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    145 watts

Sony - Core Series Dual 5" 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black

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Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 1294 reviews

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic speakers, my quest is complete!

    TL;DR: Amazing speakers, definitely recommended! Fantastic service from Best Buy! You need a separate amplifier since these are not self-powered, and they are sold individually (not the pair). Background: I have a lot of audio equipment; music has always been a key part of my life and my journey with music equipment started when I was merely 5 years old. I've always found fascinating the way that music is converted from any type of media into actual sound through speakers. I've had the opportunity to experience a vast number of speakers in both home and car audio environments. Quest: Having lived in both houses and apartments, I've always tried to get the best sounding speakers I can have without either breaking the bank or getting out of hand regarding physical space and boundaries. I've always liked my music to be loud and clear, and for it to provide that wow factor every time you listen to your music. It has been hard to find the right balance of quality, power and fidelity. Opinion: The Sony SS-CS3 tower speaker offers an incredible value for our hard-earned money. It has an outstanding acoustic balance, with crisp highs, defined mids and punchy, deep lows. It will, of course, not go down to sub-woofer frequencies because, well, that's what a sub-woofer is for, but it will give you a fantastic reproduction of the low-frequencies sounds with a powerful bass level that won't sound distorted or saturated. The soundstage is amazing, and it has the plus of having a frontal bass port, which allows you to place the speakers close to the walls, in corners, or wherever you may want; your room becomes your playground, you can practically place them anywhere you want or need, and the sound delivered will be amazing. I use them in my room, with a very simple setup. I have a small LG stereo system that has radio, CD and Bluetooth, and the speakers it came with were not very powerful. I also have a Turntable hooked to the stereo using the Aux input to listen to my vinyl records, both new and old. I wasn't sure if these speakers would be too much for that small LG stereo, so I bought one first; I hooked it up, and I was blown away by the sound I was getting. I went right back to BestBuy to get the other one, and I couldn't be happier. My music collection is very wide, with pretty much every genre you could think of. The dynamic range of these speakers really blew me away, because normally some genres are more demanding or unforgiving than others; with these, I have found that all of my records, CDs, and bluetooth streaming sound great. Three of the music genres that I've found more demanding for speakers due to their dynamic range are hard rock (errr Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Punk Rock), classical music and Jazz. All of these three sound amazing through these speakers. I'm sure there are some other, more expensive speakers that will sound a little better, and I think that's the key word, a *little* better, but for the price, performance, looks and form factor of these Sony tower speakers, I think my quest is complete. I can definitely recommend these speakers to those who are looking for that balance of price, looks and performance; I know these are the speakers that have finally given me the perfect music experience I was looking for, and I know they will last for ages (more about this down below). SHOUT-OUT TO BEST BUY: I found these particular speakers to be available through different vendors, the two most popular being Best Buy and Amazon. With the latter I could get next-day shipping to my door, convenient but not ideal to my particular case because once I make my mind on getting something, the sooner the better. Best Buy had the speakers for me to just go there and pick them up, they even took the boxes out to my car in a designated parking spot, which was fantastic. I just got there, parked, opened my trunk, and bam! the associate was there with the box on a dolly and helped me load the box in my car's trunk. Same thing one hour later when I bought the second speaker, different associate, same fantastic shopping experience! Conclusion: I think this is it! I think this is the perfect speaker for my needs. Even if in the future I change my amp or overall setup, these speakers are the ones to have! I love their sound, quality, sturdiness and looks. My quest is complete :D

    Posted by JoeD

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Sony towers

    I have been searching for a surround sound system set up that wasnt gonna break the bank I wanted the klipsch ones but every item compared to sony is double to triple the price I decided to go with sony for the price and I am not disappointed these towers sound great i got the whole sony 7.2 setup surround is amazing and music is great to its the closest to klipsch you gonna get for the price I would recommend for someone who dont have the money to drop on higher end equipment you wont regret it

    Posted by Mark

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Good speakers at a great price

    I recently upgraded my home entertainment system from a 5.1 to a 7.1. I had 6 Paradigms (4 wall mounted, a center and a sub). I did a lot of research, I mean a LOT in order to get the best value for the money. I checked all the big names (Bose, Klipsch, Paradigm, JBL, you name it). Although there are vast differences in prices, excluding unconventional systems) a speaker is a speaker. I've bought many, re.coned, repaired/replaced drivers, replaced surrounds, upgraded crossover networks, horns, subs, everything, The specification sheet will tell you everything about a speaker except how it sounds in a given cabinet. Different speaker configurations require different cabinet configurations. I wanted a tower that was relatively small but had a big sound with rich low end. These filled the bill and then some. At the time I was looking, Best Buy had just put these on sale for $199 apiece. Suffice to say, they sound as good if not better than speakers at 3 times that price. No disappointments here. They sound as good at low volume as they do at higher gain. These cabinets and speakers are very well matched and sound great in the entertainment room. If you can get them at a good price...DO IT! Added bonus...the plants seem to really like the music and are growing nicely!

    Posted by TuneDoctor

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