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Skullcandy - Hesh 2 Unleashed Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones - Black

Wirelessly listen to favorite tracks with these Skullcandy Hesh 2 Unleashed S6HBGY-374 over-the-ear headphones that utilize Bluetooth technology to facilitate connection to compatible devices. A 3-button remote and microphone simplifies use.

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    Skullcandy - Hesh 2 Unleashed Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones - Black - Larger Front
    Skullcandy - Hesh 2 Unleashed Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones - Black
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    • $99.99
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    What's Included

    • 3.5mm cord, USB cable, charger
    • Owner's manual
    • Skullcandy Hesh 2 Unleashed Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones
    • Travel bag

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    96% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (4546 out of 4777)


    Up to 15 hours of battery life

    On a full charge make it easy to listen when the mood strikes.

    Over-the-ear design

    With leather ear pillows for comfort during extended listening sessions.

    Supreme Sound

    Delivers attacking bass, natural-sounding vocals and a precise high-end register.

    Sound isolating

    To minimize distracting background noises, allowing you to focus on the music.

    Bluetooth technology

    Enables you to wirelessly listen to your favorite tracks.

    On-board 3-button remote and microphone

    Provides simple control.

    3.5mm microphone cable

    Offers easy wired connection after Bluetooth runs out. The 3-button remote facilitates control.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 4777 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 3.1 out of 5 stars with 6 reviews



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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Excellent Bluetooth Headset!


      I had heard that the SkullCandy Hesh 2 had much higher sound quality than my existing SkullCandy Crusher set [a pair of headphones geared towards car-audio bass quality, and not actual sound quality]. However, I absolutely could not bear the ill-fitting standard corded Hesh 2's, as the cushion is not soft, and is designed completely to house an ear within the cup, but my ears are far too big to even fold into the small inner cup of the headphones and if I use them as on-ear headphones my ears are crushed, so no matter what I do, I'm left with miserably sore ears. Around the end of 2014, I had heard of the new wireless Bluetooth model of the Hesh 2. Wireless alone had caught my interest, but the shape of the Hesh was just too poor of a fit on my ears. Though, once I found that the Hesh 2 Wireless featured the same luxurious soft padded cushioning as the Crusher, these became a must-buy for me. Before getting into the headphones' actual performance, I must go over the their build and overall comfort. The Hesh 2 Wireless is designed with the same shape as the Hesh 2 [except for the attractively-flattened ends of the cans, the soft matte-all-over finish, and luxuriously-soft padding to differentiate from its corded iteration] so if you have tiny ears, this is just as SkullCandy advertises; an over-ear set, but in my case and for anybody else with dumbo ears, these are on-ear headphones. Don't even try to fit a large ear in those cups, it's just too uncomfortable and not worth the effort. Besides, the luxurious cushions on the Hesh 2 Wireless are so soft and comfortable that even if your ears are so big that the headphones must rest on your ears, they will not become uncomfortable even after extensive periods of listening. The sound quality itself is superb, to say the least. These cans rock some kickin' 50mm sound drivers with intense bass and top-notch clarity for the price. The drivers being 50mm brings up an important note to most people: If you don't want others around you hearing sounds coming from your headphones, then that may become an issue with this set. The drivers are simply too large for even the set's thick durable housing to keep in, and sound is going to bleed outside of them at higher volumes. That being said, these things murder the bass-laden Crusher in the clarity department, and at $100, you'd be a fool not to opt for these instead of the $350 Beats Wireless unless you blindly worship a name, because these cans pump out the same quality. The Bluetooth signal is average, but that isn't a bad thing. While wired headphones have cords between 4 and 8 feet, Bluetooth technology graces supported headsets with a 30ft signal range, thus making a selling point out of any wireless headset. The quality of sound over Bluetooth is superb, and depending on the device [usually low-end laptop computers], the sound quality over Bluetooth is superior to the standard 3.5mm connection. This set has a very fair battery life, getting 15 hours when, get this, the headset is set to MAX volume, not some lower setting like other companies advertise for their products. So if your most comfortable listening level is at around 50% or 75%, expect battery life nearing or exceeding 20 hours of use per charge. Just as with all other wireless headphones, even if you drain your battery, but happen to have the included audio cord handy, you can continue to use the Hesh 2 as a wired headset. Charging is perhaps the most negative point of these headphones, as while charging is very quick and only takes an hour and a half to get 10 hours of play, and 3 hours to get a full 15+ hours, the task of plugging the charger is very counter-intuitive for the sake of keeping the port safe from dust and whatever else is in the air. You actually have to tilt the left speaker as far inward as you can, and keep it there until you plug the microUSB charger into the top of the speaker. Having it at the bottom would have put the port more at risk, but would have made it as easy to charge the device as all the other Bluetooth headsets. I would not recommend paring this with multiple devices, as the 'switch devices' feature does not work as well on these headphones as it does on SkullCandy's portable Bluetooth speakers. This headset is best when only paired with one device you know you'll be using it with most, and using it as a wired headset with any/all other devices. Overall, I highly recommend this set to anybody looking for a wireless headset that performs above and beyond not only wireless headphones in the $100 price range, but headphones in the $100 price range in general. The sound quality can't be beat by anything else in its class unless you start treading into 'audiophile' territory, and the battery life, I feel, is well worth the less-than-ideal charging procedure. P.S. - For any music addicts or geeks who choose to look like a tech enthusiast wherever they go, these babies look awesome around the neck, and having them on the neck while traveling is better than cramming them into a bag/backpack, as the simplicity of slipping them on and pressing a button for use can make them a permanent accessory to any music fan's outfit. The style of these headphones is icing on the cake.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Can't imagine a better pair of headphones!

