can support cards up to 110 lb., so vellum should not be a problem. Tip: to ensure proper feed thru, do not overload the media tray when using special papers.

      Answered by HP Team

  • Questioncan i make copy

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer The HP Tango X is only a printer. You can use the HP Smart app to make a copy.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionIs it possible to print via Bluetooth or AirDrop without WiFi? i.e. Can you print from your car if you've got a power source?

    Asked by BT.

    • Answer Unfortunately, the Tango X does not have Bluetooth capability, so you will need WiFi to print.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionWill it work with a Samsung computer?

    Asked by Maxi.

    • Answer As long as the computer has Windows 7, 8, or 10, then you can use this HP Tango printer.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionDo I need a wi-fi connection for this printer ?

    Asked by LA.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Mepv

  • Questionhow easy is it to install for someone who is not say with connections (mac Book and Mac Air

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer This is one of the easiest printer installs I've ever had in my 30+ years of using computer and printers. It's even simpler using your mobile device. Just read the instructions to download the app and following the easy picture and written instructions. You can't go wrong. It takes all of 15 minutes!

      Answered by Tangoing

  • Questioni have an HO 3510 whats comoarable

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer The Tango X printer is just a printer. It does not copy or scan. And it is only wireless. It does not have a USB port. You can use the HP Smart app to copy or scan. The HP Deskjet 3510 printer was a printer, copier and scanner.

      Answered by HP Team

  • QuestionIs the ink renewal program an option? or am I signed up once I purchase the printer?

    Asked by jess.

    • Answer You have the option to sign up but it is not required.

      Answered by Cindy

  • QuestionWill it work on non Apple products?

    Asked by Hannah.

    • Answer Yes, it will work with Windows computers and Android devices as will. To use it with Android, you'll need to install the free HP Smart app on the device.

      Answered by HP Team