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  • QuestionHow many joules do I need for adequate protection of a 55"Smart TV, Cable box, Stereo receiver w/CD player?

    Asked by Feathers.

    • Answer Having worked for 25 years in industry as a "Technical Support" technician supporting various electronic devices for Fortune 500 companies, I developed the following guidelines: Line voltage surges are not always a "one-shot" experience, they have an accumulative effect, and result in the premature death of many electronic devices. 1. The surge protector not only protects the devices plugged into it, but it also protects itself from being fried. The joule rating is how much excess energy the device can withstand before frying. Once fried from a surge larger than its joule rating, it no long protects anything. 2. The joule rating is only half of the protection story. The other rating is the clamping voltage, which is at what over-voltage will the protector begin to work. If not listed in the specs, then the seller is probably not proud of the rating. 3. The absolute minimum joule rating that I would suggest would be 2,000 joules. However, for anything really valuable, I would highly suggest 3,000 joules or more. Remember this number is the sum of protection for all three legs, hot to neutral, hot to ground, neutral to ground. So, any one leg is only protected at 1/3 the specified "joule" rating. 4. The "clamping voltage" should be low. It is normally rated in "voltage peak", and should be 330 volts or less. This is the minimum voltage at which protection kicks in! (That's 233 volts RMS, or approximately twice the normal line voltage). 400 volts is marginal and 500 volts is too little, too late. So, IMO, in summary, shoot for 3,000 joules or higher (energy absorption), and 330 volts or less (clamping voltage)!!!

      Answered by Bard

  • QuestionI Have This Unit , For About 6 Months, Recently I Notice The Protection And Grounded Indicator Lights Went Out. Is This A Failure Of The Unit?

    Asked by BigD.

    • Answer My understanding is that the units "self-monitor" and that when a huge enough surge has happened then it blows out the surge suppressor (which has done its job, protecting your equipment when the surge happened). If it is happening for this reason, then it is NOT a failure of the unit, AND the unit needs replacing. I believe that the most probable reason for your units lights going out is the above reason; however, they can also go out for other reasons, including 1) wiring fault in the circuit you were using it on (less likely unless someone's been messing with it), 2) the load in the circuit you are using it on has changed (perhaps become overloaded), 3) the plug from the surge suppressor to the wall isn't quite in firmly enough (also probably not as likely, but it can happen), 4) If the unit was defective -- but if it used to work for a while before, so therefore I am thinking this may be less likely.

      Answered by rsrchr

  • QuestionCan this be mounted to the bottom on a desk?

    Asked by Chuck.

    • Answer Yes there are 2 screw holes in the back you can hang on 2 screws then just pull down once over the screws just pull down and it's attached.

      Answered by Dennis

  • QuestionI want to protect my TV and DirecTv receiver from surges and lightning strikes will this surge protector help.

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer I Bought it like may or april and I still have until now. I bought for that kinda purpose too. Before I bought it My tv would turn black and reboot and it happened 3 times. after I bought this pridct it never happened again. So i highly recommend it.

      Answered by Falloutfan979

  • QuestionThis surge protector has network in and out plugs. I plugged my network plug to the "in" outlet and plugged the supplied network cable to the out and to my router. It doesn't recognize it. When I bypass the Rocketfish network protection, it works. Why

    Asked by networkprotection.

    • Answer did you try plugging the network wire to the surge protector first,then the router?

      Answered by siege1031

  • QuestionF-type 1 in/1 out portsCan these ports be used for ethernet ports, as well?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer There are RJ-45 ports for Ethernet.

      Answered by Bsb1

  • QuestionHow do you know when it needs to be replaced?

    Asked by Scully137.

    • Answer Experts recommend you replace your surge protector every 2 years. A surge protector is rated in joules, which indicate how much excessive power they can handle when an electrical surge occurs. However, this figure can be hard to track as surges vary from area to area. If you have electrical devices you want to protect.

      Answered by HappyDog

  • Questionmany joules do I need for adequate protection of a 55"Smart TV,

    Asked by EKear1.

    • Answer I am currently looking for the same answer for a 65-inch TV protection. The best answer I could find was a range from 1440-2180 Joules. Can't get any manufacturer response on that specific issue but the 1440 joule unit should work and the higher the joule rating always the better protection. I wonder if the surge protection manufacturers simply do not want to recommend a specific joule rating for protected equipment for product warranty reasons. Maybe the warranty companies, for example like Square Trade, can better answer that question since if your TV gets fried they can request you send them your surge protector for analysis before they will cover your loss.