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I wanted a pair of wireless headphones because I listen to a lot of music, especially when I exercise or do housework, and sometimes a cord is just inconvenient. I've been so happy with my Skullcandy earbuds, this is the brand I navigated to while in search of something wireless. I'm a headphones person. I like the small size that is handy for stuffing in a hoodie pocket, and sometimes wear them in one ear at the office on days when I need to plow through a mountain of paperwork but still need to hear what's going on around me in the office. But when it comes to wireless, I haven't been happy with the style and fit of wireless earbuds. So I took at the wireless headphones. When I found Hesh 2, I was turned off by their bulky size. But they had really good reviews, so I decided to bite the bullet and get a pair. Best purchase I've made in a very long time! • The battery life is great. I've worn these every day since purchasing them a month ago, put at least the advertised 15 hours on the initial charge (if not more), and they are still going strong. I fully expect to have to charge them soon, but it's nice to know the battery does last a good while! • They are super comfortable. The longest I've worn them is 3.5 hours (went on a very long walk that day). They don't hurt my head or my ears, and they stay in place no matter what I'm doing -- dishes, cleaning the house, walking, even jogging. • The sound is fantastic. This is what I love about Skullcandy the most, and it's true about Hesh 2. I love the sound quality these guys have with my music and my movies. • You can't hear much of anything else when they are on. Just wearing these, no music, I can't hardly hear my family talking unless they raise their voices. With music on, I still can't hardly hear them even with voices raised. This is great for someone like me who likes to get lost in the music while working or exercising, but would not be good for a situation where you need to pay attention to your surroundings. • The function buttons are very handy. Especially when I'm doing dishes, when wet hands don't work well on my iPod's touch screen, I can still pause or skip tracks and adjust the volume easily. • The bluetooth range is not very long. I don't remember reading about the bluetooth range before purchasing these, but I would guess them at about 15 feet. My iPod died one night while I was walking, so I connected these to my iPad. I laid it on the hood of my mom's car and walked in a 25 - 30 foot circle around the car. If I strayed much farther, the connection got really spotty or dropped altogether until I came back within range. Aside from that (and I hardly consider it an inconvenience, but wanted to mention it), I have had zero trouble with the wireless bluetooth connection. I have not yet plugged them in with the included headphone cable because I haven't needed to use it. I have not yet tried calling or voice chatting with the built in mic. I can't imagine a better pair of headphones, and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is married to their music! (and, in case you were wondering, the bulky size doesn't even bother me as much as I thought it would)

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Finally, I'm back in my comfort zone...

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      OK, so I used to use the Hesh 2 wired headphones exclusively... in fact, I still have them for occasional use when needed with my tablet. I have a newer phone without a dedicated headphone jack, so I wanted to get BT headphones. I purchased the Hesh 3 wireless thinking it was the next logical step. (I tried the Crushers and was not impressed with the sound.) Hesh 3's sound just great, but I have sent in two headsets for repairs, due to horrible design and their overuse of plastic where it counts. Went back to Best Buy and tried out other brands that were more expensive, and nothing seemed to fit or sound just right. I stay away from Beats (overhyped) and Bose (overpriced), and the Sony and JBL didn't do anything for me. I wondered over to SkullCandy and though they didn't have them on display/demo, I saw the Hesh 2 Wireless sitting there. I thought "hey why not, I liked your wired "brother" pair!" After a price match from Best Buy, I was out the door paying next to nothing, relatively speaking. I've been using them for a few day's normal use now. My playlist is all over the place, basically everything but Country music. These sound great with no EQ changes when listening through my PC and Google Play Music. When I connect them via BT to my Phone, I do use an App with an EQ and the sound output is only enhanced. I am so glad that I took a shot on an older set of headphones... these are much more durable and they sound just as great as my good ole Hesh 2 wired. If I had to nitpick, the ear cups are a bit different than the Hesh 2 wired... they seem smaller to me. Thankfully, I have small ear lobes so it's not a problem for me but these may be close to being on-ear for some people. Also, the padding seems a bit more stiff on these, but I'm hoping it's just needing a break-in.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Definitely worth your this

