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Sony - XB20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Gray

Curate the perfect playlist and stream it with this Sony portable speaker. Its Bluetooth technology lets you play music from up to three devices at once, and its water-resistant surface ensures durability when used indoors or outdoors. This Sony portable speaker has a bass amplification button that boosts low-end frequencies for well-rounded sound.

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    What's Included

    • Owner's manual
    • Sony XB20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    • USB cable
    • Warranty card

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    Overall Customer Rating:
    97% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (3218 out of 3346)


    Supports LDAC format

    For high-resolution sound.

    Connect wirelessly from up to 33' away

    Pair this speaker with your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device. NFC technology enables one-touch pairing.

    Rich sound you can carry in the palm of your hand

    This portable device can slip into your bag to bring your music, movies and games to life on the go.

    Rechargeable battery

    Play your favorite tunes for up to 12 hours on a full charge.

    Water-resistant design

    Whether you're listening to tunes indoors or outdoors, relax knowing the wireless speaker is IPX5 water-resistant.

    Give your beats a boost with EXTRA BASS™

    Dual passive radiators work together with stereo full-range speakers to enhance low-end response - giving bass a boost despite the compact size.

    SBC sound decoders

    Provide rich, detailed sound.

    Built-in microphone

    Accepts hands-free calls through the speaker.

    Auxiliary audio input

    Allows simple wired connectivity.

    ClearAudio+ technology

    Automatically adjusts sound settings for an enriching listening experience.

    Easy control with SongPal™

    Easily control speaker settings from your smartphone with SongPal. Simply install the app and take control of music, lights and more.

    Add a splash of colored light

    See your stylish wireless speaker stand out with a single-colored line light.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 3346 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 5 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews



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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Sony Audio Bliss!!!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember
      • Top 250 ContributorTop 250 Contributor

