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Swann Security Camera
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Don't want to fork over the money for a state-of-the-art home monitoring system? No problem. Here are some reliable solutions that won't break the bank.

Streaming Cameras

Streaming cameras are simple to set up and link directly to a smartphone app or website. Some popular options include the Arlo by Netgear and Google's Nest Cam, which offer alerts when motion is detected and a monthly service option to record and access the video footage.

These streaming cameras send data across your Wi-Fi. You can place them anywhere with Wi-Fi, making them extremely versatile (some IP cameras require power over Ethernet or from an outlet which may affect placement). Buy one for a small home or multiple to cover multiple rooms. Streaming cameras are an excellent option if remote viewing through your phone with easy setup is important to you.

Advanced Security Cameras

If you have a larger home or want more features, you may want to consider wired security kits. Wired kits feature mountable cameras that are always on so you don't miss a second. The cameras wire into a DVR device that compiles and archives your security footage. 

Some excellent options for more advanced security kits include Swann security and Night Owl security. These security systems feature always-on cameras designed with night vision, wide-angled viewing, weather-resistance and mobile notifications so you can check in from anywhere.

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