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Ok... I first learned about these headphones when I read an extremely positive review in GQ about them. Check it out. So when Best Buy put them on sale, I bought them, after I had read all the Best Buy reviews, and I mean ALL of them. Some of the comments - I wonder if people really tried these things, because there is some false info out there. First of all, they are a little bigger than most, but not a biggie for me. Second, the sound it great! I read that many said they wished they would be louder. I used them with my gas powered edger and had no problem hearing the music. If they want them louder, get ready for early hearing aids when you get older. Plenty of bass - natural bass. My friend has a set of higher quality Beats and I always thought the bass was over-emphasized with them. Kinda of like those guys with the subwoofers in their cars that shake everything all around them? You can change the volume up or down. You can move forward to the next song, or backward the the previous song. Someone wrote you couldn't do that, and you can. I love when you power them up and the sound it makes, but the best part is the woman saying the word, "Connected" when you are connected to your device. I do agree that the phones are a little tight. Most of that I think is because I am not used to them, and I wear glasses, which when I take them off, makes it easier. I think it is just something to get used to, like when you haven't ridden a bike in a long time and your butt aches after you have been on it for a while. Pairing is quick and sure. Not problem with my Samsung phone or my HP laptop. I can hear calls clearly when they come in. Not sure on how good my voice is going out, as I haven't done that yet. Just listened to messages. I did have one problem when I first paired them up. The sound was breaking up bad between my phone all the time. But it didn't happen with my laptop. I emailed the Help desk at Skullcandy, and they replied right away. They suggested I try other pairings, and sure enough, the headphones worked great with everything but my phone. Then I tried my friend's Beats with my phone, and the problems was even worse. So it was my phone, which I was able to fix my backing up and rebooting my phone to the original settings. The best part was that the Help desk at Skullcandy kept sending me emails asking if my problem was resolved. I replied to them today that it was, but I was impressed with their follow-through. Look, these aren't as sexy as Beats, but I just could not justify spending $300 on a pair, when these work great! Even the cord that you get with them has the capabilities of volume, taking calls, pausing, next track and previous track and voice command. If you are looking for a solid pair of headphones for a great price, I would recommend them. No, I don't work for Skullcandy or at Best Buy!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Better than wireless beats by dre and Bose

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I went to best buy ready to drop$300 on either the beats by dre or the Bose wireless headphones. best buy has them all set up to demo which is great! It's the same music so it's an easy comparison.. beats by dre didn't have the sound I expected for $300.. the bass was a little clearer but other than that vocals were muted... the Bose sound dampening was amazing! I literally couldn't hear the outside world with nothing playing. But the sound again wasn't what I expected for 300. I even went down to the 250 bose which seemed very cheaply made and don't really say on or cover the ear. After browsing every other wireless model and not liking any I was on my way out of the store when I saw a skull candy set with a built in subwoofer. I stopped to try it out but wasnt impressed with the bass only in one ear (maybe it was broken) but while standing there I saw they had a wireless set that covered the ear.. had good sound dampening but not as good as bose but about the same as beats. The sound was good. Base was decent vocals were crisp. I didn't need it loud to hear the song well. Also came with a cable to make t it wired if I wanted and the design is nice. All flat black even the skull candy on the top of the band is all black so I'm not a walking advertisement like beats and Sony. I was very surprised and for $99 you can't go wrong. I have a cheaper creative pair which was 40 I wish I would have found these skull candy ones sooner! I also use them with my home surround sound usually watching movies or playing games after the kids went to sleep meant low volume and trouble hearing things. Not anymore! Pairs easy with all my devices from android to tablets and ipads. They are a little bigger than I was hoping to get but the extra padding actually makes them more comfortable to wear. I use these at work and at the gym. No problem with slipping or falling even when running.. only issue is when doing things like burpees They begin to slide and need adjusting.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great Headphones!