      The Sony SRS-XB20 wireless portable speaker has been a real treat to use. As someone who usually prefers wired headphones and speakers, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of the speaker. At its price point, it definitely packs a punch in terms of both sound and aesthetics and could easily cost more than it does. Physically, the speaker is fairly compact, roughly six inches in length and it has a decent amount of weight to it considering its small size, though not obtrusively so. Furthermore, it has a slight smooth texture and although what looks like plastic, it almost has a slight rubber feel to it. It is definitely a beauty to hold and is in no way cheap at all. Given this, I was quite impressed. On the top you will note your standard buttons such as power, volume control, play/pause, as well as a phone button for voice recognition. In addition, there is also an extra bass toggle as well as an add button for adding another speaker in a daisy chain. There is also a Bluetooth LED light that will remain solid when it is connected to a device and it will blink when it is not paired with anything. Furthermore, on the back there is a micro USB plug for charging, a 3.5mm audio in jack as an alternative to Bluetooth. Lastly, there is a reset button in between the USB and audio jack. One slight inconvenience was the documentation that came with it. Instructions are mostly pictures, which might annoy some people. For me though setup was straightforward so this wasn't too much of an issue. The first thing I noticed when I paired this with my Sony Xperia Z3+ was the sheer loudness of the speaker. This thing is LOUD and it completely took me by surprise! At about half volume, this thing fills the room with sound! Naturally, for other Bluetooth accessories, such as in my car, you have to max out the volume on my phone, then adjust the actual volume knob on the car stereo. This is not the case at all with the XB20; it really moves at low volume settings. However, I will mention that when the battery gets extremely low, you will need to increase the volume on your device. This is not a con at all but worth to note. Another impressive aspect of the XB20 was the bass. The bass is actually really impressive; on loud bass oriented tracks, it really rumbled quite well. With the Extra Bass button enabled, I could at least tell a slight difference than before. Given its size, it is insane that it reproduced what it did and you could actually feel some of the bass. The lights are also a nice added touch, and can be disabled by holding the extra bass button down. Another thing I would like to mention is that if you pair this with a Sony Xperia phone (excluding XA and XA Ultra), the phone will automatically detect this speaker as LDAC compatible. You will be given a choice on how it connects either by preferring sound quality or focusing on maintaining the connection. Essentially, LDAC enables the phone to stream the audio data at a higher bit rate over the Bluetooth connection (990 Kbps according to their website). Everything worked flawlessly, however, keep in mind here that if your music is not lossless (FLAC/WAVE/ALAC/AIFF), it would be best to leave the setting to maintaining the connection as you will not benefit since your music is missing sound that this was intended to reproduce. Granted, I am still bit of a skeptic even with my lossless audio collection since I do not have a way to fully verify that it is reproducing every nuance sound. Regardless, I will say it is still a feature definitely worth having; my classical and jazz collection at 96 KHZ/24 Bit sounded wonderful. Nonetheless, I am excited that Sony pays attention to the Hi-Res aspect of music both in their speakers and phones. I was able to pair my Z4 tablet, our X Compact as well as the Xperia X that we have in our household. All worked flawlessly and sounded amazing. Lastly, I would like to mention their application that pairs with this speaker, Sony Music Center (Songpal). I would like to mention that this provided some extra control over the speaker, allowing you pair it with a device or add an additional speaker, adjust the light modes, and lastly help manage the speaker when an audio cable is connected. You can also manage sleep settings as well as monitor battery level of the speaker (you can also hold down the phone button). In addition, it allows you to play your music on it. It is a bit redundant in this regard as you probably have another application to play your music but it does indeed work in case you do not. While I was fiddling with the application, I discovered that when you plug in an audio cable in, regardless if it is connected to Bluetooth, it will automatically switch to the audio cable. At this point, you can then increase audio in volume. Also, when I switch to the default music player and increased the volume on the side of my phone, I did not have to turn it up very loud. The speaker is really amazing volume wise. One last note I would like to mention. If you connected your audio cable while Bluetooth was on, and then connect your device via the cable and then disable Bluetooth afterwards, you will receive an error telling you that it does not have access to the device any more. This wasn't too much of a problem; however, I just removed the cable from my phone and enabled it. You might have to clear the application from your phone's memory if it hangs up. This was just a minor issue, and I was able to fix it. Overall, I would strongly recommend the SRS-XB20 for anyone who needs a high quality wireless speaker that is compact and portable enough to carry around. Physically, it is sturdy enough and weighs just right. Sound quality is top notch as well, providing loud sound at very low volume settings including punchy bass given its size. Sony has a winner on its hands, and I have no doubt everyone will be quite satisfied with this speaker.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      WOW This Speaker Delivers!!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Sony SRS-XB20 Extra Bass Portable Wireless Speaker Right out of the box this unit DELIVERS. I tested to see if it had been pre-charged and it indeed had been. I was glad I didn’t have to wait a few hours to try it out while waiting for it to charge. The unit has a total capacity of 12-hour play. The companion app you can download for IOS or Android (Songpal) is a perfect fit and very user friendly for the XB20 and other models. The app automatically connects you to your powered on XB20, if you do not have your Bluetooth on, it will do it for you and tell you how to pair the device. This took about 10 seconds and was seamless. For those who do not download the app, connection via Bluetooth works just as fast. Also, those with NFC ability can connect just as easy. The unit charges by a (Included) USB to Micro USB cord and when fully charges the light (charging) goes out. Power on the unit by hitting the power button, if the Bluetooth symbol on the unit is blinking, the unit is not paired. When it does pair, there will be a slight beep tone and the light will be solid. There are volume and Bass controls on the unit, (the XB20s volume is considerably louder when you manually adjust the volume) as well as pause/play and skip forward or back on a song. There is also a button to add a left and right speaker (Sony XP lines) I also set up the Phone button to search for a song for me and it will find it in the app that I am using. (like Pandora or Spotify) On the back, protected by a cover, are the charge ports, reset and Audio in ports) One of the in-app settings is to control the light ring on the speaker, you have 4 different settings: Off, Rave, Chill, and Strobe. The unit can also change the settings for this via the EXTRA BASS button. The unit itself is a very nicely built waterproof speaker. It feels very solid and sturdy. There are rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding. It weighs about 2lbs. After I had Paired my unit. I connected to Pandora and started playing different types of music. Everything from Metal to Rap to Rock Ballads. All I can say is WOW, THIS SPEAKER IS AWESOME!!!! I turned the XB20 all the way up in my 2.5 car garage. There was no distortion. I was a bit worried it was so loud that I would make the neighbors mad. So, I walked outside and it wasn’t bad at all. This speaker alone would be enough for my garage as I found myself and my son speaking louder to hear each other even though the speaker was across the garage. For those who like Bass, The XB20 has plenty of it. Just hit the Extra Bass button. If you don’t this button can be toggled off. I plan to purchase another as these units can be added on to your current XB system. This would be perfect for Parties, on the patio, By the pool or a day in the garage working on your car and you want it EXTRA loud. (Even though one would do the trick) On second though you will definitely need two if you have kids, my daughter has taken mine!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Really Nice Speaker

