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  • QuestionCan I chose a specific LED color or can I only use the feature where the color matches the screen?

    Asked by JurassicGamer.

    • Answer Yes you can choose your own colors and lock them. Or you can turn off the colors entirely. It comes with an application where you can set profiles for different things. Check out attached pics. So you set it to “fixed”, but you need to set all 4 quadrants to fixed. What is nice, is it detects video games. So World of Warcraft has one set-up, while Battlefield is completely different. You have to set that stuff up though.

      Answered by Sownyuh

  • QuestionCan I controll the subwoofer strenght trough bluetooth on my phone?

    Asked by Bunds.

    • Answer No. You would be able to adjust your audio EQ, and your audio source from your phone connected with Bluetooth. However, you will not be able to adjust the G560 GHUB EQ or subwoofer directly from your phone. You would need to use a PC with GHUB software. - Logitech G.

      Answered by Logitech

  • QuestionCan you toggle the RGB off?

    Asked by Bestbuyer4tech.

    • Answer Hello, yes you can adjust anything having to do with the RGB settings inside the Logitech G-Hub Software. Here is the link for the download if you do not already have it: https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/innovation/g-hub.html. -Danielle from Logitech

      Answered by Logitech

  • QuestionWill it work on the new Xbox Series X? Also do you need some sort of desktop or software to operate the RGB?

    Asked by Steve.

    • Answer Hello Steve, the system requirements for the G560 speakers are Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7, Mac OS X (DTS:X not supported), USB port for PCs or 3.5 mm audio port for PC and mobile. Bluetooth® enabled devices including a computer, smartphone, tablet and music player. The G560 speakers were built and designed for pc gamers in mind. Unfortunately, with console, you won't be able to experience the lightsync features or the full surround sound. Hope this helps, have a great rest of your day.

      Answered by Logitech

  • Questionid like to know if those works with ps4? and how can I hook it up thanks!!!

    Asked by Cesaro745.

    • Answer Yes - 3.5mm jack or as a usb audio device

      Answered by Blake

  • Questioncan it be paired with ps4 slim?

    Asked by Rammy.

    • Answer It works with everything you just hook up to your tv with bluetooth or one of the other connections as your surround sound then anything hooked up to your TV will play through that the lighting can be accessed through the G button and is powered through a wall outlet.

      Answered by JBTechfanatic

  • QuestionWill the G560 system work if I connect both the Bluetooth and the USB to my PC at the same time?

    Asked by GaryN.

    • Answer Hello GaryN! You should be able to connect the G560 LIGHTSYNC 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Speakers and USB at the same time yes. Keep in mind that only one source can be played at the time though.

      Answered by Logitech

  • Questionare you able to use them on a pc without Bluetooth?

    Asked by johnson.

    • Answer Yes, it plugs in via usb...

      Answered by try2kechup

  • QuestionWhy don't they offer geek squad protection?

    Asked by Uhoez.

    • Answer Hi DABRUTE, most items purchased from Best Buy can have Geek Squad Protection added on for an additional charge. However if the G560 Gaming Speakers do not have that option, they do come with a 1 year limited warranty from Logitech. Hope that helps. -N from Logitech

      Answered by Logitech

  • QuestionIs it able to sync with Razer Chroma? And if so, do i need G Hub?

    Asked by EpicGamer.

    • Answer Hey there! Unfortunately this will not sync with Razer Chroma. You'll have to download the Logitech G Hub software in order to customize the lighting of the speakers.

      Answered by Logitech

  • QuestionWill I have any issues connecting these speakers via Bluetooth using a Macbook Pro 2017? Thank you.

    Asked by Matt.

    • Answer Hello Matt. The G560 will connect via Bluetooth to your Macbook Pro. However, in order to get the game-driven RGB lighting and the added features of G Hub, you will need to plug it in via the provided USB cable.

      Answered by Logitech

  • Questionwill the 2 speakers fit under 2 27" monitors, even if one of them is in portrait mode?

    Asked by DomObertein1987.

    • Answer The satellite speakers have a height of 5.82", width of 6.53", and depth of 4.84" so as long as you set your montiors up accordingly they'll fit underneath just fine. Hope that this helped. - Richard from Logitech

      Answered by Logitech

  • QuestionWhen will these speakers become available again I check everyday to see if there in stock but they are always sold out it’s very frustrating

    Asked by Cnnozy.