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I've had these headphones for a week now. I was always more of a earbud type guy. Never liked the idea of bulky headphones because they look like they get sweaty and they look funny IMO. After considering some nice wireless headphones I looked into these. The reviews were great and I wound up returning headphones that were in the mail en route to my house based on reviews alone to buy these. My story: I drove to BB after work, then straight to the gym, synced it with my phone in my car and started using them immediately hoping there was enough residual charge left. There was. The main purpose of these is for the gym. Here are my Pro's/Con's: Pros: - Long battery life - Good sound quality; I'm no audiophile by any means but I think they sound pretty decent - Good quality material; I hate cheap stuff. I put these in my gym bag and things get smushed and knocked around in there. These look like they can handle it. - Good range. Haven't lost a signal yet from walking away from my phone to get weights Cons (not really cons because I expected these from a product like this but...): - Sweaty ears as I knew would happen. I'm not a big sweater but I have to wipe my ears off every 5-10 min while working out - Large size. Since these are wireless the batteries need to be stored in them making them bigger. I feel like I have the biggest headphones in the gym compared to the corded "lifters"...also expected. - I wish there was a track changer on these and maybe use the power button as a quick mute. I honestly haven't read the directions so if there is an option for it, then I'll stand corrected. Not really a con, just wishing for added convenience. Other thoughts: I came off a pair of inexpensive bluetooth ear buds. Great value, but they always fall out and were very flimsy. They couldn't handle my gym bag, not to mention the cable connecting the 2 buds would get tangled. These Skull Candy headphones are great and I would definitely buy again. 5 Stars

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great Sound 4 Great Price

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      So I have a up coming trip and ear bud wasn’t cutting it, So I did some research and I didn’t want a Heavy price Headphones and there was a lot of mention with this product, But like everything I needed to tested it and hear it, and feel it. So went down to Best Buy and got the chance to hold it, wear it which it had a good feel with a solid build but I couldn’t get the chance to hear what it sounds like because the display was broken. Well I couldn’t make that decision because I was unable to sample the product and in about a week and half I went back to see is the display was repaired about 4 times but no luck. So I visited another Best Buy which that display worked and when I got the chance to hear what it could do I just had to get it. I know that they are better Head Phones out there but for this Price and Build, Sound also the Feel I couldn’t pass it up and I had it priced match. I gotta say if you are looking for something with a good price and good sound this product could be for you. But Don’t just take my word for it go down your nearest tech place and sample these Good Looking Headphone. Ok so we’ve been back from our trip and a few weeks after buying these headphones . I have to say for the price they worked out great, like I said before the sound was good and build design was solid. As for the price I’ve seen it go for $99 to $75 and it could be cheeper if you can price match the headphones now say all of that; I did have some issues with the headphones. While on the flight going and coming which was about 5 1/2 hours flight I got the chance to watch some movies and about 2 hours in the headphones started to feel heavy and my ears started to hurt while wearing the headphones. So I am not a Headphone, Sound expert but I can tell you that even with some issues that I have. I like these Headphones for the price, and to me the sound quality. So if you are looking for a Bluetooth with a option to plug in headphone take look at these and try them out. Now I don’t get paid to write this nor I am a expert I jus wanted to share my review on these Headphones. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and sorry for all the typos and grammar mistakes lol. Mahalo to Skullcandy

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      very impressed!


      i was going to buy a beats or Bose pair. went to best buy and was able to sample them all which was great. i needed wireless and was looking gor a smaller ear piece than the beats provided. i also wasn't impressed with the sound quality for 300 bucks so i went to the Bose section and was even more disappointed.. for 250 to 300 a pair both pairs of Bose seemed to be constructed very cheap. i planned on using these at the gym, doing work around the house etc. the Bose ones seemed like they would break the first time the feel off my head or something. again i wasnt overly impressed with the quality and the sound canceling was friggin' amazing with the Bose. as i was about to leave i passed by the Sony ones. i don't like to advertise for free for companies and the B on the side of the beats was even pushing it.. Sony took it up to a whole new level plastering their name all over them. again sound quality was sub par for the price. then there were the skull candy ones.. at furst i walked by because the ear cones were huge.. but the sleek flat black was a very plain amd appealing design.. i circled back and handled them... gave them a test and the sound quality was better than the more expensive brands.. they were light and comfortable to wear. my ears fit perfectly in the speaker cone. theirs a lot of cushion and the noise cancelling is really quite good. i don't need to crank up my music to drown out background noise. i had me 3 year old yelling as loud as he could to test them and i only needed 25% volume to no longer hear him! i have never purchased anything from skull candy before but this definitely wont be the last. for 99 bucks these are the best head phones Ive ever had. I still couldnt believe how much better these sound compared to beats and Bose wireless.. would have never thought that was possible.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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    Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars with 6 reviews

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