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I'm really happy with this speaker. It has good sound and it gets really loud. The extra stuff like the lights and multi-speaker pairing I could do without, but they don't take anything away from the fact that this is a really nice sounding speaker. The speaker itself is pretty compact and it has a good heft to it. It feels like it's built well. It comes with a Micro USB cable for charging, but no power adapter; not a problem for me, but something to note. There's a line of buttons across the top for various functions and they all are big and easy to press. The front of it also has an LED light that will illuminate in different patterns depending on what is playing. It's water resistant as well, which is definitely a big plus for taking it camping or boating. I like the sound of this speaker for how small it is. It plays all my music clearly and it gets really loud despite how small it is. I think the XB in the model name is supposed to stand for Extra Bass and there's a dedicated button on the speaker for turning it off and on. Most things I've listened to in the past with an 'extra bass' option only muddied the rest of the sound - I'm happy to say that was not the case here. Thinking my default would be to leave this off I actually prefer to have it on and the Extra Bass setting does a really good job of adding that low end depth without making the rest of the music less clear. Sony has an app for the speaker called SongPal that lets you manage some additional settings. The SongPal app lets you change the way the LED lights on the front behave and also allows you to take multiple speakers and put them all in a single 'group' - basically you could get 2 of these (or an XB30 or XB40) and use one as a right channel and one as a left. It's a nice touch, but I don't see myself ever using it. Unless you want to fiddle with the LEDs I'd say you don't need it. Speaking of the LEDs, I'm not a fan. I wish there was more control over the lighting. The app lets you set the lights to Rave, Chill, Strobe, or Off. They all seem to be repeating the same pattern as far as I can tell. Rave has the lights changing fast, while Chill is 10x slower. Strobe seems like it's as fast as Rave, but the lights don't stay on as long between changes. I ended up leaving it set to off. Some people might like it, but not me and that's okay. Having them there at all is a neutral point for me. Some other items that may be of interest: - It has NFC built-in, so if you've got an Android phone you can use that to pair up with it. - It also uses a new Bluetooth audio codec called LDAC, which is supposed to allow for higher bit rate audio over Bluetooth. I think some Sony phones have this, but for right now it's probably not something that matters to most people (though Android O will support the codec natively). Overall I really like this speaker and it definitely lives up to its $100 price. I think there are probably better speakers, but I also think you'd probably end up paying $50-$100 more for them.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      A Must Have Portable Sound System

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Bluetooth speakers have been on the market for some time now and I’ve sampled other brands of portable speakers (usually tethered via cable from the speaker to the device) which I wasn’t overly impressed and eventually, they ended up in the forgotten realm that is my storage closet. Then comes the Sony XB20 to which I was skeptical. Sure, being wireless is a plus but would it deliver with sound? I can admit that my skepticism is no more because the XB20 is AMAZING. Let me start with the most important feature; the sound. The sound quality is nothing short of clear and incredible! I synced my iPhone 7 with the device and played deadmau5 (a type of electronic dance music) on it and you can hear the deep bass and the clean digital beats of the tracks. Then I played the movies Doctor Strange and John Wick on my phone and the XB20 delivered movie theater quality sound. With the Extra Bass feature, the action sounds of guns and car crashing in John Wick really popped. This kind of sound is the kind of quality that I get from my Sound Bar that is connected to my television. This was something I had never experienced with the other brand of portable speakers I had tried in the past. The XB20 device is light but not too lightweight where the wind would blow it over when outside. On the top of the XB20, there is a control panel that consists of seven easy access buttons that control the volume, Extra Bass feature power, play/pause, adding more Bluetooth speakers and the speakerphone control. Using the SRS as a speaker phone proved itself to be very useful and efficient and will prove itself useful for those times outside in the backyard doing whatever. The range between the XB20 and my phone extended to about 40ft before the sound started to break up. The pulsating light feature that surrounds the speaker is a nice touch that adds ambiance to the music coming out of the XB20. The user has the option of changing the pulse from Rave, Chill, Strobe or Off via the SongPal app. The app is entirely optional and not required. Another feature that I look forward to trying out is the Party Chain feature where you can connect up to ten other Bluetooth speakers at once which is said to deliver a fun party vibe. I can also have peace of mind knowing that the XB20 is water resistant for those possible splashes at the poolside or someone spilling a drink. The Sony XB20 is a fun device that I’m ecstatic to own.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Great hardware ... subpar software.