    • Answer I did the same thing and got lucky one night. Had to get them shipped from a Best Buy in a different state but ohh well. One time there were some open boxed ones available went to buy them and they were not available after I hit the buy button. Went that fast.

      Answered by btown247365

  • QuestionHow many power outlets does this set up use?

    Asked by CG.

    • Answer Only one.

      Answered by Jrod

  • QuestionWill the lightsync work if I don't listen to the sound from the speaker and put my wireless headphone on my computer?

    Asked by Gene.

    • Answer The LIGHTSYNC RGB immerses you into the environment with lighting that automatically reacts to your content. Light and color can sync with what’s on your screen, respond in rhythm to audio, or deliver special lighting effects programmed by developers. It also works well with other Logitech Gaming peripherals like wireless headsets. In short, yes.

      Answered by Logitech

  • QuestionI'm getting an Xbox series x which will be used on a monitor could I use this speaker and connect it to the monitor for the game sounds?

    Asked by Jose.

    • Answer Hello Jose! Yes, if your monitor has a 3.5mm AUX port, you'll be able to connect the G560 LIGHTSYNC 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Speakers via a 3.5mm cable (sold separately). Note that if you're not connecting your speakers to as USB port of a computer, you won't get the customizable lighting effect, but you'll still get the game sound no problem.

      Answered by Logitech

  • QuestionIs this THX Certified?

    Asked by Harris5.

    • Answer It is not. But the sound quality is good in my opinion, they have their own EQ in the Logitech App. I have some Klipsh 2.1 THX speakers and the Logitech subwoofer is better IMO.

      Answered by MrES

  • Questiondoes it do well with movies and tv shows?

    Asked by ianL.

    • Answer It does pretty well, but there are some limitations. You have to choose your sample zones for both the back LEDs and the front facing ones. You can move and manipulate those sample zones however you want (shrink them, enlarge them, move them around the screen etc.) but I've found having the back LED's sample the mid-upper left and right side of the screen has had good results. The sampling works by talking in all the colors and choosing the one that is most prominent, so you wont get a gradient effect during sunset scenes or a blood splatter effect in horror movies. You will however get flashes of the color of fireworks, lasers, energy beams, lightening, magic, etc. that flash through those zones quickly, and if you have the speakers and the zones match what side they are on, you can get an effect of a beam going from one side of your screen to another. There is very little noticable latency between image swapping on the screen and your lights adjusting their color except in EXTREME circumstances if the scene is constantly cutting from a bright to dark image constantly or an image that is primarily one color to an image that is a far different color very quickly (although it handled the light and color scene from 2001 pretty well, but due to the nature of the scene it doesnt really need to be 100% accurate). Sometimes it works really well (Star Wars Episode 4's first fight scene on Leia's ship stands out a LOT) but sometimes it targets the wrong color (Finale of wandavision was kinda rough). It also has an issue with certain colors. Browns tend to change to oranges or reds, peach becomes yellow or white, and darker colors that are hard to mimic with LED's become brighter versions of those colors. (this is most noticeable on closeups of faces or in horror films where a lot of the colors are darker). This is not a limitation of the speakers as much as it is a limitation of physics though. It's hard to light up an LED a dark color because... well.. you need to light it up... I would say the movie experience is an 8/10. There are some improvements the system could have, but at the same time getting a perfect light show experience is nearly impossible without an already programmed show for each individual film or tv show with effects programmed by humans ahead of time. The program that runs the sampling works really well for basic watching, and works even better when paired with an LED keyboard that can sample the center of the screen. I will warn you though, the lights don't shoot up that high or cover a whole wall if 1)they are pressed up near the wall on your desk or tabletop and 2)are shot up a wall painted a dark color. Plan on giving them a half foot throw distance from the wall and plan on having them on a wall painted a light color (obviously white works best).

      I would recommend:

      Answered by Ewok007

  • QuestionMy desktop doesn’t have a vga port will the speakers work and all it features?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer It requires a USB port to have all the features

      Answered by Epinephrene

  • QuestionHow many input does it accept? I would like to connect it to my PS4 and PC.

    Asked by John.

    • Answer The speakers are designed to use with usb on pc but it also has Bluetooth and 3.5mm Auxiliary input. I’m not sure if ps4 has a 3.5mm audio out but most TVs/monitors do so you could hook it up that way. Just note that all the inputs are located on the subwoofer.

      Answered by BenjaminT