      Answered by Fastedy106

  • QuestionThe 6' foot cord is not enough. If a pro was to extend the cord, does that void the warranty?

    Asked by Sealtest.

    • Answer I can't say for sure but I would assume that if you alter the item that would void the warranty because the warranty is based off it's craftsmanship as it was purchased.

      Answered by RevD

  • QuestionWhat is the clamping voltage for this unit?

    Asked by Rick.

    • Answer The clamping voltage for this unit is 400 volts.

      Answered by RocketfishCustomerSupport

  • QuestionWhat's the clamping voltage on this unit?

    Asked by Molly.

    • Answer The clamping voltage on this unit is 400V.

      Answered by RocketfishCustomerSupport

  • QuestionWhat is the clamping voltage on this unit?

    Asked by Molly.

    • Answer The clamping voltage on this unit is 400V.

      Answered by RocketfishCustomerSupport

  • QuestionWhy would the USB ports on the surge strip stop working and the others are fine? At first they worked and I am not sure why suddenly (or maybe after a storm or two) the usb charge ports no longer charge any devices. And no it’s not the cord I’ve tried.

    Asked by USB.

    • Answer It is very possible the protector did it jobs. You may have experienced a voltage surge and the fuse blew to protect anything that was connected via USB.

      Answered by Malchick

  • QuestionWhat gauge is the cord? I had purchased this product and will need to know this before getting an extension cord.

    Asked by Kenneth.

    • Answer I highly recommend that you do NOT plug this to an extension cord. Power surge protectors are made to protect your items. This one is able to withstand a high amount of joules in case the power fluctuates for some unknown reason. If you're set on using an extension cord, get an extension cord that will meet the required amps, volts, joules, and watts of this power surge protector. If you're looking to connect an extension cord to one of the power surge protector's plugs then, you need to understand that each plug is able to withstand a certain amount of amps, volts, and watts. Note: I recommend to never use any extension cord on any surge protector.

      Answered by EvoCyberNation

  • QuestionThere are three different clamping voltages that a surge protector can have. They are L-N, L-G, and N-G. I've seen you only state one clamping voltage. What is the clamping voltage for all three types? Thanks

    Asked by ques123.

    • Answer (LN,LG,NG)=(400,400,400)

      Answered by RocketfishCustomerSupport

  • QuestionCan this protect a 85" TV any advise before i buy it. Thanks

    Asked by Donnie.

    • Answer This surge protector works with TVs.

      Answered by RocketfishCustomerSupport

  • QuestionUL listed?

    Asked by Dee.

    • Answer Yes, this product is UL certified.

      Answered by RocketfishCustomerSupport

  • QuestionHow many joules would be needed to protect a refrigerator in a garage? 19 cu. ft

    Asked by RichieD.

    • Answer Surprisingly refrigerators do not draw much wattage I have an old cheapy plugged into an outlet and handling the toaster refrigerator etc. Some refrigerators not sure on what brand have built-in surge protectors so you cannot add on an additional one to it check with the manufacturer it will be in your owner's manual. If it does not I purchased a GE 1 outlet appliance surge protector and I use it on my washing machine because I lost out on my washing machine from a surge to know this because my microwave search protector breaker went off at the same time. The GE surge protector comes with a built-in alarm The alarm goes off when the item has lost its life from surg is overtime all surge protectors have an end of life but the alarm will go off to let you know that that has happened and then you get another one. I've read through reviews from electricians that talk about that being a great clamping voltage so I've purchased one for my washing machine and also gifted to my sister for her brand new one. The other big store do not buy Belkin a lot of them are catching fire and I would not buy another Belkin product cuz a lot of it is old technology like this unit that only has internet speeds through the coaxial for your modem at 10/100 you could also if you really want to protect your refrigerator buy a UPS power backup supply I have an older cyberpower 1500 VA model that I have all my electronics on including gigabit coaxial internet input with my modem some people I've read use them for their refrigerators They don't draw very much wattage but if you want to protect your food for a couple hours it will work. Hope I've helped.

      Answered by Kevin

  • QuestionI have a gaming pc with a 1000w PSU would this be good for that?

    Asked by Dman1.

    • Answer No idea, sorry

      Answered by Daniel1

  • Questionhow long is the electrical cord for this surge protector? it goes with a computer, printer and modem and router. ,

    Asked by fiesty4.

    • Answer Six feet.

      Answered by Windy