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Presentation The packing is small and avoids unnecessary waste. The unit is diminutive and feels solid in the hand, with great balance, form and fit. The controlling buttons along the top of the speaker are solid in action and everything you would need to take control is present. The SRS-XB20 has a nice grippy feel to it and addition of the internal lighting (with controls) is a nice bonus. Sony doesn’t provide a charging adapter, just a short cable – so be forewarned. Initial Setup The problems start with the SongPal App after the initial setup. This app does assist you in managing the establishment of a wireless link between your phone and the speaker. That part anyone can usually do without the assistance of a third party app. This app does give you control over the lighting and the bass enhancement as well but as far as music playback is concerned – this is where it fails. No universal codec set is implemented to facilitate playback directly from the app. What a complete cost cutting measure … and complete oversight in my mind. Performance Putting aside the atrocious SongPal app, this speaker sounds amazing – with and without the extra bass enabled. For such a small device, the sound field dispersion is surprisingly good for such a tiny footprint. I can only image that the model 30 and model 40 are even better performers. The built in lighting is total eye candy and I disable it. I own the black version and the lighting looks like an afterthought. Perhaps is appears more appealing on the various fun colored alternates. Price vs. performance is average at best … for this model. Too many players in this retail space with equal or better offerings … in styles many will find more attractive and with more complimentary features to their liking. Summary Great sound reproduction for its size. Quality feel and look to the build. Extra Bass is solid and not boomy. Rated battery life of 12 hours only achievable with Extra Bass off and at low playback volumes.. The SongPal app is crippled and feels unfinished with inadequate built in codec support. I recommend that you go to Best Buy and try one out, with your own phone or tablet. Sound Quality is an area that is too subjective as a subject matter to rely solely on reviews posted by others online. If you like that ‘Sony Style’ and the sound truly grabs you … buy one.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Nice quality but sound could better

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 1000 ContributorTop 1000 Contributor

      This is Sony's latest in the line of Sony XB speakers. I am assuming the XB means extra bass and that is totally the case. Let's review the different categories - Build quality and physical features Very solid, the speaker has some heft to it. It has a refined feel of smooth, quality soft plastic. Water resistant IPX 5 certified. Micro USB and 3.5 mm jack. The micro USB is the way you charge the speaker. Overall, a well built and engineered speaker. The speaker has one color LED lights that pulse as the sound is playing. You can control it through the software.Note to Sony, consumers really do not care about this. The gimmick wears off real fast and does not influence the buying decision. Connectivity and features - The most current bluetooth connectivity and controls. It pairs very easily. The speaker does ask to install software but there will be more of that below. NFC and a 3.5 MM input. Sound The sound is just okay, it sounds a bit “muddied to me.” I tried it on both an iPad and an Android phone. It just seems the treble is washed out a bit. I tried adjusting the few settings in the software and it did help. It’s not terrible but should be a bit better at this price point. I found the speakers of the iPad a bit better on the treble range compared to the Sony SRS-XB20. However, the speaker is powerful for it’s size -the volume and bass is more than any iPad or computer. If you like a speaker for bass then this is one you should give you some consideration. Keep in mind that quality of sound is subjective to listener, this may be just fine for you. I did compare it to a cheap $30 speaker, another competitor that is twice the price ( there is no comparison) and computer/Ipad speakers. The volume control is a bit strange with an iPad. The iPad will show one level in the indicator when you increase or decrease the volume on the speaker, the indicator bar levels blink to indicate what the speaker is doing. At first, it appears something is wrong and that the speaker is fighting with the iPad volume control. The speaker does control the volume but it did not change the indicator fully on the iPad. Very strange. Software - The speaker is advertised to have an app called Songpal. There is no Songpal in the Itunes App store and will not be until May ( or so I read.) When you first connect the speaker to an IOS device, it tries to install the software but it is not in Itunes. I did try it on Android and Songpal is in the Google Play store under the name Sony Music Center. There are controls for the lights, voice search, sound controls such as Clear Audio that is supposed to make music sound better and a weak equalizer that has a choice of flat or bass. Conclusion - The Sony SRS-XB20 is a midrange speaker that has excellent build quality but falls a bit short on audio quality and loses some merit that the software at the time of this review was not ready for iOS. I think with some minor software tweaks that the sound for music will be better. At the full list price , I am not sure it is worth it. At a price point about $30 less, you would have a winner. Still, I could recommend it on it’s build quality, feature set and bass in hopes a better equalizer would be coming.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great Sound at a Great Price - App needs work

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I bought two of these speakers when it went on sale for BF at $50. I have each of them plugged into an Echo Dot through an aux cord and they work wonderfully for a multi-room audio setup between my two Echo Dots and an Echo Show. Pros: The speaker is pretty small so it can easily fit in a bag or on any shelf no matter how big or small it might be. Even though it's small, however, this speaker packs a pretty big punch. I like that it has some punchy bass - I have personally left the Extra Bass on although you can't tell a huge difference between it on or off. I also like the optional white LED lights that you can either turn on or off (note that it took me a while to figure out you can adjust them manually by pressing and holding the "Extra Bass" button). I also love the design of the speaker and think it looks good sitting anywhere. Cons: The app needs a lot of work. Before my second Echo Dot arrived, I tried setting up multi-room audio through the Sony app which lets you control your speakers wirelessly and you can even set it up so that you have a left and right speaker. Let's just say that if you turn off your speaker and turn it back on, the app won't remember that speaker. It will act as if you have to set it up all over again. Luckily, I have my speakers plugged in and they're left on all the time. There's also no way in the app to rename your speakers, so the app will just show that you have two XB-20s without telling you which is which. It's very frustrating and I hope Sony fixes this problem soon. I think if I was someone who was interested in having multiple speakers through just using the Sony app, I would look elsewhere. However, for the majority of people that are buying this speaker I am sure you are just going to get the one so it won't be an issue. The only other con I would add is that the speaker DOES NOT come with a charger out of the box. So, if you are an Apple household or you have a very limited amount of micro USB chargers you may want to add a second USB cable to your order. Conclusion: Great speakers at a great price - especially on sale at $50 they are a steal. I don't think you'll find a better speaker for that price. If you're looking for an inexpensive speaker to hook up to your Echo Dot then this would be the one.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Gotta Love It

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 1000 ContributorTop 1000 Contributor

      My purpose for a compact Bluetooth speaker was to partner it with my Echo and wirelessly have music out on my deck. After trying other brands without success, I tried the SRS-XB20 (water resistant). It has been a "wow" experience. First, I charged it up, then starting the pairing process, which took no time at all. Next, I tested the connectivity by carrying the speaker throughout my house (2 story), then out to the deck, and even out into my yard. The XB20 never lost connection! Sound quality rivals a more costly HK that I own; and, in some areas, sounds better ...especially with the Extra Bass feature on. Sony says it should play up to 12 hours on a full charge. I didn't play it that long, but I did let it go for 8 hours straight, without it ever faltering. The front oval edge of the speaker lights up (white) and pulsates somewhat with the music. If you don't want the light on and/or to conserve power, it can be easily turned off. There are a couple of minor negatives: 1.The charging cord is very short, so you have to be very close to the power source. 2. Getting a full charge takes a very long time. (The tradeoff, I suppose it the very long operating time after it is charged.) Neither of these points are troubling enough to diminish the outstanding quality of the XB20 overall. Reasonable price, good looks, durable, very quick Bluetooth connection, portability with excellent range of operation,very long operating time on full charge, and, importantly, great sound! I love it and definitely recommend it!

      I would recommend this to a friend

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